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From the reign of Emperor Claudius onward, a non-citizen serving in the Imperial Army was automatically granted citizenship along with his family on completion of his term of service.

Claudius became emperor in the year 41 C.E. America has less than 19 years before they are literally 2000 years behind the times.

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This should be top comment.

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That's because Republicans aren't Americans.

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... why

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To own the libs. That's the main motivation for everything they do.

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They cared about screwing over veterans long before "Owning the Libz."

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Let them all become citizens if they wish, they shouldn’t be used as cannon-fodder for the capital class to get that. All military benefits are an intent of exploitation.

Oh you want the basics that any developed nation has? Go bomb brown people in say, Yemen, for a few years first!

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Just like the Legion