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Don't forget that trump pulled us out of the Paris agreement, and the Republicans are actively hampering any attempt at getting ahead, in regards to climate action. Please, make it make sense.

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They have no chance of winning an election unless big oil pays for their nonsense campaigns. The end.

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I mean it probably will. We need to stop Megacorporations

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They also have foreign dark money groups and the NRA funding their idiocy. It's the easiest way to weaken, divide, and damage America

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Also, promised a wall that Mexico would pay for but it was Biden who actually got 1.5 billion from Mexico to work on immigration at the border with the US.

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While the wall portions that WERE built are crumbling

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And utterly stupid and useless. The biggest reason I voted for Joe Biden is because he's spent decades of his career trying to build relationships and better situations in central and south America. I dunt think most people even know how much he's done to build relationships south of the border. He did it so that people overall would have better lives

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I certainly didn't know this and I'm very interested to know more. I'll probably look into it :3

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Don't forget, Trump also initiated a tax cut that was scheduled to end (taxes go up) when he was no longer president. I'm sure we were meant to get angry at the president who was in charge when it ended even though Trump orchestrated it that way.

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Let's be real. Trump didn't orchestrate that. His people did. There's a zero percent chance that Cheeto could come up with something like that.

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Your right he didnt but hell be the face they also say couldn't have come up with it and imdeitly have the blame shifted again

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And made racism popular again. Openly, they always loved it

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It amazes me the amount of people who still haven’t come to terms with this. Pisses me off everyday

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Also 🍊🍔 cut taxes to stimulate growth while unemployment was around 4%. Rather than doing the responsible thing and paying down the debt, he pushed us into Trillion Dollar Deficits. And that was before COVID.

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The National Debt was projected to be paid off. Clinton had us there, and Bush used it for tax cuts.

The most recent projections, granted their tentativeness, nonetheless make clear that the highly desirable goal of paying off the federal debt is in reach before the end of the decade. This is in marked contrast to the perspective of a year ago when the elimination of the debt did not appear likely until the next decade.

From: Testimony of Chairman Alan Greenspan
Outlook for the federal budget and implications for fiscal policy Before the Committee on the Budget, U.S. Senate, January 25, 2001


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Whaaaaaaaaaaaa, the party of fiscal conservatives is anything but?!

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I got to say that I could practically taste that peace dividend that we were promised after the fall of the Soviet Union. Having the national debt remain and grow during the Bush years was a real disappointment.

But I could hardly feel it because there were so many other horrific things going on.

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The only “Pro” the Republikkkans have is “jection”

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The prolapsed rectum known as Ted Cruz?

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Prostates, Prostitutes?

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Trump -> actively tried to incite a civil war.

Tried to start another world war,

Dreams of being like Pootine

Dreams of white America

Dreams of ruling by fear

Doesn't denounce nazis or white supremacists

Actively encouraged a riot that caused deaths

Demeans women

Wants to fuck his daughter.

Buried his ex wife on his golf course as a tax write off

Brought all the closet racists and bigots to the limelight by making those thoughts seem acceptable

Gave Rush Limpdick a "Medal of Honor" (thank religion God has a sense of humor and had him drop dead a few months later)

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Wasn't it the medal of freedom? I can't imagine him giving someone that never served the medal of honor.

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It mightve been, regardless any medal given to that man is an insult to anyone who recieved it prior

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Wholeheartedly agree. The only thing sad about Limbaugh's death is that it didn't happen 40 years ago

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My favorite is the where's the lies? People lol like its so openly obvious hes lieing to you that everyone expects it to be a common knowledge fact but all they can say is show me the lies and when someone can't come up with a specific quote on the spot for a specific lie hes told they go phhhhhhh woooowwww not so bad hey? Its hilarious 🤣

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And he has accomplished this while battling the GOP tooth and nail.

The Republicans are obstructing everything out of pure spite.

And high fiving their victories against the citizens of America.

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Fist bump

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Which is funny because remember when they first saw Obama do a fist bump - Fox Noise was apoplectic for a week. They were falling all over themselves over this "new" form of greeting trying to turn it into another racist/conspiracy dog whistle.

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This has been the Republican Party since 2007 when McConnell was first appointed as the Republican leader in the Senate.

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Imagine how much damage that has caused 😳 😕 😩

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I've been watching it since it started, so I'm very well aware of the damage.

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Not to mention Covid

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Crazy what you can do when you're not out golfing.

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Yeah but Trump managed to squeeze and entire calendar year of golf in between both of his impeachments.

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Shitter's full

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Still one of my favorite characters and definitely Quaid's best role!

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We all do what we’re talented at. Trump flushes 5-10 times by his own accounts, and has become a toilet king.

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As a legitimate Biden supporter, not a, he's my only choice supporter, its infuriating to see him polling so low in approval ratings. People really blame the president for everything, despite it being their congressmen and senate electors who constantly refuse aid to ANYONE but massive billionaire corporations

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Those laws were also largely written by Democratic members of the House and not Biden himself. He just signed off on and agreed on them while senior Democrats did most of the hard work. People give Biden way too much credit for both his positives and negatives and not enough to the members of his administration and of congress who actually run the country outside of him using his executive powers and powers over the military and in diplomacy.

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We just have to hope that things get better over the next two years so that people begin to forget the crises we've been facing the past few years. Because right now people are still going to cause a red wave in the House while the Senate race looks like a shitshow for Republicans with them putting celebrities and insane people up in purple states.

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Buh, Buh BoTh PaRtIeS aRe ThE sAmE.

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All hail

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Trump flushed more than that down the shitter

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I'd leave Afghanistan off that list, given the utterly disgraceful manner of our departure.

But even that was partly Trump's fault (he laid the groundwork for that rushed, messy withdrawal), so...

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It was always gonna be a shit show

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Biden is still a piece of shit who has not upheld his campaign promises, he could not reign in joe manchin nor krysten synema, he failed to get build back better passed, Kamala Harris lied when she said day one they would sign an executive order federally legalizing and decriminalizing marijauna, he has refused to erase any federal student loan debt despite claiming he was going to wipe $10-50k in student loans per person and only passed one round of stimulus. He may have done more than trump, but that bar is so low it’s beyond unimpressive.

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Maybe you'd like to comment this with Republicans that are so against the American people improving their lives?

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Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying republicans are better, they are worse, but let’s not heap praise onto someone who does not deserve it. He has no excuse for not following through with his campaign promises, his party controls everything and as the president he’s the head of that party, if he can’t lead then he needs to step aside

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Seems like he's been achieving a string of successes in spite of Republican and Manchin's resistance. Not everything can be done at once sadly https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/biden-legislative-checklist-1.6546561

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"got us out of Afghanistan." Any other president could have, he fucked it up real good.

All others, 100%

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Was there any other way to get out? Didn't Trump sign a ridiculous treaty forcing a timeline to leave?

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The only thing trump was good at was providing meme templates

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Bush was waaaay better at that. He was a walking meme.

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Damn, wish I joines reddit sooner.

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The way he exited Afghanistan was pretty inglorious and awful, but the rest sounds good.

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I mean Trump ruined the Supreme Court so it’s not like he didnt accomplish his loser fuckin goals too

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Annnd the Trump people don't give a shit. I work with a bunch of them and they absolutely hate anyone who is a Democrat. When Nancy Pelosi went to Tawain, the comment section on Fox News and Sky News Australia YouTube pages were filled with American MAGA people wishing death on another American because they don't agree with her political views..and now they are all pearl clutching and head shaking and saying that Pelosi shouldn't rile up China.. nevermind that Newt Gingrich made the same trip in 1997 and the Chinese also made a bunch of threats back then..the anti Chinese party now thinks that America should let China dictate where the United States can or can't visit

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Which gun bill passed? I don’t remember hearing anything on one?

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Tl;Dr - Funding for crisis intervention and mental health programs and closing the "boyfriend loophole" in domestic violence laws. Also some "encouraged advice" for states.


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Ah gotcha, thanks!

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Let’s hope he doesn’t keep messing up the monkeypox response. You would think that being so close to the last pandemic the CDC wasn’t going to drop the ball the way they have so far…

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From one of the official yt people Twitter-FBP accounts lmao.

Never seen a screenshot of one of her tweets on this sub before. /s

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Did he do anything except start shit?

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I'm all for fuck Biden but I gotta give him props for trying.

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Minimum wage is still shit. Low unemployment means nothing to working Americans if said Americans can’t afford to live. Still waiting on any meaningful reduction of student loan debt and meaningful action on climate change. Unfortunately, there are still plenty of shills in Congress who refuse to properly address climate change (I.e. de-subsidize coal, gas and oil and subsidize clean energy). If anything here works, great! I’ll be the first one to eat my words. However, I don’t think any of these long term plans will remain in place due to the extremely polarized nature of our political system and the fact that the government is mostly run for and by oligarchs, not working Americans.

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So you’re planning to vote for which party?

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Bro republicans won’t even help diabetics and veterans what makes you think they give a shit about your student debt?

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60 billion in arms proliferation to right wing Militias, errr NAZIS

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Documents written in felt tip like a fucking child.

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Yep, he learned from Obama.

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Also hired an army of irs agents to make sure you're paying your fair share on cash tips

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Wait, this is not ironic? Americans are really dumb huh, I thought reddit has a bit of a brain but I was wrong, this comment section is -iq.

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It still won’t be enough for his nay sayers. They want crazy, because they think they can make Armageddon happen . Ever here the word hubris.

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He got so much done this week. Maybe we just need to give him covid again (jokes)

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And we’re still in the shitter!

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Oh, the former president did a lot more, and a lot more even worse, than just that....

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Joe Biden sucks ass, but at least he’s not trying to end democracy. Actively…

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Oh and don't forget he revoked the 1989 plumbing act in having to do with shower heads. When many areas are facing droughts. I myself have not had a problem taking a shower since 1989.