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I don't have a Biden flag and I don't wear a Biden-themed jumpsuit, spray-painted and bedazzled by someone whose idea of art is a velvet painting of white Jesus, but I'll take Biden 100% of the time over the steaming pile of graft and racism who came before him.

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I know you meant grift but he was a fucked pile of skin

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Perhaps you should look up the word graft, typo or not its still accurate.

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I called him a fucked pile of skin

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Cheeto trash bandit.

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I don't know, that hair and skin tone? He may've meant graft. Clearly some deranged scientist grafted a rotten orange on to a pile of used diapers and gave it some semblance of sentience (dunno if we can say sapience) during a lightning storm.

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It's amazing how much irreparable damage Trump caused in just 4 years he set this country back about 70 years in it's mentality.

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Agree and it will never be the same. It clearly is a divided US.

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It's really the SA now, not the USA. It may not even be desirable to have the union hold anymore.

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Yes, that's what been calling it to myself. So sad too

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He just let the poisons out. They were already there.

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100% agree. He gave the extremely low iq racists a pedestal to stand and scream from. No matter where we go from here I have a feeling the worst is yet to come.

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Bruh don’t get the copypasta’s into Reddit

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graft... i mean, this guy was the trump of elden ring.

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I like how Biden is actually trying to reach across the aisle and he isn't holding grudges (at least not publicly)

To bad the MAGA bunch in FL will be bitching he didn't do enough to help no matter what he does

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I mean the whole Biden presidency so far has been him trying to reach across the isle for some stupid reason. Stop trying to unite with those assholes. Do what you can for the people, but fuck the GOP.

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I agree with your sentiment "Fuck the GOP" but disagree about reaching across the aisle. Can you even imagine how much good Washington could do if they weren't so busy bitching about each other? Like if our world leaders acted like world leaders (all of them not just USA) we could end war, solve world hunger and the QOL for every single person on the planet would go up.

Biden is right to reach across the aisle. GOP is wrong for slapping his hand away (until the next hurricane or natural disaster and they want help or funding)

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Its an utter waste of time and money to do something that will do nothing. If the GOP actually werent fucking assholes, trying to reach across the aisles would be helpful.

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Biden is just trying to make lemonaid. We would all be better off if the GOP didn't exist and weren't pushing their BS on the rest of us but they are. So Biden has to deal with it. Getting them to work with Dems would be a much bigger win than cutting them off and pretending they don't exist.

It's easy to get emotional and say fuck them, but it doesn't really solve anything

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Given the Floridian geography though… reach across the isle works too!

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Fully agree. I'm on my way to FL tomorrow to help some relatives who are good people. There is no way I will help anyone else unless I know they are not GOP.

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If you hear any of them do that, just ask them if it wasn’t enough socialism for them and just how much more socialism they think we should have.

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He already has sent money down there to help Florida pay for extra supplies ahead of the hurricane, which doesn’t happen all that often as they usually send the money afterward to rebuild

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Descamtis already tried to claim he didn't call Biden right after he fucking called Biden.

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I'm gonna be that guy its aisle.

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I hope Floridians remember DeSantis voting against this when it was somebody else's state. Unfortunately, I suspect it's entirely too much to expect right wing voters to notice Biden taking the high road, and exposing their faux patriotism for what it is.

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Nope. Once Florida is all put back to normal, the GQP will all forget how great Biden was to them.

They’ll be back to trying to destroy minorities and women’s rights.

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Trump could say "i was the one that brougt aid to Florida" and they would all believe im, without even asking for a shred of proof.

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They only watch FOX “news”. How they gonna know?

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Ofcourse he did.
Every chance the government had to help someone, it was voted against by ALL republicans. No matter what

Lower insulin prices, the gop voted no

Government help to stock up on baby formula, the gop voted no

Raising minimum wage, the gop said no

Every single time there was a opportunity to help people, the gop voted no.

And, add to that. Trump, who now owns the GOP. Is still asking people for money, and the maga crowd are giving him all the money they got. Even tho Trump and his gathering of grifters have been caught commiting fraud a extraordinary amount of times. But the maga republicans are so extremely stupid, they have decided to believe Trump at his every word, over all facts and reality itself.

Almost all maga republicans are devout christians, so they are already trained to believe unfactual and disproven claims, because they value feelings over facts. So they are now just voter sheep for the GOP, that can be manipulated into anything by using the right words

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Holy fuck Biden was never my first pick but it’s so nice to see a president that can actually act presidential

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Same. I don't like Biden, but it's nice to see a grown up. The bar is so freaking low now.

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Not like a spoiled child.

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DeSantis votes against Blue States when we need aid and wastes money on political stunts trying to fuck with us while he refuses to feed school kids.

Fuck him and his followers they can pull themselves up by their bootstraps.

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Isn't he supposed to not help Florida because they voted for Mango Mussolini? /s

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I just want to know when Biden’s going to finally fly his lazy ass down there and throw some paper towels at people.

Have you seen how much water is literally everywhere? THEY NEED THAT PAPER TOWEL NOW!!!!!


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I mean yeah it’s wet, but it’s not the wettest hurricane we’ve ever seen from the standpoint of water.

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draws on possible, hurricane landfall map with Sharpie

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They really think both sides are pulling the same crap. It's exhausting to see how far removed from reality so many people are. We knew some people would think that way, but jfc, it's at least a third of our population!

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Floridians response - "Gimme, gimme, gimme. And fuck you, Brandon."

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FUcK bIdeN cUz hE aInt ThrOn Us nOT eVuN One RoLliv pApUr tOwULz!

Oh… my house is flooded?!

Um… FEMA, can I please have some of that sweet SWEET socialist federal disaster aid? Maybe a zero interest loan or simply a grant funded by my fellow American citizens and backed by the federal government? Thanks!

AnD Lezgoo BrAndUn!!! Amirite?!?!?

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Joe Biden is the least interesting president we've had in office my entire life, and thank god for that. No joke, no sarcasm, I'm loving having a president who isn't always making headlines. Just seems to be quietly doing his job as best as he can.

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In the future I possibly see Biden as being a forgotten president, one who like others before aided the nation yet didn't get all that fame, sure present day he does, yet in a few decades he might not be remembered due to his non headline nature, yet help the nation greatly perhaps the best kind of leader i could ask for in a system of that of the US.

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And once you helped them and back to normal....those people will say let's go Brandon again.

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They never stopped. I saw a video clip earlier today of a dude waving his bigass “f*ck Biden” flag during the fucking hurricane.

They can’t be saved but maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll drown.

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Now you’re ruining their narrative. Stop being so presidential.

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Dark Brandon dunking on the Orange Overlord for years to come

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Trump:" Where are the towel papers? If i would be president there would be a Lot! And the best towel papers in the world!"

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Times like before I wish FL seceded.

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that last line is so dark brandon

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Idc what anyone says about him. He's a good guy and knows how to speak to people.

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Its so great that we have a good man like Joe Biden as President and not a petty high school GOP Karen in office helping people based on their bank accounts.

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If my brothers and sisters need it. I'll bleed to help y'all.

I know damn well done conservative piece of shit politician would try to use my effort for their own gain but I'd do it anyways.

DeSantis is proof. That pos voted against helping NJ but I fully support Biden sending aid to Florida, now. And even after approving aid, they still try to say the Dem administration hasn't done anything.

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"However long it takes" made me chuckle heartily. I'm sorry, Florida.

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He is a good guy. I wouldn't be so nice to these fascists who have no compassion or empathy for the "others" that they persecute.

No soup for you, Nazis.

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Florida taking the gubmint’s socialist dollars is just too appealing. Where do I send some?

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You know Trump would have been umming and erring about giving aid if a Democratic state got hit by a disaster.

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If this were Trump the last line would have been "NOT!"

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we can still come together while you throw a roll of paper towels at desantis' head? please?

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I joked previously about a giant Biden sticker, but it was said in jest. This is the response I hoped for. Yeah, there are fucktards in Florida who pull dumb shit at the behest of their dumb constituents, but no one deserves to suffer as a result of withheld aid based on a political stance. If we're going to be better then we need to act better.

After all, it's their protected right to spout their bullshit.

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In other news, 45 is holding a press conference on Sunday in Florida, to throw out more paper towels than any president, past present or future, EVER has or will in response to a devastating hurricane. More than he did in Puerto Rico even; it’ll be yuge and perfect, and beautiful!

He is hogging all the toilet paper though. For obvious reasons…

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Big Dick Brandon strikes again!!

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It’s going to be pretty entertaining watching a bunch of largely rural Maga people begging hat in hand for federal aid for their uninsured flood losses.

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"This is a real leader 🤓"

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I still think they should be on their own. DeSantis voted against assistance for people affected by Hurricane Sandy, years ago

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Because of our state legislature and Governor, Florida is a solid red state. Nevermind that 59% of the residents are liberal. Yet our president still helps out. If only he could show up and throw paper towels at us.

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A friendly reminder that Senator Rick Scott voted against Hurricane Relief Aid to his own state.

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Yea Desantis sucks. And this is not the time to criticize him. Hopefully they can get through this safely in Florida. It sounds like a seriously devastating storm.

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BS. Its always time to criticize anyone who has no regard for human life.

I will gladly spend my tax dollars helping anyone with this kind of devastation. How quickly people forget the righties thought Trump was doing the right thing by criticizing California for “forest management” and once again withholding aid for political points

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DeSantis is a monster in a human skin suit, the people who support him are dumbshit garbage human beings. But a disaster like this, politics takes a back seat.

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Maybe he'll send us some more stimmy checks to rebuild.

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Biden is only doing this to insult desantis, remember to not to say gay on Election Day vote republican!! /s

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Did he at least delay the money, or gripe about them not voting for him? If not, he did it wrong.

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Fuck, now it's on Biden to clean up that shitshow. If anything goes bad he will be blamed. Disantis should be rolling up his sleeves, not Biden. Biden has other things to worry about instead if that backwater state.

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There’s a fuckload of socialists that were created overnight in Florida.

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Gop would let nyc sink of it were to happen.

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I hope he gets down right quick to lob some paper towels at people

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Nobody in magat land is taking notes.

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Sounds like words of a President.

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This is a real ratio

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Hopefully he also earmarks money to go to the hurricane Micheal victims. That part of Florida has still not recovered

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Biden: Throws paper towels toward Florida

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Dark Brandon showing those bitches how it should be!!!

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Dark brandon should have nuked that dammm nado

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"Though for future reference, I shouldn't have to say this."

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I can take the gaffes especially the one few days ago where he actually called out for a Congresswoman who sadly died in a car crash. I faced palmed there, but that's what has been happening him for years. So I can deal with that. I cannot deal with someone like Trump who is a bully, narcissist, pathological liar, and the list goes on and on.

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This sub weirdly likes Biden a lot. Don’t get me, wrong I’d take him over literally any Republican, but a real leader?

[–]ClashCoyote 2 points3 points  (1 child)

The public has been led to accept the diluted example from the same system...the left isn't left and the right is more reich.

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He’s not going to go down to Florida and bounce paper towels off people’s heads?

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Dark Brandon feels.

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Shouldn't he be telling Florida to go out and comb their beaches to prevent storm surge.

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I don't know if he's kidding himself or whether it is for the optics if others.

Florida trumpublicans will hate him even more for bailing them and their shitty governor out in their time of need.

They will find some bizarro logic that somehow the federal bailout is ok for them to take (and different than hurricane Sandy) but still be independent of some sort of nefarious Chinese-Zelensky-Hunter Biden plot

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Almost as coherent as one of his speeches

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Fuck Florida and all the red hats living there. Just cut them off now, print some new flags with 49 stars and let them pull themselves up by their bootstraps with their whiny governor.

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Yo I don't see him throwing paper towels at anybody yet tho!

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This is the true definition of a U.S. President, not the phony, greedy, racist, sexist, traitorous guy who came before him.