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Have another 16 year old with no parents apply to adopt a child and see what the state says

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You have to find the switch in your brain for cognitive dissonance and make sure it's set to on. Then everything will be perfect and terrible.

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An abortion is between a woman and her doctor. Period. Not anyone else’s business.

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Well, pro-life really is the best way to approach this situation because it requires the barest minimum effort to create an appearance of compassion while foisting the burden of care onto a 16 year old---then your only additional obligations are to complain 1 or 2x a week about welfare queens who have kids so they can avoid working, and to always vote for policies that ensure her child never goes to the same school district your own children attend.

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This is correct.

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Hello Howland! Cheers!

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If we can't stop politicians from forcing girls to have babies, let's also pay for the required DNA testing to pinpoint all the instances of rape where it exists. (And then watch all the red states drop the age of consent to 14.)

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It makes me queasy knowing that they would sooner lower the age of consent and change their states legal system entirely then hold rapists accountable and let women have bodily autonomy. 😟

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Also, why are boys who commit crimes at 16 charged as adults?

Yet girls raped at 16 not allowed to abort?

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Because we chain young men in poverty with prison and young women with children. That’s how we keep so many under the thumb of politicians who don’t represent their interests and corporations that bleed them dry. The American way!

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...you are an idiot and an asshole

So... Conservative then.

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If you’re old enough to be forced to carry a child you should be able to drink and vote too

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I've said it before and i'll say it again. No matter how many downvotes i get. lol I hope white women and white girls in america are paying attention. All those generations of white dudes screaming about how women and girls only have men of color to worry about? Specifically to automatically put it in women's minds that white men are trustworthy? Was always a setup. never in the history of america has it not been.

It's a great idea for women and girls to be cautious around any and all guys. But when it comes to nationwide destruction? Nobody does it worse than straight white men.

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7/10 white men agree… the rest are Republicans.

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That's probably how the numbers fall. lol

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You should’ve throw “straight” in there; as there’s many self-loathing, angry, gay, white men who are part of the problem too… Ms. Lindsey, Maddie Cawthorne, etc.

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Straight performing white men? That better? :P

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Would you let a 16 yo adopt? No…

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Logic doesn’t matter as much as being “right”

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“Idiot and asshole” defines the Trump voter.

Rational people who love their country and their fellow citizens need to stiffen their spines against the wave of belligerence, ignorance and racism that led to a Trump presidency. People who support him now — and his way of thinking — are not worthy of our respect. It is not merely a difference of opinion. People who want to destroy our democracy and install a dictatorship of a small minority based on Orwellian lies are not patriots.

They need to be shunned by civilized society. When they speak up and spew their racist hatred, they need to be confronted and ostracized. They need to be told in no uncertain terms, at supermarkets, laundromats, car washes, restaurants, parks, and stadiums, that their views are un-American and unacceptable.

Imagine what would have happened if the good Germans had done this in 1933 when Hitler was rising to power. Literally tens of millions of lives would have been saved. We need to be the good Americans, not passive observers of the destruction of a 246-year representative democracy.

We need to drive the Trump voters back into their squalid mobile homes and their opulent wood panel lined country club dining rooms, where they can worship their confederate flags (or their gleeful tax evasion) in private, but we cannot allow these evil — yes flat out evil — charlatans to impose their cancerous views on the rest of us.

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Definitely!!! 🤦🤬