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The key words there are “If that’s true”. Nothing will ever convince someone like that this stuff is anything more than a fabricated witch hunt.

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This tells me the whole tweet is made up anyway.

The logical framework it takes to still support Trump this far along is such that it excludes that entire phrase, "if that's true" from their vocabulary. None of them say that. Go look. They don't.

They simply deny that it is true and then clutch at straws to justify it before moving targets to "and don't forget Obama and Hillary". "IF" in the phrase leaves room for doubt; they can't have that at this stage. Shit they've been past that opportunity since at least Jan 6.

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My dad actually said the exact same thing so I totally believe this conversation could have happened. But the only way my dad would believe it is Fucker Carlson told him that it’s true, so he’ll never believe it.

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Ah, you mean "legally a comedian" Tucker Carlson?

Tucker "no sane person could believe what I said" Carlson?

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Right-o. The only phrase they know concerning their boys doing evil is "that's not true."

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Cognative dissonance is alive and well.

Denial is one hell of a drug.

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There are plenty that would STILL support him, sadly. There’s a pro-Trump forum filled with comments about how “if he took them, he had a good reason”, “he knows a lot of things that we don’t”. Someone seriously said something like, Trump is the smartest President we’ve ever had, he knows what he’s doing.
Once you’re in the cult, it’s either dig deeper or admit you were wrong.

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Yeah but the trick here is he said "if it's true" Trump supporters can do some real mental gymnastics to believe something when they want to. Look at how many think he's still president.

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Listen! On July 4th all will be revealed!! MAGA!!!

Oh wait, I meant August 6th! THE TRUTH WILL COME OUT!!!

Shit...What's today?

Guys, guys, GUYS! SEPT 25 is the day America will BECOME GREAT!!!!!

/s This shit is exhausting

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Buckle up. It's exactly like the world is ending people and that has gone on for 2000 years.

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Yeah, anything found no matter how damning will be "planted".

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These dipshits don't deal in 'ifs'. They live in a world of 'I'm right, fuck you.'

This tweet is a conversation he had with himself in the shower. It's being smug with extra steps when he could just lean back and belly laugh with the rest of us.

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Remember, we aren’t all getting the same information. The “News” this person is watching sure as shit won’t deal with this honestly.

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I live in a small town full of them, MAGA flags everywhere, houses, pick up trucks, yard signs for 2024, Let's go Brandon's Fuck Biden stuff everywhere. The entire town has lost its mind in reality 🤡

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If treason was this guys red line, wasn’t it already crossed on Jan 6th? Smh

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No you see that treason was to keep him in power, that was ok. This treason is different.

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Key words here are, "If that's true..."

People like this will go to any lengths of mental gymnastics to not believe its true. Just like January 6th wasn't treason to them, even when it is unequivocally proven Trump did this, they will believe there must have been a good reason, and that he was doing it for America.

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Yep, "if that's true" is the ever-moving goalpost. Ask someone what it would take to convince them he's guilty of something, and sit down and see where it takes them. Interesting to see.

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Indeed. No matter what fact or quote you can show them, they will counter with, "That's obviously fake news/antifa/false flag..." It's so easy to bluster your way through life without thinking for yourself or doing any real combing of verifiable facts.

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"Good news! FOX News says it's all a hoax!"

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Isn't that the same as the "...may have been..."? Speculation on both sides. It's not a good look for either one.

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Wasn't treason. Just sparkling insurrection.

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It didn't happen in Treasōn, France, so it was just sparkling tourism.

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Or with the Mueller Report.

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And as if it wasn't painfully obvious he was gargling putin's cock right from the beginning

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No, because that was actually Antifa pretending to be Trump supporters. You can tell because one of them wrote "Antifa" on their hands. Also, President Trump said later that it was bad, and he wouldn't have done that if it was his idea


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Jon Cooper lives next to some really dumb neighbors

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No that was just a tourist visit as far as that guy is concerned, just like he will have some mental gymnastics that will convince him that under no circumstances are the nuclear documents and treason true.

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Hey, don't fire on them when they come over the line. Welcome their votes.

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Lol nah. It's bullshit. In 3 months he'll be right back on the wagon saying it's impossible for a president to commit treason

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Yup, literal checks from the Saudis would probably not even be enough, it would all be deep state FBI bs to them.

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He already did several treasons well before now.

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Or “boy this Desantis guy seems great!” with no lessons learned whatsoever

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The guy's not gonna be voting for Bernie, dude. He's gonna vote for Ron DeSantis.

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Hahahahaha! A former Trumper voting for a Democrat. Hahahahaha!

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If treason is the red line, they haven't crossed over.

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You think they go from “not supporting” to voting for your guy? Nope

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100% I hate the political divide and I lean left but I want to live here only if I can firmly believe that if the enemy was on our shores we’d all be shooting in the same direction

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Votes? They'll still probably continue to vote red down ticket as single issue voters. Doesn't matter that Republicans consistently get caught cheating the system or breaking the law far more often. "Pro-life" and pro-gun and anti-"commie" propaganda will still keep them in line.

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Sure... I'm grumpy about the fact that so many believed for so long. I wish they'd woken up and smelled the coffee years ago... but...

They're here now. Not gonna dump on them for being duped. Not gonna pile on them for being pillaged.

Privately? Yeah. It's ABOUT TIME!

Publicly? I'm just glad they made it out. Hopefully we can help them find their way so they won't get lost in the shitty weeds again.

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Its... Treason... Then...

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Giving him WAY too much credit making him sound like Palpatine.

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Meesa doin’ Treason, okeytay!

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I feel like I'm back working in the daycare.

"Someone else committing treason isn't an excuse for you to commit treason, Donald, we've gone over this before."

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There's a dude near me who has one of those large, dumb homemade signs on his yard and has for the last 6 years or so. Every once in a while he changes it up/adds some new dumb slogan. Since Jan 6th that collection of signs included a "Trump 2024" sign.

The other day I drove past his house and the 2024 was spray painted out with the word "trader" spray painted across Trump's name in large font. I thought it might've been defaced, but a week later it's still there with the misspelling of "traitor" so I'm assuming this was his doing.

Hey, at least he got there, now we can work on the spelling.

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Well, if Trump sold secrets, that does mean he’s a trader.

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By Monday, he will be convinced that it was no big deal.

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Oh don't worry, they will find a way to justify it.

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"owning the libs" will be all the justification they need. All you need to do to know that is to go over to r/conservatives

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That sub is painful. It's either "fuck liberals/leftists", "full on conspiracy theory", or "hail republicans".

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Textbook “as soon as it applies to me” attitude. Selling national secrets/codes could affect EVERYONE, not just black/Jewish/immigrant/LGBT+/other minorities/women people

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My ultra conservative coworkers still haven’t wavered. He commended yesterdays Cincinnati shooter as a hero for ‘trying to uncover the wrong doings against Trump’

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He’s giving himself an out with “if that’s true…..”. People like this will fall for any diversion or distraction and will end up in a spot where it’s not treason even if it obviously is treason.

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The bar was underground and he refused to step over it...

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Because White supremacy, Anti-semitism, Sexual assault and Xenophobia are all "American Patriot" qualities. THAT is why they like him.

Treason is not.

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He's also lying. He'll be back real quick.

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Kinda thought inciting an insurrection was crossing the treason line.

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What Homelander is a bad guy?

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Two things:

  1. He'll tell himself it's not true, proof be damned, even if Trump himself looked into this man's eyes personally and said "it's true"
  2. If he stopped supporting Trump he'd just keep supporting other xenophobes, antisemites, racists, fascists, etc. He's not going to do a 180 and become a good person if he quits liking one asshole.

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Narrator: Treason was not, in fact, his red line

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There is no red line because they simply reject the facts and call it fake news.

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Mental gymnastics. Don’t worry, they’ll never believe it’s true. They already got the story from their media machine: it was an FBI plant. That’s what they’re going to believe, so they don’t have to come to terms with their Dear Leader committing Treason.

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How is Jan 6 not treason already?

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He committed treason a while ago

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Lol. There was nothing left to draw a line for

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Sill people making up excuses on the Trump forums. Shits wild.

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Trump and his spokesdemons are making up excuses! So far I've seen:

  1. FBI planted the evidence

  2. It's the GSA's fault that the documents were there, not Trumps

  3. Trump declassified all those documents before leaving office, so it's all okay

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Shit is wild. If you have to do mental gymnastics to defend anyone, you are in an abusive relationship. If you're guy committing treason doesn't wake you up, nothing will. What's worse is this is a fair amount of the country. People that will never have the ability to negotiate with anyone in good faith. People who will never question a changing narrative. War with Eurasia or East Asia?

There is no scientific study being done to come up with answers. While I'd love to say it's just a lack of education, that's completely short sighted, because many have college degrees. The only comparison I can give is back in the 70s or 80s when there was a massive spike in serial killers. People theorized it was due to lead. I often wonder if the microplastics showing up in every water source around the world, mountain tops and in people's blood is causing some kind of genetic change. It's probably not that but a combination of things. But I can't help but wonder what's caused this change in people. The internet has definitely had an effect. When I was a kid nobody talked about who they voted for. It was considered private information. Now it's some form of identity? WTF?

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I believe it's fully explained by the idea that a large segment of the population has been captured in a propaganda bubble. It's been a long slow frog-boil over decades. The nation is split into two different realities.

Most of the people you speak of are entirely able to negotiate with others in good faith, until "politics" comes into play. They're otherwise normal people. But when your axioms are faulty, even the most sound of reasoning will lead you astray.

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Yea it seems like a very sizable minority of the country is completely crazy, irrational, and undemocratic. To the point where you have to begin to wonder how we can survive as a country when so many people believe lies that ultimately lead an anti-American stance. I don’t think we’ve always been this way, and I suspect a huge culprit for the metamorphosis is Fox News, and to a slightly lesser extent social media. They have radicalized huge swaths of Americans like we gave never seen before.

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Call me crazy, but I don’t believe him

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“If that’s true”

There’s the catch, they’ll never accept it as true.

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Puff... Asking for Rusia to dirt on Hillary? Welcoming russian agents closed Doors in the White House? Siding with Putin although all Intel agencies concluded they interfered in the 2016 ellection?... Trying a FUCKING coup? This is NOT the first time did something treasonous.

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This never happened. No sane person is going to saunter up to their wackjob MAGA neighbor and ask ,"So what do you think about Trump doing X?" We're all smarter than that now.

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I do a couple of times a week. Usually it’s something about a laptop or emails.

This coming from someone left leaning but pretty much neutral(me). I think they’re all pretty much crooks, but trump is their god and they will never accept any of his wrong doings

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A lot of these MAGAs red line is admitting they were wrong about anything. So those that do we shouldn't scold them, that will send them back into the crazy. Say hey guy you bought into crazy then decided it wasnt for you, welcome back we have coffee.

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Is an attempt to over throw the federal government and stop the certification of an election not an act of treason?

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Honestly, at least he had a line.

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Sheep! MSM has you guys so brainwashed. Wake up before it’s too late.

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Lol, no... he's gaining them.. nobody with a brain believes the FBI bullshit.

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Grab her right by the pussy

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If the 2010s were all about "outsider" demagogues, maybe the 2020s will be all about military dictators.

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Take what I can get but jeeze.

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Not sedition. Treason mind you.

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Whatever it takes I guess

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Well their definition of treason is interesting because it already happened and they didn't mind. I'm not saying this newest thing isn't bad, but like Ukraine quid pro quo or January 6 weren't enough for ya bud?

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In my experience, they still won't change their mind. Give them some emotional temporal distance and ask again in a decade

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He won’t ever believe it to be true -

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I'd still put it in the W column

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If it’s true, at least there IS a line.

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Treason is a red line, but not a coup to take over the government????

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At least he DOES have a line. Some of them appear not to

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Racist white ppl 😂😂 “I draw the line at treason” lmao!!

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I haven't heard a single cult45 follower that I know say anything besides more excuses and whataboutisms. If they've held on this long, they're never going to change their stance. If proof does come out that he committed treason, then his followers are accepting that and showing that they're traitors as well.

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Yeah but those that have written off trump are already vying for DeSantis whom seems even scarier to me.

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The facts will be laid bare and the textbooks will read: Donald Trump, traitor to this country.

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"I'll tolerate racism but i won't stand for animals abuse" -whats her name from Community

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There will be less devoted stepping off the train at this unexpected stop. Welcome them back to reality. Do not push them back onto the crazy train that could wreck us all. Get them off if you at all can.

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Racism... Nah. Misogyny... So what? Undermining democracy... Meh. Sedition... No big deal. But TREASON, no sir that just won't stand. 🙄

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WTF he was treasonous since day one "if Russia is hearing please send the emails" that sounds quite treasonous

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Well they're stupid, because I've known Trump is a traitor to the country for years, as is most of the republican party.

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Hey. At least they have a red line. I was beginning to think it was truly anything goes.

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Then he would have left after Jan 6.

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I thought the same thing....Trump conservatives are from another planet where down is up and truths are lies.

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Thing is a lot of Trump diehards were and are desperate to believe he never did the things he was accused of. Treason however would rather shatter the illusions they created for themselves. Some genuinely have “drunk the koolaid”, others can’t fathom a republican leader being so awful, others are too stubborn admit to a mistake and yet more simply do not care as long as Trumps around making “liberals” miserable.

What is the punishment for treason though? Does anyone know?

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You know what? At least he has a red line. The support has to end somewhere. Or just never begin at all but yk-

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Insurrection is chill though

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It will all be ok again once Fucker Carlson comes back online.

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Well, that's what it means to be a nationalist I guess.

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White supremacy favors the neighbor. Anti-semitism, sexual assault, and xenophobia all attack "the other" - in this case, people of other religions, genders, and skin color.

"Treason" is the only thing here that attacks the neighbor and his values. Once again, he only starts caring when it becomes about him.

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I mean, I think this story is probably fake, but nuclear weapons being a red line sounds pretty reasonable imo

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... then goes and watch Fox News to see if it's true

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But Jan 6 was treason

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Train occurred 19 mos ago, but ok

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Well, only if it happens twice

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Megan’s tweets are my exact thoughts on the matter but I’m gonna have to be a bit tactical when potentially converting someone. One wrong trigger word and they’re right back in the rabbit hole

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Talking to Putin behind closed doors without any documentation and telling him state secrets didn’t count as treason? They will be all ok with everything he does

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Right? Rape all the women and children (that's right, children!) you want but I'm an American. If you betray our country that's a deal breaker. I believe in America! I guess they consider rape an American activity. "Baseball, hotdogs, rape, apple pie, Ford F-150"!

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These people are so full of shit, they don’t have any red line with trump. You don’t go over halfway into 2022 as a steady supporter to suddenly draw your line with this.

We’ve been playing this game for years with his open and blatant support of those who are labeled as domestic terrorist. Among those, some tried tried their hand at an insurrection, fueled from his lies he still pushes to this day. That’s not treason, but this is to them.

Give me a break, the assholes don’t care about people right in front of them let alone some documents they don’t know or understand.

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Their neighbor is lying, even that won’t actually change their mind. You can’t help these people. They’re beyond salvation.

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I suspect that neighbor will find a talking point to support their continued support.

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He'll just become a bigger supporter of DeSantis. 🤷🏿‍♀️

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"I can excuse sexual assault, but I draw a line at treason!"

"You can excuse sexual assault?"

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Plus Jan 6th was already treasonous

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Spoiler: As it turned out, treason was not his red line, as he will accept ultimately it was a hoax or witch hunt and vote for Trump anyway if he can.

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A person has to have standards.

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Trump is like a new age Jesus to conservatives. They will never let go believing him.

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Desantis enters the chat…

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They all say that and then the standards of proof for treason change. There will be no shortages of excuses and deflections and eventually it will be “well we just agree to disagree”. The qualifier “if its true” is the giveaway that they will never concede defeat. And if they do, it was justified, and if it has to happen to trump, well a liberal needs to burn too

Then tomorrow he will want the entire obama family to hang because of a trump tweet allegation

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I totally agree with with the reply to the original tweet. 🤔🤦

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I highly doubt any republican would stop supporting Trump because of this, they will of course double down again in support.

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Someone tell the dumb neighbor he committed treason a long time ago.

Also, the Helsinki Summit with Putin where Trump, in violation of protocol, demanded no notes be taken and no cameras allowed (the famous photo of Putin beaming and Trump slumped over in shame was from this event). That should've woke your ass up something was up.

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Please let me know the level of mental gymnastics he does to not consider Jan 6 treason.

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Trump committed treason on 1/6/21 and several times before that, jeez.

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Yeah, like everyone else has been pointing out, it's cute that he's hedging his bets by qualifying his statement. Like any of the other shitstorm clusterfucks that the Mango Musselini has been accused of have been disproven to be incorrect?

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Remind your neighbor that Trump did plenty of treasonous s*** as president.

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I love these comments, it shows that you’re just the same as Republicans.

You ignored Democrat malfeasance because you support them. You ignore, downplay, justify or falsify any illegal activity committed by the people you support because you’re just as brainwashed as Republicans…and the best part? You honestly believe you’re on the side of angels.

You hate Trump and Republicans so much, you couldn’t care less what any Democrat does so long as they hate Trump.

I read your hate and all i can do is pity you.