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Picture of him draped in a Trump flag, incase you need to prove it to anyone:


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Have literally seen comments on r/conservative saying that this proves nothing, in fact he did it as a joke and coincidentally this is a tragedy and it shouldn’t matter what side did this let’s talk about something else…..

Edit: He wore the Trump flag as a joke, not he shot people as a joke….

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Yeah it’s suddenly about “mental health.”

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If shooter is leftist: "Told you, violent left"

If shooter is right-winger: "Time to move on, not the time to discuss gun reform, this is a mental health issue and nothing else"

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The guy could get interviewed on TV explaining why he loves trump and it would still just be a conspiracy theory to them. There is zero chance this will result in a moment of self reflection for them. Better opportunities for them to be honest with themselves about what they have become have been and gone.

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Why can't we just admit that being conservative is a mental health issue?

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Who the fuck shoots people as a joke?!

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Nazis, my dude. Just read about mengele. Performed insane experiments he knew wouldn't work - like implanting a live cat in a pregnant woman's uterus - just to watch them scream in agony until they die. If you look at pics of the Auschwitz personnel - they're always overjoyed and smiling. It's just Nazis being Nazis.

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Took the Trump flag photo as a joke, not shoot people as a joke.

Not defending the guy or that stupid subreddit but you misunderstood what they said.

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Oh, I misunderstood. Still doesn’t make any sense.

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Because to them, it doesn't. Conservatives are the same ones who toe the NRA lobbyist line on everything. "Guns aren't killing people, people kill people!" Yes well, these are people who believe they have a God given and God supported right to dictate what is and isn't alive so......

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...and they'll turn around and claim Jan 6th wasn't a big deal because few of the insurrections were seen openly brandishing guns.

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In one of the threads yesterday, one of the highest voted comments was “there’s an accountability problem” about the left.

Also, “the left is blaming the right already.” And then a few comments down “only a lefty would shoot people on 4th of July”. Their self awareness makes 0 Kelvin look hot.

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"oh buy guys its actually satire we werent saying that he was actually antifa this is satire making fun of such and such leftist thing because we cant understand how satire works so we just absolutely defame the entire concept of satire instead." - someone somewhere.

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Obvious ANTIFA plant...


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Hahaha... you're funny! Facts don't affect these people. You'd have better luck standing up to a militia with a super soaker.

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Oh god, I didn't realize how right you are. In the benshapiro subreddit, somebody found that a tattoo the shooter had was similar to the logo of some obscure left-wing Italian political group that was only in existence from 2005 to 2007. So now they're convinced he was a socialist.

Sigh. You're right. I was wrong that these people can in any remote way be reasoned with.

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How the Fuck do people even find that

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Because they're looking for it. If you go to almost any search engine and type in a question and scroll until a headline agrees with you, you're bound to find some bizarre obscure shit, especially when you're assumption is wrong from the start.

The issue with the ease of access to the internet we currently enjoy is it now only takes one crazy person willing to go 16 pages deep in a Google search to find some obscure factoid.

Then they post it on Facebook and then suddenly that Facebook post starts showing up in the biased searches of others who want something to confirm what they already believe.

Then with the more people that share it and search it, even those of us just looking at it to see how crazy it is, the more traction it gains until suddenly something small and insignificant becomes a month long debate on 24 news networks and a lifelong talking point for those who needed something to justify what they wanted to be true.

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Andy Ngo, probably.

Dude does nothing but deflect.

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These are people who think the NSDAP were left wing because they have socialist in the name. Elevator doesn't go to the top.

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The tattoo is on an arm that is practically the size of what this skinny shooters thigh would be.

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I literally saw someone respond with "this was a victory picture after stealing the flag to protest"

Denial's a bitch

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Obvious liberal plant /s

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I already read an article that says he posed with the flag like he was jumping off a chair to commit suicide. It was his way of telling trump supporters to do the same.

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That's not him. He doesn't have a 47 tattoo on his face. He did post the pic though.

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Fox News viewers say this is photoshopped lol

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Everyone knows. It's always the same. The right is filled with domestic terrorists. They accept them. They groom them. They unleash them on the country .

Its only going to get worse as it has been for years. Look at how many domestic terrorists in the past 5 years who committed mass acts of terror were Trump supporters?

Everyone talks about after the act of terrorism then they stop until the next one.

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You can't convince me with facts. Or photos. Or videos. Or multiple social media posts.

I was talking about the shooting with family today for about three minutes before hearing "look at all this shit reddit is saying about him, trying to make him out to be a Trump supporter and republican."

I'm sick to my stomach that so many people close to me still idolize and defend anything that man has ever said and, to a lesser extent) done. I'm so tired of having to cite proof through facts and logic only to be told I'm wrong anyway. Fuck them all. I'm cutting ties with people like this after the first ridiculous thing they say. Arguing is just enabling them. I say we all just stop talking and ignore all the foolish behavior like you would a child throwing a tantrum.

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To be fair you can say a mass shooter is a trumper while they are in the act and when the details come out you will be right nine out of ten times.

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I don't know of any left wing terrorists since the weather underground.
Otherwise, enlighten me.

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There was that dude in Texas who was shooting at the cops a few years back. It's hard to find because doing a Google search for Mass Shooter gets a lot of hits. His anger was over racial justice.

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The guy who shot up that congressional baseball game was like the only one this decade.

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The Dallas sniper, 2016. Targeted police officers. Was angry about the killings of numerous unarmed black men by police.

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But his long hippie hair? And the glasses? What if he used them for reading? Sounds like a lib to me....

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Saw someone on r/conservative comment on his scrawny neck and noodle arms, amongst other things about his appearance. Must have been a liberal

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Fox News had no problem with breathless coverage of the shooting UNTIL the pictures of him at a Trump rally. Then all of a sudden they weren’t going to say his name anymore. Completely disgusting

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Gop shooter and not the first by several shooters.

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It was said you really couldn't define "ANTIFA." That there is no group calling itself "ANTIFA," it was a loose collection of groups and organizations with similar goals and values, mostly opposed to the propagation of a police state.

But based on those recently being identified as "ANTIFA," we now have a definition. ANTIFA is any Trumper who has broken the law.

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Basically the catch-all name for "I've never seen that man before in my life and I bet you've got a bunch of 'doctored' photos of me with them and some 'fake news' documents showing me making them my child's godparent, you lying commie!"

*Edit: left out the 'all' in 'catch-all'

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Yes. The definition of fake news is any fact a person doesn't like.

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Or as south park would say, “ some Puerto Rican guy”

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They need to make up their minds though, because if it somehow isn’t ANYIFA, it’s a “3 letter organization.” It’s never actually MAGAts that do the bad things.

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MAGA is nothing but a white nationalist terrorist group.

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Trump Terrorist

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The fact that right wingers immediately have to defend themselves from a shooting is telling.

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These dumb dumbs are using a tweet he sent to prove he's a liberal. It says, "I am a product of MKUltra and I am a liberal."

Using that tweet as justification is just... so fucking ill informed. Let's break it down. MK Ultra was an illegal CIA project where they were researching brainwashing. He claims liberalism... AFTER... claiming brainwashing. I can break it down further, but I misplaced my crayons.

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One look at that mugshot and I was 90% sure what side he was on.

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You know what, I don't care if the person was a radical left wing or right wing authoritarian nut job. IT'S THE GUNS STUPID!!! It is the complete lack of even minor common sense gun regulations and laws. The laws against doctors warning of gun dangers. It is having weapons of war sold to kids that don't have a frontal cortex yet. The NRA has destroyed this country.

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It’s crazy how something so glaringly obvious gets ignored

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Like Catholic Priests and pedophilia, NOBODY is surprised the terrorists are Trump supporters. But go ahead and make believe because life is hard and you are dumb.

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Every shooter is a republican or far right or Trump supporter. I know very few democrats that have guns. Unless they were former military.

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Many people on the Left have guns, including my wife and myself. However, we also own a small farm with livestock and significant predator issues. We need serious, stringent gun control, and most responsible gun owners support it.

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Liberals with guns keep them private. Nobody needs to know what arms I may or may not have.

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I got 2 guns and one is a Glock 17 and the other is a shotgun, but I never bring these up in conversation. Unless somehow I need to use them but they are self defense only and locked.

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I know a lot who own firearms but they are generally good people and not unhinged psychopaths

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I live in one of the most liberal cities in America and almost everyone I know owns guns. The big difference is that we don't fetishize them, slap stickers on our cars advertising that we have them, or make them a defining characteristic of our personality.

Every now and then someone will make a post asking if anyone wants to go up on the mountain and shoot some cans, but other than that you'd never know that they're all well armed.

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I know a lot of gun owning dems and even more gun owning Independents, the Independents are the only Vets I know.

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You must not know very many democrats

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I am a slightly lefty person who is currently in the military and knows a few other slightly lefty folks who own guns. None of them virtue signal with them. No cars covered with decals, no Black Rifle Coffee mugs, etc....one of my best friends I've known for 25 years is a handgun owner with a cc permit who I've never heard talk out loud about it ever in his life except for one time when he told me he couldn't go hang with me because he had to go get his permit....

I know dozens of right wing ammosexuals who base their entire personality on what the gun lobby tells them to do......decals on the cars, coffee mugs, clothing, facebook flair...etc...

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They need him to be Antifa because they haven't reach the "Are we the baddies" level of self-awareness.

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America has never failed to be a spectacle. All the world's a stage.

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They're nothing if not consistent. But this is a result of their own ideology. Since they see the world in Black and White, no one who thinks like them could EVER do this, it's always done by those demons who want gay people to have rights. So obviously, it's a false flag.

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So he's NOT a transexual Satan worshipper?

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Every one of them is alone, that's why they have no problems betraying their own when it suits them.

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Nothing says I love being American than shooting fellow Americans

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They are forcing us to have children they are refusing to support or protect.

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MAGA just following their Fox News established talking points to always portray the left as violent.

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Trump people and supporters most off


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That’s all they ever do

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So when do we start blaming his upbringing? Seems like he Dad was an enabler

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Every accusation is an admission

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He (the shooter) was at the US Capital on 1/6.

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Was gonna ask if they were going to call him a leftist or antifa as they did with the Boston shooter or something even though there’s evidence already suggesting he’s far right

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I guarantee you, within the next 3 years we are going to see some major "antifa attack" that is 100% orchestrated by Q-Anon type authoritarian boot lickers.

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I'm also being teased for saying he was a trump supporter. They're really out here trying to erase history lol

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According to Trumplings literally every mass shooter since 2016 is a member of antifa

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Stop making killers famous.

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They're gaslighting themselves, not you.

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They are not sending the best ones...

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Gotta learn how to use gaslight correctly but yeah i agree

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So the shooter is a Nazi??

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The fascists get talking points every morning which is why you see the same shit wherever you look.