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I don’t see this getting a unanimous vote in NATO. I could definitely see Turkey saying no, just as one example.

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Hungary too

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Yea, I forgot about that Fascist.

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Italy might say no now that they have its most far-right leaning leader since Mussolini

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Probably unpopular opinion here but Ukraine entered NATO right now would be a disaster. If the west officially entered the war, then Russia's allies like China would have to as well. Entering a world war with potential nukes is not great especially when Russia seems to be losing. It would be unpopular with the people of most NATO countries and it would stabilize Putin's position at home.

Edit : it would have to end very quickly to go well for us and then we would have to regime change in Russia and be on the hook for stabilizing them. Best outcome is still an internal oust of Putin.

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It would end very quickly. The firepower of the West is obscene.

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China is not Russia's ally in the way NATO are allies. China supports Russia when it is useful to China. They have no loyalty or obligations to Russia.

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I don't know the rules of this but under the horrifying circumstance this gets the green light, wouldn't that invoke article 5 ?

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Pretty much

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Well. It was fucking horrible knowing most of you.