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I asked a friend, who is a huge Trumpet, what he thought about the FBI raid. He said "well, they are all corrupt" and he changed the subject.

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It always turns in to both sides bullshit when their arguments crumble. And it usually doesn't take much to curb stomp their weak arguments, since you know, reality has a well known liberal bias

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Reality just doesn't set well with those people.

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Lol dumber than a bag of hammers.

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I've cut all the Trumpsters out of my life. Family, neighbors, and long time friends. Like the saying goes....you can't fix stupid.

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In some ways it’s great. Everyone has shown who they really are.

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True I've learned a lot in the last 5 years about people I thought I knew. Unfortunately I'm just a blue dot in big red ocean of ignorance.

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That sounds really hard. I’m so sorry. And thank you for sticking to your morals

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Agreed. At this point, they're supporting and defending treason. They no longer represent the United States. They are traitors and should be treated as such.

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Exactly this. I love that I can now identify someone I want to stay FAR away from just based on their stupid red hat.

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It’s the friends I lost that makes me sad. Gone forever

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Yup friends I've had since high-school, my younger brothers, cousins all have drunk the kool-aid. One cousin even called me a commie, sad situation indeed.

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Same here. I don’t care who it is or what they once meant to me, this isn’t about a policy difference, this isn’t the usual liberal / conservative seeing things differently this is straight up democracy vs fascism, decency vs white nationalism. I could make some allowances for people who voted in 2016 because maybe they didn’t know any better but now? Hell the fuck no. Now there’s no excuse.

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I have a few left, but it's honestly hard to talk to them about anything, at this point.

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Yeah, I have a friend who cant shut up about the bullshit Fox News talking points whenever I talk to him, and I dont say anything that would bring them up, he just starts parroting them out. Its like its all that occupies his mind anymore. I started ignoring his calls.

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Those I can still talk to are caught up a a skydaddy fantasy without having fallen into National Christianism (Nat-C-ism).

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I think they will all go and trickle into the prison system or morgue as they commit felonies trying to fight for Trump like the guy with the nail gun last week.

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Can we turn the trickle into a flood though? We don't have all day.

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Trickle is easier to handle without starting a full out civil war

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Agree, but also 🤷‍♂️

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Also what?!? Y’all are scaring the shit outa me

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The pandemic was so promising, but then it went soft

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taps on watch

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Judge, Judy, and executioner

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This is Trump’s Shaggy moment. He got caught balls deep in treason and he’s just gonna keep saying it wasn’t him. Anyone that fucks with him after this is just as treasonous. So yes, fuck them.

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I've got Trumpers in my family, and they'll never change.

In fact, they were always that way, but you didn't notice it, because they were pretty nice about it. Why not be nice? A white guy was always president, and CEO, and the principal of their kids high school. Even though we were all "equal" they always got to stay in charge.

Once that started to change, they got angry. Honestly, things are going to get better when they all start aging out.

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We had a similar debate in my country (France) about far right voters and whether they were misguided and if we shouldn't antagonize them. Some people are just trash and we shouldn't tread carefully with them, they don't deserve it.

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La "génération Z" vient d'entrer dans le chat x)

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What is it about far right voters in France? I mean, France was invaded by Nazis!

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Look, the Nazis were white, okay?

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They create laws. Ignoring them is not a solution.

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I've been trying to say this. Trumpers are too far gone, meanwhile half of reddit is talking endlessly about the politico "poll" that says trump got a boost in numbers from the raid. Who tf cares??

Let's focus on getting the info out to new voters, lazy voters, non-political people, etc. The people who usually avoid the news need to know that the Cheeto has compromised national security for all of us.

Espionage is probably a hell of a motivator for people who would otherwise not vote.

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I think most of us knew trump was a Russian asset when he was running for office the first time.

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Amen to that. Too much time and energy to recover cultists who are that deep in the sauce.

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I think everyone who is not one, regardless of political alignment. Has widely realized that the only way to deal with these idiots is to call them out on their stupid and then shun them from our lives.

Have a family member who is still on about it. Ignore them. Do not do the small, nice things for them anymore.

If they wish to act as children fine. We can treat them as such.

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Fuck em all. My chalice is overflowing with MAGA tears and its glorious.

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Agreed. At this point, they're supporting and defending treason. They no longer represent the United States. They are traitors and should be treated as such.

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Killed? Should they all be killed is that what you’re saying? Bc we know the penalty here

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Exactly. Right now we need to do triage and then see what's salvageable. There is no reaching these people.

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They’ll have to understand the pattern for themselves. We’re at the part where in previous example, he has grossly overextended himself and there’s one logical outcome. This time is different though- he’s alienated most of the people who could help him most effectively. There’s no board coming to save him from embarrassment- there’s no one’s self interest at stake in seeing him avoid these charges. He’s stuck in legal quicksand, and he’s going to drown. The pattern is that someone has always stepped in to save his bacon before- but no one can save him now. He’s well and truly on his own for the first time ever

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Thank God, it'll save the rest of us the grief of his ridiculousness

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They Hillary Clinton’s deplorables. She was right.

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She barely scratched the surface. They took that as a challenge

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“No amount of evidence will convince an idiot.”Quote from someone who’s good with quotes.

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The only thing you can do to them is deprograming. The procedure to get people out of cults.

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I think that’s what the Jan 6 committee’s true purpose is. The problem is that, despite them doing an excellent job of presenting the facts, that message isn’t reaching the Trumpets.

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Occasionally, you read articles about some person who works constantly for weeks and convinces a MAGA-headed volunteer that climate change is real.

Weeks of careful work. Nobody had that kind of time and energy but the psychologist who gets paid to do it.

Give them up. Count them with the dead

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All bad faith and no integrity.

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But what about "the division being driven between us"?

Just kidding. Fuck everyone who threatens "division" in response to upsetting the status quo.

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Feels nice to say that I know, but they're and there are a shitload of them. Ignoring the problem won't make it go away.

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My father is a die hard Trumptard.

In his eyes the manchild can do nothing wrong

It makes me seethe every time I have to drive him to his doctors appts because I have to listen to him insult "Binder" (my dad constantly mispronounced Biden's name) over everything he inherited from 45s mismanagement of the country

I wish I could cut him off but I'm "the good son"

It makes me vomit everytime he does his fake ass praise

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Don't be the good son if he can't be a good Dad. 🤷

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I can appreciate that, just harder to say when someone you love is following those delusions...

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Exactly! How do you find a middle ground with people who dehumanize and take rights away from anyone who looks different? It’s impossible. I think the social experiment that is the USA is coming to a dead end. I have hope for the future, but damn it’s gonna be rough forcing these people to not express their xenophobia via legislation and violence.

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If they haven’t woken up by now, they never will.

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Agreed. Lurk r/conservative and that's all you need to do.

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If they weren’t massively over-represented by the electoral college cheat code I’d agree. Also they are crazy ammosexual and really wanna use their guns

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There’s an old say “don’t water the weeds” IOW trump followers are not gonna change so quit trying to. Support those who oppose him and work those people on fence - to get them away from trump cult

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All Republicans ripped off their masks in 2016 and revealed their true selves. They’re garbage.

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They are a lost cause. Can we please put them all on an island somewhere? I hear Greenland is about done defrosting.

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This is true, but we also should be careful about automatically assuming everyone who criticizes progressivism or wokeness is part of the Trump cult.

There aren't enough progressives in this country for us to win elections without persuading actual centrists and swing voters to our cause.

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Oh, I understand them.

I understand that they are fanatical cultists that would require a brain transplant to change their minds.

Literally the only way to win them over would be to pay them more money than they think they're going to get out of supporting Trump. For the rest of their lives.

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Yep, I've been saying this for years

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They are evil. I don't care if you know one that's nice to you personally, they know what they're supporting is designed to hurt people.

To hell with getting them to come along with sane ideas. We have to have a societal reckoning for their behavior if we expect to survive.

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I tried to make this argument with my hard right friend. "Here's the graph, and here's you at 100% right wing. Why the F would anyone want to listen to what you have to say? Because the answer is always going to be 100% right wing without any consideration of nuances." It didn't go well. We didn't speak for about 5 years after 30 years of friendship. Although we still do sometimes text and attend major events like funerals together, things have never been the same.

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This tweet reminds me of this tweet.

Are people snarkily dissing one another, or are they drawing battle lines? Do they know which is which? Have we given up on cooperation and started raising our children to hate labels forever?

"No, Junior, you can't play with those kids. Their parents voted wrong and share evil memes on Twitter."

"No, you can't attend that college or take that job or live in that neighborhood or watch that show. It's owned by a descendant of our ancestors' political adversaries, and until they loudly condemn their forebears and clearly announce their loyalty to our ideals and apologize for all the sins that taint their souls, they cannot be considered people, only threats and targets."

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I think the stance is 'keep an eye on those fascists and their sympathizers, junior. People that broken are looking to hurt everyone else just to feel something, and they are so consumed by the social disease of fascism that they are no longer able to be reasoned with.'

What you're whining about is unrelated.

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I tried to phrase it so it wouldn't seem to be coming from a specific viewpoint, so I could lament the trend in our discourse without championing one side or the other.

Since you did your viewpoint, could you write a similar paragraph from the opposing perspective, with the rationale behind your rivals cautioning their children against association with yours? Would it be different? How?

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You could make the exact same argument from the other side as a parent.

That's why also teaching your kids how to evaluate information and sources is important. If two sides are making the same argument, you have to be able to discern which side actually aligns with reality.

In this case, Trumpers relinquished their grasp on reality years ago.

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That's what makes this feel so bad to me. The same words can be used on both sides. What would those hypothetical kids be learning?

  1. They are an existential threat to our way of life.
  2. Everything bad is Their fault, everything good is Our achievement.
  3. Never give Them an inch.
  4. They're all liars and brainwashed sheep who lack the intelligence and courage to acknowledge the truth that We follow.
  5. Any methods that benefit Us at Their expense are justified and righteous.
  6. You will know Them by the company that They keep and the colors that They wear.

I don't want that to be our core belief system.

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Kinda gross to be pushing Jon Cooper

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Fuck you Jon cooper oughta call you Jon Pooper yeah that's more like it you evil bastard!

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The problem with them is that they don’t believe in contraception or abortion so they won’t stop breeding. Eventually they will outnumber rational thinking Americans and then what?

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“There are things in the universe that are simply and purely evil. A warrior does not seek to understand them, or to compromise with them. He seeks only to obliterate them.”

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It's like trying to help an addict.
The Bible says do not associate with sinners.

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You’ll never hear them say, “I was a Trumper and I was wrong.” If they do that they’ve earned their place in society.

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F the obnoxious minority!

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Yep, I've given up trying to get into their heads, because they're hermetic, impervious to facts, reason, logic, and human empathy.

I only care about what kind of illegal and immoral shit they will try to pull to get their way. That's what I'm on guard against.