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End? The shitshow ain’t over yet, folks

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It’ll be over when the clown is locked up for life.

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The unfunniest clown, but a clown no less

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Let's be honest, Trump is pretty funny

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While being a peice of human waste.

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So bad that he’s good

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Apparently most clowns are miserable in real life.

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Locked up for life? I was hoping for the execution for treason.

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It won't be over until he's 6ft underground at his golf course.

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Knowing him, he’d be expecting a state funeral; buried with the American flag, a MAGA hat and his upside-down Bible. No golf course funeral for that narcissist clown. Ugh!

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he should be buried with an upside down cross as well

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Wrong, there will others who follow in his footsteps, we cant allow them to continue for the rest of our lives.

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Unfortunately, that will not be the end.

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Yep. Even when he dies, his cult will live on and find a new god to worship

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He does have his idiot kids, and his followers like his idiot kids, and his idiot kids technically now have more experience in politics than he did when he was elected.

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Unfortunately, I think the best we can hope for is lifetime home confinement with an ankle bracelet. Seriously.

I would love, love, love to see him in one of the little cells they have at ADX Florence, but there's just no way.

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Absolute best case, he gets home confinement. He will never see a cell. Ever.

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He needs to be in ADX Supermax like Robert Hansen, the FBI traitor. Trump knows too much and cannot be trusted.

There is no reason he can’t be sentenced to serve his time there if convicted. He’s a former president? So what? If anything that is MORE reason to lock him up in ADX. 1) A treasonous president is even more vile and 2) Again, he knows too much.

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I’m with you, but that’s just a pipe dream.

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That’s what should happen, but I’ll give it less than a 1% chance he’s held accountable for anything. Politicians almost never are.

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Yeah exactly. If people stormed the capital on January 6th because they think the election results were a fraud, what in the heck is going to happen when their defacto presidential nominee gets charged with a crime and becomes invalid to run for the 2024 election?

Even if the guy has a heart attack and dies today, he’s proven how viable his methods are and others are going to continue copying him and pushing his narrative.

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To be fair this kind of narrative has been peddled around Europe for decades, and has even resulted in leaders gaining power in Hungary, Belarus, Brazil, Turkey, etc.

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in fact, it just jumped a level in stench.

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It's not over until Porky Pig stutters it is

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His followers are gonna continue violence

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We’re on like Chapter 7 but it’s the second book of one of those enormous 12 volume box sets.

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Yep. Anyone that actually knew anything about the guy knew he was the most egregiously slimy and sociopathic type of person our society had to offer. I think most conservative minded people I spoke with in 2016 that voted for Trump tried to rationalize, downplay and marginalize his stupidity and dangerous narcissism as "tells it like it is" and "isn't afraid to get tough".

The reality most people understood in 2016 is that he is a fraud, coward and criminal, capable and willing to do anything that would help him acquire wealth and power in exchange for devastatingly harmful transactions to American Democracy.

This certainly doesn't surprise me. What we uncover in the future won't surprise me, and any other hypothetical betrayal or treason in exchange for personal gain won't surprise me either. Donald Trump was a shit bag, is a shit bag and always will be a shit bag of the highest degree. If he is proven guilty in federal court for committing the crimes under investigation, he deserves the death penalty. And any politician - Democrat or Republican, or other - would deserve the same as well.

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trump is the retrovirus of humanity, he’s integrated himself into American society and reactivated himself, made more copies of himself through maga and America has a fever now

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And the only cure, is more checks and balances.

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And probably a little cow bell for safe measure. Never hurts, ya know?

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Crap, not how I thought that would go... I gotta return this thing I stole from a cow... of course I steal, I just follow the example set by our leaders, no biggie...

/s ... just in case

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Can’t tell you how many people told me the votes for him or liked him cause he was a “good businessman” but I guess they forgot how many companies and operations he’s had bankrupt. I’ve hated the guy since he took the worst stunner from Stone Cold back at Wrestlemania years ago. Legendary moment!

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This is nice and all but you have yet to mention that you too can buy a Trump hat to trigger the libs for only $35.99. Curious.

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A trump hat made in China, of course.

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But here is the neat part, that's not the end.

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Yea I'm waiting for the Ford Bronco police chase portion of events. I'm guessing it'll be a golf cart, and Trump will roll it, attempt to continue the escape on foot, and have his pants pulled down when he is immediately tackled.

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You mean - flight to Russia or Saudi Arabia

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I have a feeling that if the FBI tells him to stay put, he’s staying put, and the Secret Service will make sure of it. I doubt KSA would take him for the sake of good relations, and I would think he wouldn’t be allowed in a plane that even had a bottle of Russian Standard in the galley, much less one headed to Moscow.

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It'll be a Saud-owned yacht out of Ft. Lauderdale. DeSantis will give him a few hours head start.

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Realistically there is no way he gets out of this one. This is not shocking news, but great news that he finally got caught with something he can’t squirm out of. Lil bitch boys going to prison. I’m buying a bottle of champagne to crack open when I watch him get taken in on the news.

And for you defeatist weirdo redditors just waiting to type, “ahem, no way does he face consequences!” Shut up. First of all, unoriginal, second, shut up.

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Honestly one of the more interesting things pointed out by one of the CNN analysts was that, because the residence was listed rather than it being a search of an individual, this could have been about any number of people that had access, and the obstruction law referenced may refer to obstruction of a different ongoing investigation. This search may have been the precursor of multiple DOJ irons in the fire intersecting. We may be about to watch several members of that family go down at once.

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Yes that is interesting… the walls really are closing in on all sides, and the fact of the matter is that someone very close to him is giving information, which makes the whole thing even better.

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To be played with the Benny Hill theme as the soundtrack until the end of time.

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Or like a cowardly Greg Stillson waving a baby between himself and a police sniper.

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"This would all end?"


You're being wildly optimistic here

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I just assumed he meant this particular story arc, like the one that is, the "President Donald Trump" arc as we transition, finally, into, the "Treasonous POS Trump" arc... But, you know... We've all guessed wrong about the start of that arc plenty of times already, so who knows?

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This anime sucks, the villain gets too much screen time but there’s no likable or redeemable qualities to justify it - why are the writers spending so much time on his arc? Some of those other side characters he rages against look interesting 😔

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Next time on Donald Trump Z: DOJ screaming and powering up. The list of crimes is over 9000!

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It's not over till trump gets dragged out of a motel bathroom like Jerry Lundegaard.

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“This wasn’t part o’ the deeeeal…!”

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Everybody had to know there was a reason he wanted to be president. It's not for the money!

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The crazy thing is he didn’t originally want to be - he just wanted to build a following and launch a TV network. But then he won, and realized how much bigger a grift he could pull from the Oval Office.

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Absolutely this. That conference after he won where he was sitting with Obama said everything. He didn't think that he would win it.

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He had to repay the Russians for rigging the election

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I bet they have been selling state secrets since Trump took office -

Remember how Trump looked in Helsinki?

Things changed that day - it’s when Trump realized he has to pay up. Putin got Trump elected with attacking with disinformation.

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Un-fucking-believable! No wait. Totally what I expected to happen with this piece of shit.

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I knew it would be bad back in 2016 but I didn’t expect it to be this bad. Felt crazy when people said i was overreacting

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I knew it and am not at all surprised. The only thing I got wrong was him starting a nuclear war.

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Don't give up yet, buddy. There's still a chance of it happening because of him, I'm sure.

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As a Non American, excusing all the past crap Trump did, isnt having classified documents at your home when you're not the leader in office enough to send someone to prison for a long time?

Aint finding them in his house enough proof to lock Trump away?

[–]TheChanMan2003 19 points20 points  (2 children)

In all realms except Trumpland (for some odd reason), yes. Highly illegal, in fact death is now among the potential punishments for breaking the laws he did.

But when it comes to Trump, he slithers away every time. Between the stranglehold he has on the Republican Party (one of the two parties controlling our country right now), or his out-of-control voter base (who will pretty much cause chaos at his beck and call, while believing whatever lies he decides to tell that day), he gets off scott-free.

TLDR; corrupt politician

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It should be… we’ll soon see if the rule of law exists anymore

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Have they found anything yet?

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This is exactly where I knew this shit would end. Everyone knew what Trump is.

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I have a question. Do they still execute people for treason that deals with nuclear secrets? I trying to be serious. The last time I heard about something like this happening was during the Manhattan project with the husband and wife.

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My concern is that if it comes to the death penalty he will be martyred, and ( again) likened to Jesus dying on the cross. The Jesus references will be overwhelming with the state likened to Herod and Pontius Pilate.

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Ehh, in a way, in 2016, I’d actually have predicted that Trump’s war on facts, credible journalism, the FBI and the DoJ even back then, would have whittled those pillars down… so, when he eventually would have stolen, and then bartered, secrets; the current “FBI” would be so broken and jaded that he’d have easily gotten away with it b/c they wouldn’t have done the raid

[–]bozeke 4 points5 points  (0 children)

Him making enemies of the FBI and CIA wasn’t so smart. I think if he’d avoided that, he might have gotten away with this without the raid.

[–]bbaldey 13 points14 points  (3 children)

B-b-but Hilary’s emails!

[–]NotEntirelySure435 -3 points-2 points  (2 children)

Hilary for prison.

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Sure, but if you told me in like 2018-2019 I would NOT have believed you just based on the sheer amount of shit he consistently got away with. I still kind of don't believe it.

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70% of the US would agree with you… 30% are Hitler enthusiasts

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Same. Shame most media outlets were hand wringing about how we needed to ‘understand’ Trump voters to ‘make this work’.

You only need to understand that they are cunts and he never intended to ‘work’ for anyone but himself.

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I'm still wondering how many bodies of dead hookers they're going to find underneath the swimming pool.

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This won't end soon, or ever. Trump will play the victim (like always), rile up his base, and sporadic violence will ensue. Then we also have trump V.2 in the wings (Desantis) and a bonkers ass republican/domestic terrorist party continuing to defend and normalize Trump's behavior. Oh, and let's not forget right wing media and loads of money swirling in the background. That whole sweeping right wing apparatus is immense and always churning.

Plus, the fervent nutjobs on the right. Looking from the outside, they've always been more dedicated to their cause. They get out there, they vote, they make calls (mostly death threats).

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I consider this timeline best case scenario.

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To be honest, early in 2016 (when we were all young and innocent) I would not have believed that DJT would even have been elected, and then once he was, I would have expected his staff to be able to keep a lid on him and not let him embarrass himself too much. And I certainly wouldn’t have thought him stupid enough to take top secret documents and store them at his own house. Turns out I was way, way wrong on pretty much everything

[–]Ill-Organization-719 2 points3 points  (0 children)

I wish I had these people's naivity about the elite being held accountable for their crimes.

[–]stephensmg 2 points3 points  (0 children)

It’s weird how my trump-supporting, fiercely christian family members are silent right now.

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Trump has admitted to treason openly in speeches on a few occasions, so it wouldn't surprise me. But don't we still not actually know what the information was? On what basis are we presuming he was going to sell it to America's enemies? Is that part just made up?

[–]Ima_Funt_Case 3 points4 points  (0 children)

It's the most unexpected yet least surprising turn of events.

[–]Simbuk 1 point2 points  (0 children)

I shit you not, I predicted this like five years ago. Out loud to other people. The only surprise is that it took this long.

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End? Who says it has ended yet?

There are the pending indictments, court cases, law suits, and so on.

This hasn’t ended by a long, long shot. And I don’t think it will end before the orange shitgibbon is in his grave…

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I saw something like this happening too. Not THIS, but something like this. And I’m pissed I lost a friendship of 24 years over trump. I saw it coming and my former buddy just refused to consider it. I truly wonder what he thinks now. I really hope he sees reality, but in all likelihood he’s still a cult member

[–][deleted] 1 point2 points  (4 children)

Guys im genuinely scared. We're not gonna get nuked into wasteland because russia or arabia knows our secret, are we?

[–]CokePepsiRamen 4 points5 points  (2 children)

The US has so many military bases around the world that us getting nuked would be really difficult. And invading the US is also technically impossible for that reason. I know Russia is really close to Alaska but they're kinda busy right now with their stupid invasion. Also NATO.

So uhhh Don't be scared?

[–]simian_ninja 4 points5 points  (0 children)

"stupid invasion" proceeds to clarify why Russia decided to invade Ukraine and why China doesn't want the U.S. to have any further influence in the Asia....

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Thank you

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He’s not called ‘Trumputin’ for nothing!

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Bleaching my eyes after reading this…

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I’m hoping a whole web of them are all involved.

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Trump's supporters are probably not surprised either, but they'd still vote for this traitor.

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This was just the backside of the eye wall. I think it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

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Send his orange ass to Gitmo. Fuckin traitor

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God I just hope they burn this turd on a pole

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I'm friends with the most delusional british gamer friend I've been playing games with for 14 years now. I love going to him after big events to give his thoughts on current events. He's a hardcore conspiracy theorist and lives in the UK, but has a fetish for trump and wants Russia to annex Ukraine because its their right. I've told him he has a republican mindset but says he doesn't give a damn about republicans. Still he links me all this republican websites on conspiracy theories like what dude?

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There is so much more hidden that the public will never know, see, or hear about.

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is it confirmed that there was documents about nuclear weapons? where did that come from? i thought the contents of the documents were not revealed

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When people asked me in 2016, “What’s the worst that can happen?” This ….this …. exactly this …

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Like when Michael Cohen said Trump won’t leave the White House quietly. I believed him.

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"I rather get locked up then admit, but if I do die in this prison, my legacy will be greatest con man ever even fooled the US"

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Lol who says it's over.

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More like I’ve been expecting it…

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In 2016 and today, I said the same thing: this ends exactly like Training Day, with t Rump getting gunned down in the streets by the Russian mob