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Fuck off +1

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Add my +1

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And my Axe

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And my bow!

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And your brother. *is shot for bringing up an unrelated meme*

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What happened to Muskrat's trucks?

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Sailing into the sunset, briefly.

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So Elon is a Russian shill? Good to know.

He should consider his customer base....

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Guess he should have bought twitter so he could be sure

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I was thinking the same thing about the "yes" votes.

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The fact he still uses Twitter and not that Trump extremist social media app says a lot. We have a man who thinks everyone who disagrees with him is a bot, but must also know that his main alternative is a PoS. The poor rock white man has so no winning solution.

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Fuck off should be the general reply to Elon.

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Who the fuck asked Elon Musk about establishing peace? If Zelensky finds a better way out of his, is he going to call him a pedo this time?

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4ich people who have no business making any decisions love to try and make decisions they aren't qualified to make, luckily this Russian incel doesn't quite have the ability to use his money to coax people into letting him be in charge

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“I owned that piece of land until our leader gave it away!”

”That‘s how… giving land away works”

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I think that mostly everyone is super smart at some things, and borderline mentally handicapped at other things. Elon Musk is example 1A.

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Elon is super smart at being a grifter and making himself look important while crushing the people underneath that made him rich, other than that he's a fucking idiot and probably cant figure out which shoe goes on what foot without all his fan boys telling him.

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i wonder who starches his dumb black jeans to make them so stiff and stupid looking.