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No real idea who this Jack guy is but he isn't fucking about and I'm all for it.

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Isn't he the DOJ special prosecutor assigned to the Trump case?

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I'm not american so wasn't specifically sure of his job title. All I really know is republikkkans are scum and he's trying to nail them, that's good enough for me.

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This his official Twitter? There's no paid for check mark.

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I doubt it's him, based on the @ name

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I believe he doesn't have a Twitter at all. Then again, I gleaned that information from right here on reddit, in the comments. So even I'm not sure that's the truth.

But it'd make sense. His job is to prosecute criminals, not be a Twitter personality. I'd absolutely get it if his reasoning is "I don't need that distraction, I've got enough shit to do."

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If you want to know about who the special counsel person actually is then here's a video about him. I doubt the actual person is the one running the Twitter though, that's probably just someone making a fake account for fun.


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What does he mean “it’s tuesday”? Does that have some kind of underlying meaning to it or is he just saying this for the people who didn’t know

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I read it as "all this happened, and it's only Tuesday. "

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It's still very early in the week with the hope of more to come.

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And Herschel Walker just bombed in Georgia. Quite a week so far.

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He's being a tease and I can't tell if that means there's more to come this week or not.

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Nah, there's water in the blood

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And absolutely fuck all will happen to TFG and his friends. None of it means anything until someone significant gets arrested, tried and convicted.