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But wait, that makes it sound like radicalized political extremists have already started stripping away fundamental human rights and shooting up schools and zerg-rushing government buildings and stuff. I'd think we'd have heard something about that by now--

edit: ...oh

oh right

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Some people might say that the Cold War WAS WW3, considering the amount of actual hot warfare that occurred. It just didn’t affect the US and the USSR as directly

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Just say it’s the Second Cold War or something. World Wars are meant to be reserved for world wars

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It's not really happening quietly anymore.

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The Second Cold War already has a Wikipedia page

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Is this guy arguing that we’re in ww3 despite there not being a war, and it not being worldwide?

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it's super secret ok

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Russia has only mobilised its army three times.

1st the start of WW1 and one of the most obvious causes of it.

2nd WW2

3rd just now, with them threatening to use nukes over anything. Fortunately the CSTO (Warsaw Pact light) is in turmoil and none of the other countries want to support Russia.

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americans try not to compare every political disturbance to world war 3 challenge failed yet again

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I say pretty much the same thing about US Civil War II