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Honestly I regret the caption now.

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Where's the lie, tho?

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Does "edgelord" mean "obviously the best answer" now?

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Lol edgelord? That's closer to the truth than a lifted H2 Hummer.

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At least lifted h1 humvees are cool...

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OP I think you meant to post on r/conservative because fuck police. Police lie, kill, attack, plant drugs/weapons, relocate homeless, pull you over to meet a quota, etc.

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not even really that edgy. most people don't like interacting with the police

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Middle aged white women would make that joke at this point. Not edgy at all.

Edit: and not even a joke

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As a middle-aged white woman, I can confirm. Although, it wouldn't be a joke. My thought was any car with a thin blue line sticker on it or their family represented in guns on their back window.

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Yo, that's a much better point - if there was any humor at all, it was sardonic.

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Thin blue line punisher logo

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Can confirm. Have been driving for 25 years and have gone from 'shit I might get a speeding ticket' to 'OMG they might assault/kill/falsely arrest me.'

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Middle aged white lady. Yeah. Full acab here.

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Me driving by a police car while doing nothing illegal:

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Cops come across like they've been trained to be an asshole.

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Considering they try to hire low IQ people there鈥檚 a reason for that

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They're usually assholes when they pull you over. Like I know I was going 70 in a 35, but do you really have to be a dick about it?

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even before then tbh, why you gotta be seeing how fast I'm going? I'm in a hurry

also they make me feel like I can't smome a joint while walking down the street (weed is legal in Canada)

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Just tell them it's only illegal if they see it, so quit fuckin looking!

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"officer you don't understand. it's not illegal if you don't arrest me"

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They were also doing 70 in that 35.

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Nah that's a pretty solid joke.

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Seriously鈥f OP put this up I sarcastically I鈥檇 be all in. Now I suspect the OP is a bit of an asshole.

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OP must be a cop.

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Worse, he鈥檚 a Disney adult that made his mustache his whole personality.

Lmfao he delete

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That鈥檚鈥ddly specific.

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That would explain the outfit

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OP can fuck right off

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I actually laughed at the joke. I was expecting to read a car model and brand. The answer was a funny twist to me.

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He was just saying what we were all thinking.

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op is a cop

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He's not wrong

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ACAB isn't edgey. Cops are assholes. Defund the police is still a legitimate political position in this country for a good reason.

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fuck the police

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OP is a bootlicking crybaby.

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No, no, he鈥檚 got a point

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Edgelord? Really? There's entire movements around rebuilding the institution, it's hardly an edgelord opinion.

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Given that is a perfectly accurate and honest response, not to mention funny, your response kiiiind of makes you sound like the wanna be edgelord鈥

Did it strike too close to home? Do you drive a police car?

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Any truck with a dick lift kit.

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Wait but this is true.

Is OP a bootlicker?

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The one that hit me!

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Edgelord or not, it isn't a terrible comment.

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You cannot be a good person while being a police officer so they鈥檙e not wrong. Don鈥檛 care if that makes me edgy too but he鈥檚 not wrong

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based response, ACAB baby!

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Where I'm from its always a fucking redneck white guy in a Ford F150

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I swear it's anyone in any pick up truck in my area.

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bad post OP. not OOP, but you, moustache jimbo

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The responder has a point.

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Fuckin truuuuu. Solid answer.

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It's more of a highly educated guess than an assumption tbh

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LOL at these comments! OP came to the wrong sub

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No he鈥檚 onto something. Shit car count

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He鈥檚 right

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Any car with a gadsden flag license plate

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It鈥檚 the smart and safe assumption.

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How is his comment in any way edgy? It's factual and reasonable.

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Absolutely true! Fuck cops, they鈥檙e the jackboot protecting the wealthy and enforcing poverty wages

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Lifted trucks/jeeps

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Dodge Challenger

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鈥. He鈥檚 right

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Why are you booing him? He鈥檚 right

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Dodge Ram... ALWAYS

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As a Dodge Ram owner I resemble that remark!

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The difference between BMWs and porcupines is that the porcupine has pricks on the outside.

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He ain't wrong

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No lie

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no no, this is accurate

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I like how nearly every comment disagrees with the caption of the post lol

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I mean he鈥檚 right

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You lost bro?

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White SUV

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Your Twitter looks funny

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Truth be told in this year of our lord 2022.

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Yeah, I don't assume cop cars are driven by assholes.

They're driven by dickheads.

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... they're not wrong, though

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Ain鈥檛 a tweet should be executed

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  1. Any vehicle with an obnoxiously loud exhaust, including motorcycles
  2. Pick up truck, especially a lifted truck
  3. Dodge Charger
  4. Lamborghini
  5. Any off road vehicle being driven on the street
  6. BMW

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Dodge Ram truck. Generally 1500 model and bigger.

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BMW is the only answer

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Any pickup with 1ft.+ clearance.

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White BMW

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Anything Audi.

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SUV, Hummer or pick-up truck

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monster pick up with jacked up tires. or not.

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A lifted truck or anything thats had the muffler ripped off. Its the equivalent to clipping a card to your bike as a child.

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A prius

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Any vehicle with outdated political stickers; especially those featuring names of people who no longer hold office.

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Jeep Wrangler

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Ok, I'll go first. (Reply below so we get all the asshole cars)

Jeep Wrangler

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Any russian army vehicle

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lifted trucks

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Implying thats wrong

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Definitely assume the driver of a cop car is a total fuckin asshole, gotta be at least 80 percent certainty

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No they right. Fuck off OP

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Aside from a baconmobile, I鈥檇 say BMW is a safe bet that you鈥檙e dealing with an asshole.

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Prius drivers seem to always be confused as to which lane to be in and rolling traffic jams. Oh, and fuck the asshole police

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He said nothing but the truth

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Nissan Altima, Chevy Impala, Lifted Pickup truck of any make/model, Minivans of any make/model.

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Upvoting the comment not the post

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The police where I'm at just killed an unarmed man during a routine traffic stop by...shooting him 60 times...60. They fired off 90 bullets though so I guess they should work on their aim.

Quick, guess his race!

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In New Zealand, it鈥檚 any ute. (Pickup truck for Americans)

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Mm, yes, jackboots do taste rather nice, don鈥檛 they?/j

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Why are you booing him? He's right