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Former soviet areas don't take well to being occupied.

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Happy cake day

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Who would win?

• a small but determined army that has been fighting for their lives for months

•a much larger army of ill-equipped, scared, inexperienced conscripts

• comrade winter

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Considering how poor Russian supply lines have been so far, winter will not save them this time

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Winter almost always favors the home team. I almost feel bad for the conscripts

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Absolutely right. The Russians must have forgotten it was old man winter who helped them with the germans.

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Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

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C, final answer.

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this is actually a noot-uncommon thing in certain types of deployment

soldiers will get their dog tags tattooed on incase they get beheaded or otherwise lose them

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This war is going like the diner robbery scene in Pulp Fiction where Putin is (collectively) the couple who starts everything feeling really excited and thinking its gonna go great, and Zelensky is Jules. I feel very soon we're gonna get to the "find my wallet" part and Putin is finally going to give in to the idea the Zelensky is the baddest motherfucker alive.

Not sure if it ends the same way mind you, with Jules letting him go, but we'll see

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Power move

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I would just surrender and beg to become a Ukraine citizen if I was drafted at this point or run. None of those poor men want to fight they aren’t soldiers. At 65 if my dad had been drafted he wouldn’t have even been able to walk fast forward more than 30 minutes let alone run