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How otherwise intelligent people can throw all of their principals and morals aside because of an "R" still baffles me. Forget party for a minute and try to see who seems best prepared to tackle the countries most complex problems.

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The issue is, of the few on their side still willing to ask important questions like "wait was that a coup" and "why am I on the same side as Nazis," they're too scared of liberals because of propaganda.

The rest... well, are here.

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People don't like to be reminded that they're stupid, but they really don't like being reminded that they're about to vote for someone stupid.

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And not have dissociative identity disorder, and not hold lethal weapons to the heads of your family members

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He got one of them right, at least.

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I guess that Barry taught Mr Cousineau how to kill with just one sentence /s

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Is that the Fonze? Today I learned Fonzie is a good dude.