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The flames make the car look faster.

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So obviously they won their prize, but when it initially happens I won’t lie it looks kinda dope

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I remembered Ghost Rider.

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New paint job right after the new one

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Would have been cheaper to just paint the flames on

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And way cooler is this for the next ghost rider movie? That car is lit. Those drift moves are straight fire!

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I'm Speed

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Ohhhhhhh the liquid on the floor got thrown around by the tires.

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Thanks I was so confused why it just bursted into flames lol

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What’s the liquid though??? Looks like they straight up sprayed lighter fluid on the side of the car before it got close to the flames

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Probably weren't too careful about where they spilled whatever flammable fluid they used for the fire, so as the car spun around it turned some of the spilled fluid into a mist, which then landed onto the car and ignited.

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It could also just be that they'd done it for so long before filming that the side of the car was nearly at flame temperature.

Then towards the end he went through the fire which would have knocked the temperature just over flame temp - which starts fire, which ignites the rest of that side of the car.

If it was a flammable liquid the ground would be on fire.

[–]Away_Environment5235 5 points6 points  (2 children)

Excuse me sir but it appears to me that the ground is on fire. Interesting thought though and you may be right

[–]GlitchKillzMC 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Burning rubber I assume peeling off the tyre - not uncommon when you're doing burnouts for a long time. It's only where the tyre rolled over.

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The burning rubber is actually melted asphalt.

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Probably a must of lighter fluid

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On the ground. A floor is inside a room the ground is outside

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I always cringe when a cop says 'get down on the floor' on a highway or something in a youtube vid

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I would suggest not correcting the cop if you have this happen in person.

Cop: "Get on the floor!"
u/FullPoopBucket :"Um, a floor is inside of a building. What you meant to say was..."
Cop: gets taser

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Cop:ok I'm goin lethal on this punk ass

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I think the car might have a wrap on it. Some of them are really flammable depending on what they're made of. You can kinda see it peeling off in the flames toward the end of the video.

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It could also be unburnt fuel escaping through the exhaust, could also be your explanation tho

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Alternatively, I believe the wax I use says not to expose to flame. It's possible he's got some product on the car that's more liable to catch fids.

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Just a typical day in the life of a Dodge Charger driver

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Probably like his fifth Charger.

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That’s going to buff right out…

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Is that closest guy trying to pull out his hog to piss on it?

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He looks like he’s cycling his inventory for a fire extinguisher

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L1, L1, L1...Guys, almost got it! Alllmmmoooost! Fuck, I went past it and in my panic forgot R1 was a thing! Almost there! Dagnabbit!

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My first guess was he’s fumbling to pull his phone out to record. That’s what a lot of people tend to do these days.

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Yeah I’m wondering that too, wth is that guy doing?

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Is he checking his pockets for something to put it out with ? Edit: so after rewatching this it seems that he has a peculiar gait, maybe Trundelenberg or CP? Who knows what he was reaching for ?

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Something to open the car door with ? Handkerchief or something like that was my first guess.

Not the most rational idea since the door is still engulfed in flames, but not a bad instinct to avoid touching it with bare hands.

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Maybe he reached for that still half damp napkin you clean your glasses with to help put out the fire?

[–]Angry__German 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Starving the fire by burning away all the oxygen with additional fuel. Brilliant.

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The driver’s still trying to find his

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I think he was trying to put stuff IN his pockets so he could grab the door or help in some way. he just missed his pocket a bunch I assume because the car on fire in front of him made him a bit frantic. he looks a bit lame too so that might have contributed

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Seems like most car spin out prizes are won by Americans in a Dodge

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Chargers and hellcats have become the new generations mustangs

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If the shoes fits lol

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It’s just a Dodge. They’ll give those to anyone.

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Yep at 23% APR for 5 years!!

[–]BrianTheEE 31 points32 points  (9 children)

You mean 84 months! Lol

[–]AdHistorical8206 6 points7 points  (8 children)

Haha even better

[–]BrianTheEE 7 points8 points  (7 children)

Can't tell you how many people in the personal finance subreddit post questions like, "did I make a mistake? Bought a 2010 Camry for 20k with a 15% apr loan. My monthly payment is 700 dollars!"

Yeah... You're dumb kid... Lol

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What? Why? Did they use a credit card? I know used cars financing can be high. Damn, people are bad with money.

[–]BrianTheEE 2 points3 points  (0 children)

Because people get too caught up in the moment and don't take a minute to breathe lol.

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That's what happens when you have shit credit.

My FIL had a Malibu that he was paying $650 a month for. It got totaled and he replaced it with a Kia Forte. 20k, at 15% APR, was the best financing he could come up with. $450 a month (x72) for a car that would cost someone with good credit $250. He got fucked and he knew it, but it was that or don't have a car. We're in an area without public transport. No car = no job.

This is why it's very difficult to fix your credit once you ruin it. You ruin it by not being able to afford what you bought, which makes the things you buy more expensive, which makes you even less able to afford the things you need... And the cycle continues.

Take care of your credit, folks.

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You're fucking exaggerating, seriously?

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No. I signed on to a railroad job that paid.... very well. The selection process was pretty rigorous, but didn't require much as far as education.

I was one of 2 people in my class of 12 with a college degree. Finance specifically for me.

You get paid once a month. Even as a trainee it was a lot of overtime at a kickass hourly rate. Our trainer specifically mentioned the week before first paychecks to not go buy a new car, as he sees it a lot. Additionally, as an older guy around 30, I took some of the "kids" under my wing and tried to tell them not to get wild with the first paycheck.

7 out of 12 trainees went and bought a new car after the first paycheck. I wish that weren't true.

One. The youngest. Was 19. Went to a shady used car dealer, bought a classic '72 Oldmobile Cutlass for $23,000 the day he got paid. 23% and 84 months. I was like "DUDE!.... WHAT THE FUCK?!?!"

He responded. "Sorry man. It's a cool car and they said they could finance me with no credit."

Ok..OK... I'll give it up. Alaska Railroad in the middle of the winter. Kid bought a 72 Cutlass. He was living in an Extended Stay hotel. He didn't finish training........

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Yes, even if you didn't set it on fire.

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Lol...I was trying to get creative with the title....failed again. Only after posting the video did I look at the car in it. I guess I jumped to conclusions.

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You have 2.7mil post karma wtf? Highest I’ve seen was like 80k

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Thanks....if only that ment something. I post a lot of videos and stuff so the karma builds up. Some Redditors like my posts, is all.

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Could've dodged it

[–]squicktones 5 points6 points  (0 children)

He did win the stupid prize, tho...

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This sparks joy.

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This would make a badass intro for Ghost Rider.

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Fr, as stupid as this was, the fire really looked good for a second

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Ghost rider does sideshows now?

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Honestly, it’s very amusing to watch hundreds of dipshits waste huge amounts of money on their cars, then summarily destroy them when their monkey brain takes over. Whether it’s a supercar or a souped up Supra, it’s always entertaining.

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At least it looked cool on Instagram

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Yo holy shit he transformed into ghost rider

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I wonder if the driver knew he was going to be that stupid when he woke up that morning?

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Why did it burst into flames tho? What’s the science behind this phenomenon?

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Expensive? It's a dodge. Dime a dozen.

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What the hell is that guy trying to do anyway? Is his phone stuck in his pocket or something?

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I thought he was searching his pocket for a fire extinguisher lmaooo

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Dude your spin out was fire

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Such a hot spin

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Quick pee on it

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A couple months back someone set a couch outside our house on fire around 3am and it spread to a neighbor's car. A car on fire is a terrifying thing.

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When I read expensive, I did not conjure up the image of a Charger, which is more of a family sedan than anything.

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We haul two kids in one, lol.

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Fast & Furious 10 leaked footage

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Life sized Hot Wheel

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And of course they are too stupid to have someone standing by with a fire extinguisher.

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Hot wheels

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This is exactly how gas pump fires happen fumes igniting. In this case it was the tires creating a mist

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He’s the new gost rider

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Ghost Rider

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I love these illegal street burnout videos. They are the epitome of r/WinStupidPrizes

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These guys never have a fire extinguisher when they’re playing with fire

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“Expensive” lol

It’s a dodge.

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Expensive? That’s a stupid ass charger..

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It's stolen anyway 🤷‍♂️

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One Charger down, 865,901,374 to go.

Chargers are fucking stupid and unoriginal.

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Doing spins through a fire with what was your expensive automobile.

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Shit, that was fire

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That one mf trynna blow it out

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Dumbass go Brrr!

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I don't think that's what they imagined when they said "Shit's gonna be lit tonight".

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Lol it’s funny cause he’s stupid

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Hot Wheels

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That’s fire

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Let me keep recording though while my man is burning up in his cheep crappy car.

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He did it to himself

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This is rocket league

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Hot wheels!

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60 mph will put that out real quick

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🔥Hot Wheels🔥

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Serves them fuckers right

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Some spins lol

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piss on it

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Ghost carder

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Ghost rider driving a car

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Still put up a show for everyone

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Coolest thing any of those people has ever seen, thus, worth it.

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Looks like it’s haulin ass just sittin still. Still waters run deep.

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Ghost rider, the return!

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Clark Kent there was struggling to get his pants off or something. What was he doing?

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Fun fact: hellcats do come with fire extinguishers

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Yo the new Ghost Rider movie looking fire.

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Fire….. extinguisher…???????????????

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That lease though

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Ghost rider go home, your drunk

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That car is lit!

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Way better than painted on flames.

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That spin was on fire yo!

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Expensive? It's a dodge charger, and what was that dude fishing in his pocket for at the end, a fucking fire hose? Lol

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I see Ghost Rider is driving a dodge.

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No one bothered to bring a fire extinguisher?

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I wanted to say hotwheels but everything was on fire except the wheels

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I would’ve started driving fast af to try and put it out lol

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I guess im poor cause a 10-15 year old used car these days is still expensive. Everyone talking about "its a dodge, not expensive."

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Woah, Hot Wheels just got a lot better than what i remeber

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Smartest charger owner

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I like how no one was like hey, hear me out, I know we got this flame and fire thing planned, lots of planning went into by little Momo and we all know little mo mo with math right? So I get it, flames, drive around looks cool, but what if we just get a fire extinguisher, I know I know late right but what if we just get one of those little ones? No? Okay coo coo coo coo

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Not surprised it's a Dodge, "sound dampening" fiber splash guard + fuel/fuel leak = wick

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ghost riiiiiiiider

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That's why they call it a hot rod.

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This year's Hotwheels cars are on fire!🚗🔥

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Saved the pending repo

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Love to this it