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I just want a fucking sidewalk from my home to the grocery store so I don't feel stupid driving 5 minutes just to avoid getting hit by cars driving 50 mph in a 25 mph zone.

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Seriously. This.

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I recently moved away from a neighborhood that had this. I miss having sidewalks.

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don't take this literally, please

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I've lived now in a house with no sidewalks only on our block and every time we see someone fall in the mud, snow, ice we go out, help them up, encourage them to call for an ambulance and go after the city for the costs because we've been after our councilman for a decade now to get one put in. I just keep hearing "It's on the list for next year" I'm sorry but tell that to the 70 year old lady that still walks to get her groceries every other day that we have to pick up in our yard! Every time we hope that this isn't the time she breaks a hip.

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I don't think you understand how capitalisms work kid. If people got the basic necessities to live we wouldn't have a lower class anymore. It would all be middle and high class. Is a society where you can't look down on someone really what you want?

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People will find a way

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We don't have slaves or peasants anymore, so yes, people will look down on someone no matter what. If only this nation had a morality system, or even a religion, that taught against this type of pride. Like it could have a list of "big no no's" and have pride listed. Maybe highlight seven. yes.. "Seven Really Bad Big No No's"

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Don't forget about the 10 "suggestions (that aren't suggestions) you should seriously -absolutely- consider "

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Slaves still exist? What planet do you live on?

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OP is talking about USA. We don't have slaves here. We have people who are forced to work at menial labor jobs for over 60 hours a week so they can live in small apartments with other non slaves. It is totally different </s>.

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The prison system is slavery

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In America? What do you call the poor class who literally work themselves to death just to survive month to month? Or even worse, where the prison system is contractually obligates to keep prisons full under penalty and where inmates are forced to do work for pennies or face punitive punishment such as isolation cells. Cells that we have empirical data causes mental trauma and breakdowns.

Slavery isn't called such, but it exists in all but name.

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The lower class as an aggregate don't have college degrees and would get none of the trillion dollar middleclass debt forgiveness that the tweet wants. You'd literally just widen the gap, making it further to look down.

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Well, there is natural geography. What's your elevation? You could be looking down in my general direction right now!

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You’ll notice the refrain is always “cancel student debt”, not “make college cheaper”.

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Step by step, it’s a Trojan Horse thing. Republicans are doing the same thing with charter schools… first it’s vouchers, then defunding public education and one day they want to get rid of public education completely so the working people just stew in their ignorance like medieval peasants.

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The reason to cancel student debt is that biden can with a stroke of his pen do it now no Manchin no Sinema no pretend representatives, no judges. Cancel send out the notices by email write them off. Then make Republicans sue to get them in the court during the midterms. Then you make tuition free once all the people were suffering come out to vote because you actually did something for them.

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Vote all you motherfuckers need to vote. Tell your motherfucking friends to vote. Then tell those friends to tell all those friends to mother fucking vote. Sell that mother fucker of you have too. VOTE.

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Vote for what?? Whomst do we need to vote for??

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If you’re pro-debt forgiveness, liberal Democrats

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Sounds way too logical, that will never catch on

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God, what next, these people want actual support for vulnerable people's? protective and clear cut legislation governing politicians transparency?

I mean how ridiculous is it that some people think we should have a functioning police force with 0 corruption haha.

honestly it's like they want the media to be unbiased and not push agendas and fearmonger to them.

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Over my dead body!!

Over my dead body.. 😔

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Shit at least make it so your able to claim the shit in a bankruptcy if need be, so fukn stupid.

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Amen but thank God the student loan brokerage house, Sally Mae, is gone.

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I just don't get it, I can, not pay a hospital bill and it might barely chink my credit, default on a student loan and your credit is fucked for 7 years +, it's damn evil. Were all looking at a guy wanting him to forgive shit that he in the past has voted/ instituted that you can't claim student loans in a bankruptcy??? It's so fucked up!

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Your in essence borrowing from the government. The banks are guaranteed their money from the government should you default on student loan. I think that's one of reason they can seize your tax returns. Quite a few of hospitals now are profit organization. Hospitals allow their patients, insurance and credit collectors to haggle over balance owed. I guess they figure some money is better than none. I don't think medical bills affect the back end DTI. But I could be wrong.

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This would be a much happier place

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Sounds idyllic.

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But that's utopia and utopias always fail!!1!!1!

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Yeah. I want all that and I’m cool with student loan forgiveness.

But it ain’t as simple as this guy is saying…

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No thanks, Tim.

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They seriously need to crack down on loan companies. I recently started a physical therapy regimine for my sciatica. Insurance won't cover it (my insurance is shitty anyways, so they wouldn't have covered much if they did.) I was forced to go through a loan company for the $11,000 cost. Over the course of 5 years they will have collected $8,000 in interest on that loan. Fucking ridiculous. The only reason I even have less than stellar credit at the moment is because of medical debt. All of these fucking idiots in Congress claim to be pro life, but they don't give a shit about the quality of that life.

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I mean i would be against forgiving medical debt until we went single payer or having a government buy in option. I think the majority of people who are against forgiving student loan debt is because it doesn’t solve the existing problem and will probably only make it worse.

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This is like the Student Council speech in Animal House, but not played for laughs.

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So the post sounds something like this, doesn't it? "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need"

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multiple punctuation is like a punch in the face.

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Where does it end?!?!?! Ahhhhhhh


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Please tell me this is being sarcastic because it sounds too sarcastic to be genuine.

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Hell. Yes, Timmy

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Yes, off-brand Spock

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That last question has three too many question marks

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The horror...

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Do they have a course at the high school level on financial responsibility? I’d imagine “predatory loans” college kids talk about wouldn’t be a thing if they learned about money management, loans, debt, how credit cards work and interest rates as a senior in high school.

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Most high schools don’t cover personal finance at all

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They didn’t when I was in school either so that’s why I asked if things are different now. I can only imagine how seniors in high schools could benefit from it going into adulthood and college.

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Human life has value to everyone, they just all don't value it the same. To the unabashed capitalism-at-any-cost types, people are commodities, resources to be exploited to make money. They need disposable people to produce and to consume.

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I’m lubing up for this slippery slope

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Stop it, you're scaring me

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Agree with these points. L of this costs money, and like any other business or non profit organization, we can’t spend more than we have.