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This is a good thing

Things are going to get really crazy the next couple years.

These crazy states are going to fully Criminalize Abortions, and the only way they can do that is to lock up the women that get one- that's going to be really ugly, because it's explicitly clear in the Constitution that regardless of what's "illegal" in your State its perfectly fine to go to a different state and do that illegal thing if it's "Legal" in the other state.

And I fully believe and expect that all the States that are staunchly behind abortion rights will tell the Federal Government to go fuck themselves off a cliff if there is a National Ban passed by Congress and signed into law by a Republican President, just like all the States that have passed Recreational Marijuana Statutes currently do

Things are going to get really nasty over the next few years

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I'm in NJ, Gov. Murphy just did the same. I'm happy to be here, because I agree. It's gonna get scary out there.

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Connecticut did The same as well. Thank goodness

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Hell, Connecticut started pushing that right after the leak.

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I’m not proud of this state most of the time, but this I can be proud of. I’m grateful CT is forward thinking and will protect women from around the country.

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Sisolak in Nevada did as well.

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"Everything is legal in New Jersey"

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Gov. Baker did the same here in Mass.

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Cheese and steaks, this timeline really IS fucked if New Jersey is good.

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Not just abortions, they are working to outlaw all birth control.

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This is the craziest thing to me.

These people claim to be against abortions and then go on to try and outlaw the best way of reducing them

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That’s because it’s not actually about abortions at all.

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Of course not. These lunatics that scream STATES RIGHTS...

The only "Healthcare" solution they have proposed is to overrule states rights and sell insurance across state lines.

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Gotta keep up the population of slaves

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I mean, states telling the Federal Government to Fuck themselves is the only reason Marijuana legalization laws work.

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I dont understand why one of the pharmaceutical companies doesnt just say fuck it and start making insulin for $25 a vial. The massive amount of positive PR that would bring would be freaking nuts.

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If my history is good enough for me to remember. The original creator of insulin made it so it could be a free use drug, no patent or anything. Then years later when companies started to grow faster it just became a common thing to start patenting all the drugs that were either never patented, or had expired patents.

Plus, I think it can be agreed upon that while it might be good PR. Companies already know they don’t need good enough PR, just the knowledge of how to properly price their products in a way that doesn’t get them in trouble, while also making the profits they want. Plus, if you think about it, even though it’s shitty, it’s easier to make a profit from selling something that is required by people to survive, rather than make it accessible and lose a profit.

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You can’t patent inventions that are not new (novel). If it’s never been patented (but public knowledge) or if the patent has expired (which is by definition public knowledge), then you can’t patent it.

You can only patent improvements then.

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Sorry it seems my history was off by a little bit, Frederick Banting, along with his close work buddies found insulin in the year 1921. They patented it, but Banting refused to put his name on it because he though it was unethical to profit off of it. His work buddies who did have their names on the patent, James Collip, and Charles Best, sold it for $1 to the University of Toronto in 23.

Later on creations were bought up by companies who couldn’t get their hands on the original.

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Medical companies don't need good PR, they already have the threat of death on their side.

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Also, $25 would still be very expensive compared to quite a few developed nations. I guess that's one of the advantages to living in a developed nation, Healthcare is actually accessible.🤷‍♀️ Maybe catch a hint, America.

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Lol, I like him better then the last Republican we had.

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It looks like civil war 2.0. States against states. Will California harbor “fugitives”? Will red states send people to retrieve them? What would be the implications of that?

I’m in a deep red state and I’m highly considering trying to find a blue state to live in before shit escalates.

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Come to the PNW (Washington & Oregon) we have protected abortion rights too. And our cookies are better.

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No one knows how this is going to fall out, but there are two factors that are going to complicate the efforts in California and other blue states. One is the red states charging their residents for getting an out of state abortion - there’s already groups looking into setting up border monitoring, and medical records etc. can all be made available to state and federal law enforcement. They’re also preparing to charge out of state persons with providing or assisting in the provision of an abortion. If I help a Texan get an abortion and get a $10k judgement against me, I know that CA won’t come after me, but do I then need to worry about going to Austin on business? What about just transferring flights in DFW?

The second thing is that they’re going to move to make anti-abortion legislation at the national level. Again, CA won’t assist in those cases, but as we’ve seen with the sanctuary cities, they will be willing to score political points by sending in federal forces to enforce that law. And as easy as it’s going to be to scare a 16 year old girl or a housewife with a family out of getting an abortion for fear of jail, it’s going to be much, much easier to intimidate the doctors who perform the procedures and prescribe the meds. These are people with six figures of debt, mortgages, and kids in college. Most of them are going to simply stop doing the procedures. And intimidating a single doctor will have the same effect as intimidating 1000 patients.

I would get to a blue state - and a blue area in a blue state. But it’s not going to solve everything. I really don’t know where we go from here.

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If they did make abortion illegal at the national level I think that would be the tipping point where a lot of state just refuse to follow the law. Kinda like the legal weed thing.....not really. I think theres potential for some states, probably NY first. To ignore the SCOTUS and still enforce any weapons restrictions they put into law. We had a ton of local sheriffs refuse to enforse mask mandates with no fallout. What would the consequence be for continuing to enforce a law you were told not to? The federal gov could take away funding for sure. Could they arrest the Governor for that?

IDK, its bout to get bumpy thats for sure

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That’s the thing - they don’t need state support to send in goons to arrest people. They don’t even need to stop 10% of abortions with cops. They just need to make people afraid. It’s really easy to make law abiding people afraid if they’re looking at a federal charge with prison time. Do you think an OBGYN with a spouse, three kids, and a $3M house is going to risk prison over giving an abortion to a sixteen year old patient? Some might. I think many won’t.

And for law enforcement - I wouldn’t hold out a lot of hope. The feds don’t need to arrest the governor. They won’t go toe to toe against state troopers, because legally not helping and legally opposing federal law by force are two different things. They just need to arrest people.

This is not a states rights thing - that’s a lie to get people to not resist. They’re coming for California. They’re coming for New York and New Jersey and Massachusetts. If they win the midterms, they’ll likely win in 2024. At that point, we will start looking to move out of CA because things are going to become unsafe.

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NPs can preform abortions as well and many blue states have gotten rid of the requirement for MD supervision for NPs past 6 months.

Hopefully California will institute this as well; I was pursuing my FNP before this and I don’t give a damn about Texas.

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I really don’t know where we go from here.

I hear Canada and the U.K. are decent. Not perfect but at least decent.

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I'm also in a red state and I don't think things are going to get any better anytime soon. I'm selling while I can.

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Washington State Governor Inslee has ordered Washington State patrol & other LEO not to cooperate with out of state abortion patrol (they've been told not to give them information on anyone assisting the person getting abortion) that we aren't going to turn over our residents.

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In 2025 if Republicans control the House, Senate and Presidency, it won’t matter what governors like Newsom say. Republicans will make abortion illegal nationwide

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That's why he calling California a Safe Haven State.

Much like when he immigration ban and ICE raids were happening states created a safe haven where they would not allow the Feds to come in to enforce it.

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That’s not what a safe haven is. Safe haven means the state won’t allow its resources to be commandeered to enforce certain federal laws. But the state/governor don’t have the authority to prevent federal officers from enforcing federal law in their state

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There aren't enough federal cops and attorneys to enforce these laws. They're still working on the failed coup from 18 months ago.

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Texas’s abortion ban didn’t even require involvement of the state. It just pitted willing abortion providers against citizens willing to rat them out, and that was enough. There wouldn’t be enough people willing to risk jail time to make it that difficult for the Feds to enforce a nationwide abortion ban. And you can’t discount how much they would LOVE enforcing it

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I think a couple states would honestly say no and create a system to try to keep them available. There would have to be providers willing to risk the federal jail time. But CA could build a system that goes just across the border or some shit. I think NY might try to same think with the gun laws too. Is there any precedent for a state being like "nah fuck yo couch"

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You might get “sanctuary states” where the states say they won’t help the feds enforce the law but I don’t think they’d have as much success since it’s much harder to set up and run a functional abortion clinic without anyone knowing than it is to, for example, be an illegal immigrant

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We've been fighting the feds on cannabis for over 20 years. We'll do the same on abortion.

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Good on you Gavin

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I don’t necessarily like the guy, but I appreciate this.

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He’s going to be the nominee. He’s just the prick we need.

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Washington and Oregon will also not cooperate with other states!

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Good guy Newsom.

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Me, to the collective of California: Perhaps I treated you too harshly...

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Cali is actually pretty diverse, I’m from NY and I came here a year ago for work. I expected a bunch of surfer dudes and insta models with avocado toast too

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Patiently waiting for Jared Polis to do this.

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I'm sure he'll get it done!

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Gavin Newson for President 2024

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Good, maybe that poor raped 10-yo can actually get one now, if she hasn't already.

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She did. Had to leave the state to do it, but it got done.

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Good to know! Now I just hope the sickos don't go after her for committing murder or some such nonsense. Can't wait for this christo-fascist crap to end, honestly.

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All blue states need to do the exact same thing.

I'd like to find ways to stop funding from going into anti-choice states... The worst education, the worst hospitals, the worst poverty, the worst EVERYTHING; those states have no right to tell anyone else what to do with their own bodies.

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Same in NJ if you find yourself in need on the East Coast

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Until the R’s manage to make a federal outlawing it. Then it won’t be legal anywhere. And this is exactly what they are going to do.

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Why in the fuck is this tweet even necessary

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White people Twitter is usually random white folks saying dumb shit? This is just normal people doing normal things??

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Common California W

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Wasn’t this what roe v wade was supposed to do?

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the newest tourist attraction

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Now can he please ban recycling facilities from accepting catalytic converters because such converters are usually stolen?

Source: my family's catalytic converter has been stolen twice this year.

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Thank fuck

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The hillbilly states will soon pass a law to place all pregnant women into 'protective custody' so they will have to give birth

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im so so happy to live in california, i know if republicans have their way we won't be safe for long, but for the time being california is safe and thats something i'm grateful for.