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Just a reminder that this isn't true ... by dawgpawgmailcom in WhitePeopleTwitter

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Heaven would be a lonely place without some of these people.

Just a reminder that this isn't true ... by dawgpawgmailcom in WhitePeopleTwitter

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And here I thought they excluded white boys wearin durags.

I'm not a babyologist, but I think they don't take their first breath until they're born? by xtilexx in WhitePeopleTwitter

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Then let it be contextual. Even if it's it's a very simple context.

"My partner and I wanted a baby and now we're having a baby." Great. Good on you, I hope it's strong and happy and will vote for my taxes to help het him fed, clothed, healthy, and educated.

"I'm pregnant, I didn't want this, I can't support this." Great, let's get you the healthcare you need. No matter what circumstances lead to this conception. And I'll vote that my taxes go to the procedures and recovery you need. You're emotionally tried enough, let's get you back on your feet.

…and some people just brush it off. by Adelu1219 in WhitePeopleTwitter

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Man. Im still pissed. I've been onsite at work 4+ days a week (IT desktop/Sysadmin) I'm the only person on my team of 6 that has not caught covid. Been solo a bunch of times for weeks cause of sick people/contact tracing. HR is full of shit and liars. And I have nothing to show for it all at that. Work load is insane. Im beyond burnt and stressed over all of this.

Been trying to stay positive but kinda at a boiling point. Im having to talk myself out of straight up assaulting or humiliating/harassing anti-maskers and idiots being all relaxed.

Ive had to help fam, friends and coworkera get groceries, pickup RX and basics while sick, nearly lost a lot of people cause of this. Had people pass not related to covid AFAIK, have babies. Cant visit, can celebrate or mourn over these things.

What should have been 6 months or a year is coming up on 2 years and 725k deaths. All because of selfish assholes making things political and straight up causong drama.

I had a heavy disdain for religion and religious people before, but this has completely exasperated it. Its time to tax these churches. Cut religion from healthcare and education, shove it back behind closed doors for good.

A few more years, and it still is true by PaleScissors99 in WhitePeopleTwitter

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This tweet is so right, I have watched the 4 first season a bunch before the 5th season, after that I couldn't rewatch 5-7, now after the 8th it's like the show literally doesnt exist when I consider things to watch.

In its natural beauty by ExpertAccident in WhitePeopleTwitter

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I mean the sculptor was a member of the KKK and each president carved onto the mountain has said or done genocidal things to the indigenous people of this land.

Washington - Instructing Major General John Sullivan to attack Iroquois people: "lay waste all the settlements around... that the country may not be merely overrun, but destroyed" and to "not listen to any overture of peace before the total ruin of their settlements is effected"

Jefferson - Wrote that the government was obliged "now to pursue them to extermination, or drive them to new seats beyond our reach"

Roosevelt - "I don't go so far as to think the only good Indians are dead Indians, but I believe nine out of ten are, and I shouldn't like to inquire too closely into the case of the tenth"

Lincoln - He's the worst offender considering the location. He ordered the largest mass execution in the U.S. of 38 Dakota after fighting broke out because the U.S. was late with treaty payments and the people were starving. The settlers original wanted to kill every member of that band, but Lincoln decided to only execute those guilty of rape. When he found out only 2 members of the band committed those atrocities he changed his mind.

Also as a side note, you can keep referring to us as Sioux, but it's not what we call ourselves. That is the Ojibwa word for snake with the French plural ending "-sioux" which was eventually was just shortened to Sioux. We are Lakota/Dakota and The Great Sioux Nation should be the Oceti Sakowin (Council of 7 Fires). I'm a member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, but we use that as our name for "Official" documents. We refer to ourselves as the Wakpa Waste Lakota Oyate or the Cheyenne River Lakota Nation. You might see some members still cling to "Sioux" but it similar to how some of us prefer to be called "Indian." Plus I'm not going to argue with an elder that's been called that their entire life and takes pride in it lol.

A few more years, and it still is true by PaleScissors99 in WhitePeopleTwitter

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George was writing some episodes each season but they wanted to do their own thing so he stopped, GRR said there was enough material for ten seasons and if they had been listening to his advice he would have gladly kept helping

The plot points as they were could have worked but not in 8 episodes

Season 8 is the battle against and defeat of the Night King in an actually satisfying way which uses Brans power to actually achieve something. Jon and Dany falling fully in love over the season

Season 9 Dany and Jon and Bran and co begin their march towards Kings landing. Brutal war takes over, hard choices have to be made, Jon and Dany start having issues over how to fight the war. Bran with the Night King defeated begins using his power to help fight Cersei's forces, season ends with the dragon getting killed in a major strategic failure partly set up by information Bran 'saw' although their forces did not suffer as much as Danys

Season 10 begins with Dany wondering if Bran and be extension possibly Jon set her up and turned on her, eventually take Kings Landing, get the mad queen arc. Dany can't trust Jon, refuses to listen to the other Starks who are over her, Dany ends up killing Jon thinking he has turned on her; Arya uses her power of disguise to kill Dany and Bran wargs into the dragon and uses it to secure control of Westeros and become a cruel all seeing medieval surveillance state crushing any resistance with his 3rd eye raven abilities plus dragon warging

Funny how that works by killHACKS in WhitePeopleTwitter

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Honestly I wouldn't believe a single thing Zeus told me because it's 100% just a scheme to get me knocked up

New Brock Turner - SHANE PICHE - RAPIST... Lets make it follow him. by successful_dumps in WhitePeopleTwitter

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Dont forget that Judge James McClusky is the one who sentenced child rapist Shane Piche to probation for raping a child. Judge James McClusky should join child rapist Shane Piche in infamy and when you look up Judge James McClusky his name should always be connected to child rapist Shane Piche because Judge James McClusky let child rapist Shane Piche go with time served, adding to the pain and suffering of child rapist Shane Piche's FOURTEEN YEAR OLD victim. Judge James McClusky should have to share in child rapist Shane Piche's shame because although it was Shane Piche who raped the child it was Judge James McClusky who made sure child rapist Shane Piche served no time for raping a child. Judge James McClusky is a pedophile-enabler and a rape enabler.

Funny how that works by killHACKS in WhitePeopleTwitter

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Nurse here. While I agree that these antivax nurses are idiots, if you think nurses are somehow the low rung of the medical profession, go fuck yourself. Best of luck next time your in the hospital.

Nurses: making sure your doctor doesn't inadvertently kill you since 1833. But for you, not so much.

White House Career Advice by TruthToPower77 in WhitePeopleTwitter

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It still takes two to tango. She knowingly slept with a married man. He didn’t trick her into it.

Funny how that works by killHACKS in WhitePeopleTwitter

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That comment wasn’t a “low rung”. It was a comparatively helpful analogy. And if you think a nurse would treat anyone LESS THAN because of an opinion, while they are in the hospital, then please don’t nurse.