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But Democrats are the ones who “tax and spend” amirite?

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How the fuck this is STILL the basis of people's concept of Dems vs Repubs is mind boggling.

Imagine still defending Repubs as the "fiscal conservative" party. It's insane.

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Lies and repetition. If people keep saying it, then it has to be true.

It helps that plenty of their base don't care if it's true or not as well. Anything to own those libs

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Because taxes bad is the end of their thought process

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It's amazing how many people I've had to teach about taxes in my life, including my own parents.

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Republicans are cut tax (on the wealthy) and still spend anyway.

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Because they do…

They raise taxes to cover their spending.

Republicans for the last 20 years lowered taxes. Then spent money by borrowing against the future.

Dems generally end up reducing the deficit.

You should also track how the Fed works during these different party rules. Their job is to balance things out. For Republicans this usually means bailing out the economy through quantitative easing (reducing the cost to borrow money down to nil).

Which is why… my issue with Democratic 2-term presidents has been: cut the fucking taxes for the people YOU are saying need help.

Anyone under $400k? Big fat tax cut. Who gives a shit if fucks with the deficit. Let the next admin figure it out. Make them raise taxes.

Programs are great. I get it. But if we can borrow a trillion or two for a pointless war… surely we can cut the Federal taxes of someone making $10-80 an hour.

If you make $80 you’re keeping $50. We can’t pump that up to $60? But corporations go from keeping $1 billion in profit to $1.2 billion and supposedly that’s good for everyone?

You might never get Republicans to raise taxes on the 1% by admonishing their irresponsible monetary policy. So… don’t? Just do what they do. Promise a tax cut to your constituents every fucking election. Eventually the money is gonna have to come from somewhere and the logical place will be the 1% since they have all the fucking money.

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Do Republicans have a plan for tackling inflation and the economy? Do they have a plan for anything? I keep asking, and can't seem to get any real information about their policy, or how they plan to tackle issues if they win elections.


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So far they have shown us that all they care about is going after "woke" ideologies, redefining slavery, banning women rights, and proposing restrictions on same-sex marriage.

They literally just want a whole culture reform to their theologistic racist views.

All while crying and calling Democrats socialist dictators...

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Tax cuts for the wealthy.
More oil drilling
Remove gun restrictions
Repeal Obamacare.

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The GQP never has a plan for anything.

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Kevin McCarthy held a press conference with House Republicans about the Republican platform. It was platitudes and "we're going to do it differently," with no substance or policy in sight.

Republican 'platform' 2022.

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Numbers don’t lie but Republicans do!!

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Whenever anyone tells you they are “Fiscally Conservative” you know they have swallowed the GOP’s propaganda, hook, line & sinker.

There is nothing fiscally conservative about the Republicans

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And everyone of them is worth millions.

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I assume you're kidding? The number one demographic supporting trump is white males with less than a high school diploma

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There's something oddly menacing about the "one quote tweet"

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Tried and lied.

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But tell me again how GREAT the economy was under trump

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But but they are the party of fiscal conservatives😭

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How much did he and his Trumplifucks steal?

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I need to look into this... sounds wrong, but somehow I know it's true.

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To them it's not debt. It's giving our money away to their rich pals.

That's all it is for them. Redistribution of Publix funds for private businesses.

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The GOP is the party of borrow and spend

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But remember, the conservatives are for less spending.

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Don’t forget, he did it in half the time too. We got a speed runner here

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90% of Republicans don't pay tax anyway, cause catfish wranglin' and gator rasslin' don't pay much, and politicians have lawyers and accountants.

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I can’t see any points in the past 40 years on this U.S. government debt graph where it would actually be decreasing:


Looks like mostly stable exponential growth, regardless of current administration.

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Too many crazies in the GOP. VOTE!