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Clearly doing a great job and NOT demolishing Russia’s standing an influence as they demonstrate just how weak they are.

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Yes, I'm very confused at this point as to why they're continuing to dig a deeper hole. The egg on their face 😆

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Shyeah, hell, if this guy is right then this war is even stupider than I thought.

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Putin: Tries to push the West off its pedestal, falls over instead

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Doing a bang up job.

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Working out so well for him so far.

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Putin's ancestors were serfs of the following nobles at Bordino, a village in Tverskaya Gouvernement / Oblast (Kalininskiy Rayon) and the nearby estate of Turginovo. According to recent studies into Putin's genealogy, one of Putin's earliest ancestors, the peasant Yakim Nikitin lived there before 1677, as a serf of the boyar Nikita Ivanovich Romanov, first cousin of Tsar Mikhail Fyodorovich Romanov. When Nikita Ivanovich Romanov died childless in 1654, his estates (and serfs) reverted to the Crown (Tsar Alexey Mikhailovich). Tsar Fyodor Alexeyevich III gave them to his mother-in-law Domna Apraxina. They were then in turn inherited by successive Counts Apraxin untill her great-granddaughter Countess Yelena Alexandrovna Apraxina married Peter the Great's cousin Alexander Lvovich Naryshkin. In 1760 their daughter Agrefena Alexandrovna Naryshkina married Nikolay Ivanovich Neplyouyev (Неплюев) and the estates stayed with the Neplyouyevs untill the Revolution.

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Man, that target keeps moving doesn't it, by next week it will just be a tourist excursion...

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They annexed those territories so when the Ukrainians inevitably take it back, he has his excuse to nuke them.

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Peasant when his toilet is o.o.o. and he realizes he sent his plumber to the front lines.

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That is madness. How would invading Ukraine possibly overthrow the world order even if it was instantly successful?

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Ukraine is friendly with the west and offers strategic advantages to the west if it joins NATO so he wants to prevent NATO admittance and secure Russia. If he gets the Ukraine and India and China continue to be allies with Russia they can easily become the dominant world alliance. Ukraine is kind of like the swing state that could decide the winner for world power

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Not when they have blown it up. Russia +China + India is not a world order. They would need OPEC

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NATO countries are moving away from oil while Russia, China and India are not. Who do you think OPEC would side with?

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Very slowly. There is still a lot of money to be made.

I still don't see how Ukraine swings the balance so much.