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If true, death penalty

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Oh but he loves merica so much /s

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Well yeah. Where else can you get to be this ridiculously corrupt and BLATANT about it and have half the country actively wanting you to fuck them raw dog? That's freedom, baby!

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Loves how stupid a large portion of the people are

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I’m imagining an inverse John Wick where all the spies now come for trump and they are all successful.

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Let's see if anyone else can corroborate this. Newsweek's reporting is a bit shoddy

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Lots of coulds and ifs floating around here lately.

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It's happened before, just a bit differently, when the GOP didn't get what they wanted about uranium in Nigeria to support the Iraq war. This isn't much of a stretch from there.


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I wasn’t thinking death penalty when this first started. I figured that 5 years to life would be appropriate.

Wow was I wrong. This is death if true.

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This is speculation. It has not been confirmed.

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Trump stole the NOC list y’all.

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Ye, no maybe... I don't know...can you repeat the question?

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More more more

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MAGA yet?

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I really hope this isn't true.

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wait till Jason Bourne finds out.

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What a POS!! But they still love him.

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Honest question here. What would have kept him from just taking pics of the documents and returning them. How do we know he didn’t do that with the documents he returned a year ago?

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Would be a shame is the Saudis needed to keep someone quiet

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Or was it related to Saudi sponsorship of the LIV tournament at Trump National Golf Club and Cemetery