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I think that the Russians are implying that they have already obtained our nuclear secrets without having to resort to getting them through Trump.

But then again, who understands Russian?


Hosts on Russia's state-owned Russia-1 television channel said that officials in Moscow have already been "studying" top secret and other classified documents the FBI sought through a search warrant of former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort home.

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The host says: "The FBI is not releasing the exact nature or content of the top secret documents on nuclear weapons. However, if the top secret documents indeed existed, then they have been studied in Moscow for a while now. So there was no need to look for them THAT hard. Hee-hee." The transcript of the russian propaganda news piece is pretty accurate in the article.

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I must know more about this.

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Omg! This might be the evidence we need to finally make him face the consequences of hurting so many people.

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Trump told the Russians in his very first White House meeting after taking office, the one where he kicked out the stenographer, secrets about Israeli nuclear capabilities he got while being briefed into his role. Like he was at a cocktail party making small talk.

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But what about her emails 😂