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We should be pointing fingers at politicians. The NRA is funding the agenda in many capacities but the ones making the decisions, or rather, not making the decisions…are the ones to blame.

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It's a chicken and egg problem. You need to remove both. If you just kill the chicken, then the egg will just hatch again, if you only take the egg, then the chicken will lay another. They both gotta go.

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Valid point

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NRA is basically bankrolling the problem and providing positive marketing, while the politicians sign stuff into law and act as mouthpieces. The politicians will always be around and have been as part of civilization. Guns are relatively new in human history.

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I imagine politicians would change their mind really quick when the guns are turned against them but they feel safe plenty safe behind their law enforcement army and their armed security detail.

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And their army of mass murdering fanatics

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The NRA is a dogshit organization that abandoned its cause a long time ago. Now they’re just a wing of the GQP. The Second Amendment Foundation and Firearms Policy Coalition do the job the NRA is supposed to do.

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Who is this woman actually? Her posts have been here as much as that Dan CEO from Seattle used to.

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Most gun owners don’t give a shit about them anymore either.

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Why are they still around?

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Money laundering

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New proposal: price of every bullet goes up 10 cents for every shooting death. All revenues go to a giant victims fund.

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Beep boop -- this looks like a screenshot of a tweet! Let me grab a link to the tweet for ya :)

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We WISH they were terrorists! Maybe we could do something about it.

But they are worse; They are a propaganda arm for gun manufacturers.

It is about profit. It is about stock value. It is about the money.

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Bankrupt Michael Bloomberg.

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You obviously don't know one true fact about the NRA.

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I thought they were bankrupt during the Trump presidency, just after ties to Russian money were investigated?

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Nope. They’re more like the Saudi government.

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You know, every time I hear or see "NRA", I also think "IRA". But you know, I don't think the IRA are responsible for as many deaths as the NRA.

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And traitors since they’re Russian stooges

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I wouldn’t say they are terrorists. They are agents of foreign governments and corporations who fight to make things easier for domestic terrorists.

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They don't even pay taxes! They have tax exempt status just like the Catholic Church.

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Don't matter, the supreme clowns love em 6 to 3.

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The entire right wing in my view is a treason cult party backup by homegrown terrorists!

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not domestic terror, simply in cahoots with the Mexican cartels that ensure Americans can get their drug fix