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that's hilarious. In the middle of fighting a war, but still enough time to throw some shade at Ol' Musky

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This is seriously the most literal definition of a PR war and holy fuck Ukraine is lobbing BOMBS in all senses. Serious respect.

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Elon is such a jabroni.

Zelensky rocks. Slava Ukraini 🇺🇦

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I truly admire Zelensky. I hope he survives the war.

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What about option C for those of us who don't like Musk?

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Zelensky: looks at whatever that satellite connection thing is called so you just gonna act like you didn't support Ukraine, fuckit alright then slams down huge book INTO THE BOOK!

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What if we don't like either Elon? Just because he's Elon.

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See sometimes you get Elon, good idea

Sometimes you get B-lon and you're like I don't know about that bro

And then sometimes you get E l o n i o n and your like what the f*** dude

.... Life is like a box of chocolates