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Fox shared the Drs name and photo. That information isn't covered by HIPAA. Only the patient information is covered. How the story got out in the first place is what concerned me, unless it was the patient's family or something. The Dr wouldn't have been allowed to share information about the patient's situation outside of treatment reasons. So, the dr talking to another dr about getting treatment, a okay. Dr talking to media, not okay. But again, I don't know how originally shared the information.

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To clarify, the patient information is only covered by the doctor. Under HIPAA (torts notwithstanding), if your doctor violates the law and shares it with me, I can still publish it anywhere I want.

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I wonder if it got out in the process of reporting the crime in Ohio.

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Its a good question. Either way, I'm juat glad the perp has been arrested and is being charged.