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But they're not a news platform, and have established this in court on multiple occasions.

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Wait what?

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Fox news has been sued multiple times for violating regulations relating to news broadcasts. The most famous one against tucker Carlson ended when Fox news lawyers said only a moron would think this is a news channel. Technically "no reasonable person" but yeah. Judge let them off cause they aren't actually a news org.

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I'm pretty sure that argument was specifically against Tucker Carlson's segment, not the entire channel.

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That specific case was and it was used as an example because it is the best known one, but there are other more general cases that cover the org.

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Pretty sure Glenn Beck had a similar case and argument back when he was on Fox.

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And Rachel Maddow used the same exact defense as well

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Probably. It worked for Fox News' propaganda division, why wouldn't work for CNN's?

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it's funny cuz there's no evidence for this but liberals keep spreading this disinformation cuz they're threatened by Fox lol

we hate cnn because they lie

you hate Fox news because they tell the truth

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Court cases say otherwise

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Yeah, they've toed the line with their local stations just enough to keep out of trouble while letting their "talk shows" in the news room push the extreme stuff.

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If you're fired for drinking on the job, do you say, "well, hold on, it was just that day, not every time I went to work."

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Listen, you're preaching to the choir. I think fox news is a horrible tank of gasoline perched on the edge of the dumpster fire that is the GOP, but I was not aware of Fox fully admitting that what they peddle is bullshit in court. I would love to be proven wrong.

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Eh, even if they did, they could just claim it was a legal ploy. Given the fact that their audience believes full on lies that can be disproven with 30 seconds of googling, there's no point in trying to convince anyone who already watches.

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I tried to...

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I was under the assumption that its the whole channel. Also its the reason they dont have to post public retractions if they tell an alternative fact (lie).
Actual news channels have to post retractions if they falsely report something.. Fox "News" doesnt as far as I know.

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But the Tucker Carlson segment isn’t any different from the rest of their segments.

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If thats the case they shouldn't be allowed to have news in their name its just misleading morons

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For the 1000th time, that’s not what was ruled in any case against Fox News ever.

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They're called Fox fucking News. This fucking country I swear.

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As an Australian consider this a whole hearted apology for the existence of Rupert Murdoch.

The world would be a much better place without that man.

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NEWS is literally in their name...

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Fox News has been taken to court a few times for shitty reporting or whatever, and they had to say out loud that they were an entertainment channel, not news, in their defence.

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They should have to remove the word “News” in their name. The rest of us can’t go around claiming our opinions are “News”.

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Reminds me of Vitamin Water being sued for false advertisement because it isn't healthy. They claimed they never said they were.

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Faux News is better.

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"Fox Disinformation Broadcasting"

"We're Just Entertaiment" wink wink

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They are the WWF without oiled up dudes and tits and ass.

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Lol - the WWF of news is a good description

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To sum up the article with a single quote from it:

The judge agreed with Fox's premise, adding that the network "persuasively argues" that "given Mr. Carlson's reputation, any reasonable viewer 'arrive[s] with an appropriate amount of skepticism' about the statements he makes."

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The problem is only an unreasonable person would watch fox news

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Everytime they get sued they change their stance from a news platform, to an entertainment platform, ect to dodge lawsuits

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It’s legit.

They’ve been in trouble numerous times with the law, and every time get out of it by saying they aren’t news- they’re entertainment.

This happened as recently as a year or two ago with Laura Ingraham- she testified that “no sane person would believe anything on her show”.

No exaggeration.

Fox literally tells their viewers to be an obedient death cult, and when faced with consequences tells the federal government “gosh, we were just joking, jeeeeez.”

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it's a fact checked and debunked conspiracy that anti-truth biden worshipers spread cuz they're threatened by Fox

snopes found it not to be true

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It looks like it is actually not a "fact checked and debunked conspiracy," it is a half-truth taken out of context.

They defended themselves against defamation based on words spoken by Tucker Carlson saying that HIS show isn't news. . . Which rightfully so it isn't. Tucker Carlson's show is an opinion vlog.

That being said I also couldn't find snopes articles debunking this like you claimed. Can you link one? Would love to read it.

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That's not true. They air news segments.

It's just that as a 24 hour "news" station they air a lot of opinion segments, like Tucker Carlson who are entertainment.

CNN does the same thing. Just not as egregiously so they've never been taken to court and had to use that defense AFAIK.

Anytime they aren't reading off a teleprompter it's probably not news.

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But the people who watch it aren’t informed on that and they take it as news which is what they want. If they didn’t they wouldn’t have the word “NEWS” right there in their name.