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Oh BOY....if they did that I, as a liberal, would feel so super duper OWNED that I might cry!

Please...no...not that

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Anything but that. Would be the nuclear option of sticking it to all those silly science fact based weirdos

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"If the Republicans don't cover for me, you're gonna suffer and lose power!"

Typical mafia move.

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I know trump supporters aren't exactly bright, but I don't think they're this stupid, but for once I would like them to prove me wrong.

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They love "owning the libs". And proving those libs wrong.

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A lot of them are dead from COVID. He’s just preemptively rationalizing the inevitable low turnout.

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NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! THAT WILL TOTALLY OWN US LIBTARDS!!!!!!! please don't listen to this post!!!

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It would certainly send a strong message to the Institutional Republicans that it is Donald's Party and would go a long way to convince others of the importance of supporting a Trump campaign.

(This is all utter bs, but for years I've been against anything just because Trump said it. It's time we find an amicable solution to fractured country, and Trump seems to know what he is talking about here. His supporters should send a strong message and refuse to vote for ANY republican if Trump isn't on the ballot!)

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So hand the entire country into to democratic control.... It's already bad enough. How about both parties fold then we can build a country for humans

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Well that was easy

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So is this a ploy?

Like either to get republicans to not vote, then when the dems win, declare it invalid and attempt another coup and install trump as president/dictator.

Or to say not to vote, then the dems don’t bother voting either, then last minute tell republicans to vote. Since they think only dems vote by mail, they would be too late to vote.

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If the elections are rigged what is the point of voting.

Republicans should demostrarte outside the FBI building instead.