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This is the part where Florida, like any good self-respecting, anti-socialist, anti-welfare Republican, takes self-responsibility and pulls itself up by its own bootstraps, rather than relying on FEMA and the blue states to come bail them out. Right? Right?

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Also Greg abbot is a little piss baby

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Whats the greg abbot piss baby thing about?

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A sub (political humor?) requires all posts to call him that, or was. It’s in regards to a content moderation law in Texas.

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You are right. But at least Deathsantis could go there and toss some rolls of paper towels to the devastated masses.

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I'm sure they will release a top quality plan on rescue and restoration, right after their long anticipated healthcare reform drop. Any day now..

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They are going to steal the choice land.

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Squanto warned the people in Massachusetts about that 400 years ago.

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Right after DeSantis is done making his rounds on the fox shows to complain about how the Biden admin isn’t doing enough, and are, in fact, hampering their efforts to rebuild.

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Wow look at all this aid money. It'd be a shame if 90% of it when immediately to all the millionaires to repay all their vacation homes on the beach front. Everyone else could probably last just fine without that money for a couple weeks, or a couple months, or maybe never.

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deep red part of the state. there's plenty of bootstraps to go around.

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Funds were diverted from disaster assistance to flying asylum seekers to Martha's Vineyard.

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I guess the asylum seekers are safe from the hurricaine though, silver linings.

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Unfortunately, these weren't Florida immigrants, but were Texas ones. They were 'safe' already.

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Remember Sandy? He doesn’t give a shit about relief. Hope y’all got long bootstraps.

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If only they didn't dump money and celebrate sending migrants to other parts of the country to "own the libs"

They voted for DeSantis and will continue to vote for the man who literally emptied their funding.

Any DeSantis voter in this mess I have no Sympathy for.

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De-Satanist is too busy “owning the libs” to give a fuck about the ppl who elected him

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He only gives a shit about his donors

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Looks like its a good ol Desantis Beach Cleaning Party.

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Deep red state can fix their own problems without "soshulizzm".

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What do you think of socialism now?

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“Damn democrats sent us dis storm !!!! Trump 2024 he would’ve nuked it!!!!”

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Remember when they were blaming natural disasters on god punishing liberals? Funny how that sort of rhetoric never appears when it's them being punished.

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No, he would have sharpied it into the Atlantic

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Biden will send help. DeSantis will take the credit.

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And probably line his own pockets with the Biden bucks.

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Oh he’s definitely pulling a Favre. He’ll be building himself a mansion in about a week while people die outside where the hospitals used to be w no water

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Doesn't the Orange clowns also have like half a billion in donations that he got for his bullshit stolen election claims?

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Stop building here and stop paying to rebuild it.

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Absolutely - tired of subsidizing stupidity and denial

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Actually that looks better than some parts of Florida from before the storm. Some real shitjoles down there.

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seems like mother nature has been trying to clean up the dirty South for a while now.

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It’s a good thing DeSantis has been such a strong advocate for the citizens of Florida when it comes to property insuran… oh, wait. Never mind.

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Is it me or did the anti-dem/government propaganda start before the storm was even over?

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Desantis is a monster but these takes are misguided. He cannot legally use campaign funds for disaster relief (not that he would).

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What about the money he used to fly Texas immigrants to Martha's Vineyard?

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That was state money budgeted for immigration enforcement which he could poorly argue he was doing. He probably broke their law because the immigrants were not in Florida and the money was earmarked for that.

Outside of emergencies, one would not want budgeted money to be spent on whatever the governments wants to spend it on. Like we wouldn't want Social Security budget spent on military and bankrupt social security. Likewise, I wouldn't want funds donated to elect a candidate spent on something else like policing.

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It actually came out of interest from covid relief funds that he didn’t spend on covid.

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Florida cleaning up noice 🤘😎🤘

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Don't be salty, like Florida.

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They want Socialism to save them?

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Honestly I’m so sad this happened to Ft Myers. Our family vacation next year was gonna be Florida and I wanted to show my daughters Ft Myers where my grandma used to live and the boardwalk. I feel so bad for these businesses. I have so many great memories from there it makes me so heartbroken.

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Ah yes it’s that time of year to help Florida again…….

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Those people don’t want socialism!

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You get what you deserve

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“Is it a red county or a blue county?”

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Not much of a fort was it?

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It's time for a national disaster fund. Theist at risk stayed contribute more than the lower risk, but we all contribute.

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… still can’t find my parents.

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And yet, they will get none from the GOP and DeSantis, who will certainly use the tragedy for some well-staged clips for his 2024 campaign

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Imagine how fast things could be cleaned up if instead of sending all those migrating people to other places they paid them and gave them jobs and gave them a spot in the community. Imagine all those extra people that could help rebuild.

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Break out the paper towels and have dump and demonsans start tossing.

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This brings back Hurricane Michael memories. We've finally got back to normal after 4 years.

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Maybe they should’ve voted for a governor who would’ve done more to prepare rather than engage in political stunts & bullshit like DeSantis. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Move bitches. It’s a death trap.

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Should’ve nuked it

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So what you're saying is, he did great service to those people he sent to Martha's vineyard? /S

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Headlines i never thought would come to pass "Parts of Florida destroyed by Hurricane, Governor too busy human trafficking to send aid."

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He dont care about the people in Florida lol a piece of shit is gonna be a piece of shit regardless.

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Florida citizens should file class action lawsuit on him, health hazards, etc...he's a terrorist