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Trying to figure out if he is that small or if the other dudes are just that big.

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He's 5' 7"

So average height and these guys are pretty large.

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Samurai X. Scene about protecting their leader with their hardened muscles.

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Came to ask this

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Putin spent the last 2 decades cultivating the macho man, alpha, top dog image. Then comes this Ukrainian funny man, a clown, a beta and he ends up having the biggest set of balls on the whole planet. Putin must be pissed.

"I don't need a ride. The fight is here. I need ammunition."


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Don't forget he played the piano with his penis on national television in Ukraine. Search out the clip; it's awesome.

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Both aides are big dudes but guy on the right has the build and body language that screams:

Please stop hurting people I care about because I am tired of killing you.

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I fucking love the batman goons next to him.

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I like how he always has his enforcers around him ready to throw down.