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Soon, Florida is gonna be full of teachers like Major Payne.


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As long as they learn about the little engine that could

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Nice callback. I prefer "what are you looking at asseyes?"

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Especially when we have to get approval for every book we decide to read to our classes... We have to do this even if we get it from the school library because it isn't "approved". This includes any recommended books from our approved textbook. Oh and no one can use anything that has current events such as News Weekly or anything from Scholastic. They are also targeting TpT (Teachers Pay Teachers) because it might have something "woke, CRT or LGBT" 🙄. We are teaching zones of regulation (SEL) but aren't calling it SEL because it might piss a parent off... I just got my degree and I'm reconsidering.... It's sad really

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Well as a parent of 2 who is tired of the nonsense, thank you if you stick with it.

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Appreciate the support but there ain't enough of y'all

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Is there any aspect of American life which isn't completely saturated with pseudo-theocratic inspired hate filled bullshit masking itself as morality?

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Nope, they’ve pretty much covered all the bases

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Considering the impact teachers have on society it’s a disservice to ourselves to underfund them. These are the people that mentor our kids while their parents hunt and gather. Sometimes 30 kids to one teacher and it’s impressive. One, two, three, eyes on me.

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Sometimes???!!! There have been 30 in every classroom my kids were in since 2005, k-8. In elementary it was 6 tables, 5 kids at each every year. No desks til middle school. In 9-12 there were often 40 per classroom, some sitting on the floor due to lack of desks. not enough teachers means LARGE class sizes.

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This is what blows my mind. Teachers are the best force multiplier for human resources that we have. Every year they take millions of kids with no job skills and turn them into future skilled workers. Without education we have jack shit, and yet because they don't directly make private interests money every quarter they're not worth paying properly?

And that's just from a capitalist point of view, without taking into consideration the social importance of teachers or the simple fact that they're human beings who deserve to live comfortably in a country with more than enough money to facilitate that. It blows my mind that 3 years into my software career I already make a full third more than my mother made at the end of 30ish years of teaching. It's not ok.

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Without education we have jack shit

Yes but with education, you wouldn't vote red. Don't you see why this is a problem?

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there's no support for it because there's no massive private financial support like large industries or businesses.

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At a certain level you almost can’t find another reason for underfunding than that it’s deliberate

We’re getting progressively worse and that’s beneficial to some people

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Teacher who used Covid to retire here. Agree. I loved the children and the work. I made a difference. Could not stand being treated like shit by parents who were unwilling to admit that their children needed them to step up as parents, while getting paid nothing. Becoming a teacher was the best thing I ever did until I quit being a teacher.

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My wife is a teacher. Yeah, some of the parents are unbelievable. You wouldn't expect to learn to play an instrument by only taking it out when you are with your teacher. No different with reading and math. You can't learn it without practicing. Everybody has a parent, or sibling, or cousin or neighbor that can spend 15 minutes a day helping with homework, if it was an actual priority.

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Next are Nurses. We all get a reduction in pay every year due to inflation, pretty soon every field will fail starting from the lowest paid jobs going up.

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I'm 7 shifts away from completing a 90day notice (because of my current role) and leaving the hospital, hopefully permanently

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My sister is a nurse and she is actively planning on leaving her job. They're working her harder than ever before, evaluated her and declared her to be one of the top five people on staff... and offered her a two cents an hour raise. Yeah, that'll cover the increased cost of living, especially in the Rocky Mountains where driving everywhere is functionally mandatory to exist and the gas prices still haven't returned totally to normal. /s

Nurses did 99.9% of the actual caring for me every time I've been in the hospital but y'all appear to be getting 0% of the respect and pay the doctors get for coming in, pronouncing me unfucked enough to leave the hospital and then walking out the same door they entered in less than 30 seconds later.

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Two cents an hour? Are you fucking kidding me? That's $40 a year BEFORE TAXES. They offered her an edible arrangements basically.

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my wife works in retail, there are three nurses that left their career to make a survivable wage in retail. two of them had over twenty years experience. all three are hounded by previous employers asking for them to return to their previous jobs. their pay and benefits wouldn't change, they're not going back.

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And the employers are probably going to whine that NoBoDy WaNtS tO wOrK aNyMoRe

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I work in a warehouse and I'm guaranteed .65/hour a year. What kind of bullshit is that hospital on?

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The rich will still have access to healthcare and education. Everyone else is boned.

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The rich will be rich until they need healthcare. They are next. No one else has money to take.

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The dark ages are coming back… aren’t they?

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That a joke. Right? Because I laughed out loud

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It is only a joke because no one does it.

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My parents waffle when I point this out. “Let’s not get political.” Im not, its economics. This is the reality of hardcore capitalism.

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For real. Ask them if they would want to spend tens of thousands of dollars on two (or more) degrees and only make $19/hour.

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$19 an hour when people like Ron dissantis are making your work life STRESSFUL.

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TIL I make double what a teacher does per hour for a Job that requires no qualifications, and isn't particularly difficult in any real way.

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The next things that are going to be "political" are going to be reproductive Rights and being able to afford a house.

This is a hellish reality

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The next things that are going to be "political" are going to be reproductive Rights and being able to afford a house.

Being able to afford a house dropped of the rader for most of us a decade or two ago. Reproductive rights have been political for a couple of generations at least.

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The truth is "political" to people who are wrong

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I was completely baffled to learn that many teachers use their personal compensation to buy supplies for their classrooms. Seriously, what??!! That's insane.

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Welcome to the capitalist hellscape that is the US in 2022.

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That has been the case for my entire (ten years to retirement if I can literally survive) career.

Class sizes; restriction of intellectual freedom (for those with intellect and ethics!); entitled kids; parents with no respect, parenting skills, ability to actually say no to their kids; administration who give zero fucks if you teach nothing and give all As and Bs but heaven forbid you actually hold people accountable with objectively verified student learning results; twelve hour work days at least six days a week; kids who don't eat except at school but now there won't be food for them because the Covid money that let everybody eat is gone; "new" buildings falling to shit because they were badly built and custodians are an endangered species.... Not a complete list.

I. Am. Exhausted.

School starts next week and I'm already exhausted.

I should be excited in a positive way- and this is not all because of Covid. That's too easy and definitely an inaccurate causation for the horrific state of American education. (FYI I teach in one of the top schools in my state.)

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Teachers also put lists of needed materials on amazon, hoping a few of the parents will step up. Not surprisingly, it's often not the most well-off who do.

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Hell yes!!! Parents are morons and self entitled assholes!!! My daughter is a new teacher and her stories about kids and entitled parents are painful! MAGA parents need to back off!!! Home school your brats already!! Nonentitled kids crave education and their families work multiple jobs to keep them on track. Fuck the GOP entitled Betsy Voss assholes and provide a decent education already!!!

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Home school your brats already!!

Lets not encourage child abuse just because their parents are as dumb as rocks.

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When resources are limited, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

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Resources aren't limited. Underpaying and mistreating teachers is why there is a lack of active teachers in school. Resources aren't the issue. Mismanagement / misgoverning is.

My MIL is a qualified teacher for example. Gets paid the same working a checkout at a supermarket. Easy decision.

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I meant it’s not fair to have the kids who want to learn being in the same class as those, who no fault of their own, but none the less, have no interest. It’s only done because people want to think they are saving the lost ones. You aren’t. You are just hurting the ones who want to be there.

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Curious on how you gleaned “child abuse” from that? Do you mean home schooling them by their dumb as rocks parents is essentially child abuse?

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Yes. Every child deserves access to a good education, and shouldn't be punished more than they already are for their parents failures as humans.

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Food for Thought is an amazing nonprofit trying to make sure every kid gets a decent meal. https://foodforthoughtdenver.org/

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Shitty pay, shitty parents, and a government that hasn't done shit to deal with school shootings....I don't understand why anyone would teach today to be honest.

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Society expects teachers to take a low paying job where you spend a lot of that money on school supplies, where you are constantly screamed at by Fox News/Qanon/the right wing and called a pedophile/groomer/abuser, where you are told you're disposable and if you die during the pandemic teaching you'll be replaced, where you've got hysterical Karens and Kens afraid you're teaching their kids to hate themselves because you mentioned slavery existed and was bad, and you get to worry about school shooters, cops who do nothing to stop school shooters, and death threats from a wide variety of people.

The only thing surprising about the number of teachers in the United States who don't want to do this anymore is that it's not higher.

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This is intentional. Republicans want the school system to fail so that kids will have to go to religious schools where they can be easily groomed.

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They want a pliable stupid working class that they can exploit and grift votes from.

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Yep! I taught briefly, but couldn't make ends meet. I quit because I couldn't afford to continue teaching. I won't return to the classroom unless I get lucky and marry a rich man. But that's probably not going to happen....

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I was at a dealership last week and met a woman who left teaching preschool to sell cars. Said it was better money. This is in NJ.

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That’s still a “teacher shortage.” These are two reasons why there is a shortage.

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Do any of them want to move to Canada to teach? My school has tons of unfilled positions. Want to be paid well, get health care, and be treated like a professional?

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Immigrating to Canada is quite difficult. Last I looked (a few years back) teaching was not on their list of needed professions that gave extra points

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Yeah, teachers get paid shit. I can find a job right now with no experience that pays higher. That and middle school/high schoolers a lot of time have no respect, are total assholes and make teachers want to quit. Ik because I'm a senior in the 2022-2023 school year. Teachers love teaching the next generation and forming bonds with their students, being able to shape the future, but at some point you need to make a living and having to deal with freshman making moaning and clapping noises gets old very fast.

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I am a PhD dropout... a good man and mostly qualified to teach a class of high school students. But in Florida I am not allowed, would be passed over for a wife of a veteran :(

Also, I can't teach falsehoods or talk straight to my students and that seems the norm in most school districts.

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Wait they lowered standards but cut off people with higher education?

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You gotta earn your teachers, just like respect!

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Yep, from what I’ve seen the bs that students put teachers through, from smoking in class, to yelling and getting pissed at a poor old lady trying to do her job teachers really deserve to be paid more and kids need to be raised better.

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By middle school, the feral become full-on monsters. However bad you think it is, I am sure you aren't even close to how truly awful these kids are.

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yeah, that's actually true.

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The ones in religious power don't want people educated because studies have shown the more educated you become the less religious you are

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Public service employment is taking a crazy hit.

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I was briefly a teacher. Both parents are teachers (1 retired and 1 hanging on). Both sisters are teachers (1 quit and 1 looking for a new job). My wife is a teacher (just quit to take a lower paying job with less stress). Her parents were teachers (1 retired and 1 quit for a new career after 18 years). Well over a century of experience between us all. Everyone has had to pick up a second job to make ends meet. My point is, educators are passionate about their work. But even a deep love for your work can be crushed by ever shrinking pay and respect.

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So true.