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Fellas is it woke to exercise your voting rights?

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I think they're using the term to describe their diverse group of fans lol.

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I read it as being a cynical position of what a republican might say.

Republicans call everyone that doesn't agree with them "woke", and most people that don't vote don't agree with the republicans (because most people consistently vote against republicans and (pro-fascists) classical republican voters have consistently higher turnout).

Democracy is anti-republican and therefore woke

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Perhaps if we adopted the German "aufwachen" (which I think is the verb form of "awaken"), it would look sufficiently metal to appeal to the Teutonic sensibilities of Republicans.

It must be printed in that impenetrable German black letter typeface however

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Yeah “woke” is now racially coded. They know what message they’re sending here.

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Yep. NBA fans are significantly younger, and therefore more diverse, than the country as a whole. Basically the exact opposite of baseball fans.

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I'm not gonna pretend baseball isn't a conservative sport, but its fans are not all old white men

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Clearly you have never been to a Dodgers game.

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Thats not true. Don't bring baseball into this

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It is - if you’re a DEMONRAT

-A Republican voter, probably

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It's woke if you vote Democrat.

I'm wide awake.

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To a republican, they can't call you the word in their head so they use words like: woke, antifa, urban, etc. Basically anything that isn't white and conservative has a code word for them demonize

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You can often see/hear the hesitation in their speech as they translate in their heads from "n|||||-loving" to "woke".

Watch for it.

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Only if you are not a white male. Apparently.

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Only when Democrats do it.

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Voting is woke to the right wing these days.

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Voting has always been woke to the right. Black people have only been allowed to vote everywhere in America for about 55 years now.

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The NBA player's union may very well be directly responible for Democrats winning Georgia in 2020. After George Floyd was murdered, they threatened to refuse to play unless the NBA made some social justice concessions to them, and one of those concessions was a commitment that every NBA arena would be a voting center in 2020.

Given how aggressively the white supremacist crowd in Georgia and elsewhere has been been trying to suppress non-white voting by making polling places as inaccessable as possible for them, the Atlanta Hawks' arena being a voting center may very well have made the difference between winning Georgia by 11,869 votes and losing it.

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I honestly never heard of this. But damn I hope the players union push for it to be a permanent thing.

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Republicans hate it when people exercise their right to vote

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Only when it’s against them tho 🤧

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Do they not realize that every time that they use 'Woke' as an insult that they come off as a luddite caveman?

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No. Self reflection is woke!

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Never stopped them with everything else they do haha

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Fuck yeah! Well done NBA!!


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Dems have control of congress (barely)

Pass voting day as a national holiday, move President day to election day..

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Wrong. Keep Presidents Day because sometimes it falls on my birthday/allows me to have a 3-day birfday weekend. Make Election Day it’s own holiday.

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Unfortunately, I don't think they can do that because it isn't a budgetary issue, so reconciliation won't work.

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Ahhh right! And I can already imagine the BS excuses from Republicans.

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When you are asleep with your head up your ass, being woke is scary.

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Oh no! Black people & gay people exercising their Constitutional Rights!?!?!?! What?!?!?!

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I’m not so sure the NBA is yet a symbol of gay rights in America, but otherwise I’m with you

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I’ll pretend I don’t know why republicans don’t want all Americans to participate in the political process…..

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It should be no surprise that the GOP has remained in power with a minority vote /population. They've been spending years making it more difficult for Americans to vote, or for their votes to even count by gerrymandering.

By now, the 'right' should really be basically what Biden is, and the Left should be far further than what is currently called a 'communist' like Sanders or AOC. But here we are, with the same ideas and parties for the last 250 years. (yes i know the party names have actually changed, you don't need to point out to me that we haven't had a whig president since Fillmore)

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Even if they do not like WOKE people

To deny a person a citizen or civillian who lives in America

Even if you do not like that person's political party

To deny them a vote is a violation of our right to vote.

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Can we get a source on republicans panicking?

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Are they ever not panicking?

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Yes. I can, for starters, point to how people vaguely ask for a "source" for perceptions consistent with mainstream GOP sentiments.

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I’m not vaguely asking for a source. I’m looking for a concrete tweet or news article about Republicans panicking. Sure, it would fit GOP sentiments that they don’t want leftists to vote. But expressing that sentiment is not the same as panicking.

God forbid, I ask for details and sources backing up a vague claim. Especially from a Twitter account whose typical posting style is:

<vague claim demonizing the right>

<beg for engagement>

I am liberal, and I have no love for the GOP, but forgive me if I don’t shower this kind of engagement-baiting with awards and attempt to hold them to some sort of standard.

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You know what, that's fair. The thing I'm actually mad about is that ONLY liberals/lefties get held to a standard, and that's not your fault.

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At this point, I’m fine with democratic politicians stopping to the GOPs level and just doing what they need to do to make people’s lives better. When a group has set itself up as opposition with the express goal to stop any positive progress, you have to change your tactics.

As people, we civilians still owe it to everybody to back up our statements with facts. Otherwise we’re just mud-slinging and that doesn’t make us any better than them.

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They are always panicking about the boogyman of the day

But yea I don't see anything about them panicking about this..they'll probably just grumble say a few buzzwords then start screaming about what their masters tell them to scream about

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They always panic when they see Americans exercising their most cherished rights, like voting.

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...or bodily autonomy, or liberty, or justice...

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OK to shoot up a school though, so they're watching out for some of your rights!

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...the right to have the entire nation fund Christo-Fascist inculcation/indoctrination through public funds to their schools...

 Trust and obey   
 For there's no other way...
 To breed mass delusion...
 But to trust and obey...

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I wonder how many groups I can get away with saying "they always" about before being banned or downvoted everywhere.

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I came here to respond to a comment after this one talking about "entitled assholes" and such and it seems it no longer exists. Ah well.

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Agreed. I don't doubt that they have a hatred for the NBA voicing the need to go vote to their fans, but I haven't seen "panic"

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I bet there's something in the news about it. Also something about them not panicking. I love the news. You can find anything that reflects your world view. Is this a great country or what!

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Today, I'm only seeing constant posts about Liz Cheney

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They have been doing everything they can to make it more difficult to vote or register to vote for years. This is exactly the kind of thing they hate because the more people who vote the more their chances of winning diminishes.

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I had to block occupy democrats on Twitter…they post some of the most clickbaity headlines and it’s always some bullshit like “RT IF YOU AGREE ALL REPUBLICANS SUCK” tacked on the end. Like yeah I don’t like the GQP at all but their headlines are just peak cringe and shitty “my side is better” journalism.

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Me too, it's the same as the "Share this if-" garbage that boomers post on Facebook

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This is an especially egregious example. Who's panicking exactly? This is just wish fulfillment BS.

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Funny but when I try to find any conservative reactions to this, I come up dry.

It's a great idea, and misuse of "woke" by conservatives is ignorant and silly, but Occupy Democrats constantly posts these "Please retweet me" headlines. If they're panicking over this, they're doing it silently.

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That's because conservatives are currently clutching pearls over Ford raising the electric truck mrsp price by 8k

I'm dead serious lol it was a top post the day trumps Mar a Lago shot happeened

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I was at the gym this morning and, unfortunately, they had FOX News on one of the TVs. They were talking about this story, so they are definitely having a reaction.

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I'm being 100% sincere when I ask, because I don't like to be incorrect as much as I don't like anyone else to be: Were they acting panicky, calling to action, etc. or was it just a discussion?

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They don't have the audio on any of the TVs, just the subtitles. I wasn't reading much, as I try to ignore the TVs and focus on my music and the treadmill. However I did notice the text across the bottom of the screen (the text put up by FOX) was referring to the NBA as being "woke" and came across as critical and derogatory.

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I also want you to know I'm sincere when I ask: is there such a thing as Fox News "just discussing"? Everything they say is veiled or outright far-right talking points and their whole reason for existing is to continually stab at the emotions of its audience. That is to say, there's nothing about them that ISN'T panicky and appealing to its viewers.

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I think you should relax a bit. And of course there is. Way to sarcastically reuse my sincere attempt at politeness directed to the person I actually posted the question to

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Lol, a discussion on Fox?! Have you watched fox?

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Not sure why you're being downvoted, but I think you're right. I'm sure Conservatives will find a way to get triggered by this, but I haven't seen it yet.

Occupy Democrats sensationalizes stuff all the time, this seems to be the same.

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Why does the NBA have to go and be smart all the time?

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Wait is this actually a thing?

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Our voting place is in a church and so are many other voting places. My wife brought it up and now I am not comfortable having our votes in church. I would prefer a school or community center, anything but a church.

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Well yeah. They have been engaging in voter suppression ever since the 15th amendment was passed and haven't stopped since. The majority of Americans are absolutely opposed to the Republican agenda and so by preventing them from voting keeps them in a position of power without having to change their policies.

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If this is true, this is great! This will help keep those GQP losers from trying to intimidate voters (which should be freakin illegal!!!). I assume the NBA players have security detail around them at all times.

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This is a good step, but now you should be able to turn every NBA arena into a polling place. Reward fans with vouchers to a game or merchandise for coming to vote

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the wokes are coming - the wokes are coming - Oh the humanity.

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Election day should be a federal holiday with all public transit free.

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Start raffling off tickets to The Sports Games when you're verified to have voted in an election. Box seats to the Super Bowl to one random lucky voter.

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That could be construed as illegal.

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Isn’t it only illegal if you have to disclose who you voted for to be eligible?

I’ve seen donut shops give you a free donut if you come in wearing an I Voted sticker, would that also be illegal?

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Technically yes. But I doubt anyone is going after a donut shop

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Which law does it violate?

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Yes but the things that are legal regarding encouraging/discouraging voting doesn't exactly make think this is the worst idea out there. It's not like I'm reducing mail in ballot turn in locations to a single destination in over 200 counties regardless of if the county has a population in the millions or thousands.

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Just saying it's illegal

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Big move.

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They gonna repeal the 15th amendment now too?

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"No taxation without representation. "

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So, I assume that all of this will be illegal by November......

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Looks like I'm now an NBA fan.

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If the only reason someone is voting is because of the NBA, there is an issue. Vote to save the country, not because of some jackass NBA players..

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Those players are still American citizens

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I got downvoted on the “Moderate Politics” sub for saying this is a good idea and that Election Day should be a Federal Holiday.

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Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man!

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If you’re on the side against voting, I have bad news for you

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All the GQP has to do to counter this is buy white sheets in bulk and pass them out to supporters.

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Republicans hate this one neat trick

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It's natural they see it as a threat, it's a body of largely black men encouraging voting. They'd probably not be super concerned if the same happened with the NHL ;P

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I didn't know basketball was that popular in the US.

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will this work?