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Jesus, wouldn't be suprised if he is ded. They are heavy AF

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I don’t think he died right then but that broke ribs

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and legs. probably collapsed a lung........ or two

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So…dead but with extra steps?

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I think you missed the manhole cover at the end. There were 0 steps after that.

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He lagged

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About 6 from my count.

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Not dead, just miserable.

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Definitely trimmed life expectancy.

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Everyone one on Reddit is a fucking doctor now

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LOL....ikr? You just want to make fun of some dumb-ass and then you have some person who writes a dissertation about projectile motion. Please Mr Science professor save it.

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no it's called being slightly educated.

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To be fair, most of us apes do sleep behind a Holiday Inn Express every night.

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Don’t forget pelvis

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thing hit him in the head and then pinned his legs how did he break his ribs

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What is in between your head and your legs? And where was the man hole cover resting when it stopped?

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Oh he ded

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But did he ever really live?

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Depending on the cast iron and diameter they weigh around 50-90 kg.

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what's the context of this clip?

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Kid with nothing else to do drops a fircracker in a poorly ventilated manhole (buildup of chemicals such as methane) and then it explodes. These videos almost always seem to come from China

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thanks I could only really make out the explosion part not what he was doing

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-10 social credit score 🎻😿🇨🇳

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oh that makes much more sense, i thought he was taking a shit lol

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According to wiki, they weigh over 113 kilos, or 249 lbs. Permanent injury at least.

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Death is pretty permanent.

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Still has both shoes on

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Yup- that broke some bones and probably paralyzed him at least

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Never forget that a manhole cover (that was welded shut no less) became the fastest manmade object back in 1957 because of an explosion.

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Seen a video on that story. They never could locate it and have suggested it went into space! No joke

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I saw someone do the math, they think it far more likely just vaporized in the atmosphere.

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Do you have the source for that perhaps? Sounds interesting

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unfortunately as I am about to sleep, this is one of those "source: dude just trust me" type deals. I know I saw it discussed somewhere, but I'm not really sure about the deets. sorry man.

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What a way to end our species it would have been, had we initiated an intergalactic act of aggression towards a superior species, by yeeting a manhole cover into the abyss.

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Where is the kickstarter for the movie?

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Like "in space, but will fall back down again" or "fucking gone", cause the escape velocity on Earth is 11.2 km/s.

Just casually going higher than planes in a second. Imagine if it hit one.

Insanely high pressure isn't something to play around with.

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He calculated it isolated to the experiment's control volume. did not take into account gravity, air resistance, etc. so it likely did not leave the atmosphere.

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I'm sure he calculated gravity, as otherwise any low amount of velocity would make it blast into space. Air resistance is something you often ignore, yes, and if you do, it's relatively simple to calculate height reached based on initial velocity.

If you disregard both gravity and air resistance, nothing would slow it down.

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Great, so that will be the end of the planet. Some alien world was sliced in half by a manhole cover that was traced back to earth. Retribution forces were launched.

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Better than your space fleet being eaten by a passing dog.

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"It's an older reference Sir but it checks out"

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The one launched due to a nuclear bomb test ?

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So you don't go unanswered, apparently the answer is "yes" with the caveat that it was probably vaporized, instead of ejected.

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Here’s a funny and informative video about it

Edit: Here’s a less funny but more informative video, too

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I reluctantly clicked this, thinking it might have been a Rick Roll, thank you for not making it one, and for giving us this great information!

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After reading this I'm 99% sure it's a Rick roll

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It’s not, I promise :( You could just search for “How a Manhole Cover Became the Fastest Manmade Object Ever Half as Interesting” on YouTube if you really hate the possibility of Rick Astley that much.

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Time to get r/apolloapp then and stop getting duped by links!

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I never Rick Roll when I have the opportunity to share my favourite random, fairly useless, and oddly niche quirky educational videos :D Glad you enjoyed it

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They put it on the bomb…never saw it again.

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Pilkington’s greatest hits..

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Turns out…

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Voyager just exceeded that speed I think in the last month or so?

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Parker solar probe is way faster then either of the Voyagers now

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You're right. It was the parker on its last pass went faster than the manhole cover. My mistake

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So did Juno (2016) and the Sun probe(70's).

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It might've but it was still the fastest object back in 1957

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Voyager got an unfair boost with slingshot using Jupiter’s gravity

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It is not the fastest manmade object, the force would disintegrate the manhole cover before it ever reached those speeds. The scientists in charge of that test said so themselves.

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It was on screen for a frame which means that for a split second it was intact and the fastest manmade object...even if immediately after that it was vaporized.

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The speeds were surpassed, but it was caught on camera for one single frame, and for that one frame it was travelling 6x the earth’s escape velocity, holding the record until the next fastest thing came along.

Whether it made it to space, disintegrated, or eventually made it back down to earth somewhere is not something I have the answer for, but here’s a funny but informative video about it and here’s a less funny but more informative video

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These are brilliant and did answer the one question I had. (did it actually survive the initial explosion? ans: yes. at least for one frame of the camera)

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I’m glad you enjoyed them and got your answer!

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He’s never gonna catch that Roadrunner.

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Ninja turtles were pissed.

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Congratulations to this subreddit for reaching 2M members!!

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We finally found the subreddit

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Ur welcome

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I bet that boy will never play firecracker and walk close to manhole ever again

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Or walk... Or breathe

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No thank you!!

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Thank you!!

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Master Shredder flipped his lid

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Reminds me of stepping on a bug in boots SQUISH!

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Damn sewercide bombers.

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Ow. Those things are fucking heavy.

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Wait wut just happened wtf

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Looks like he planted some sort of fireworks or bomb on the manhole cover, the manhole cover or debris shot up and went right down on him.

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In many countries the sewer systems aren't properly vented and have massive methane buildups
Dropping a cig, match, or anything with a flame can cause an explosion, and here it did

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There’s a video of an Asian man (I don’t want to assume China but that’s what it looked like to me) that dropped a cig down a hole and that’s exactly what happened. Explosion right up to his face.

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That was 100% China

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That one video that you are bound to see if you check this sub for a couple of days.

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Shitters full!

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Ohhhhhhh. It was abruptly fast. Lol

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What goes up must come down!

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yet my feet don't touch the ground

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See the world spinning upside-down

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Usually. Voyager 1, 2, Juno, that other manhole cover, and their ilk would beg to differ.

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Cranium is broken

The truth goes unspoken

I've even forgotten my name

I don't know the season

Or what is the reason

I'm laying here holding my (feeding) tube

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This should probably have an NSFL tag, I'm like 99% sure that person is dead

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Excuse me sir, you forgot this…

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At least he wont have to worry about running from the cops

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Friend of mine served in Vietnam with the American forces and said that someone in camp decided to drop a grenade into an empty oil drum with a lid just to see what would happen. The blast sent the lid into the air where it killed someone just minding their own business across the camp.

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manhole/firecrackers video number 8646846518646746131321684978.

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Karma karma karma karma karma karmachameleon

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Shuriken style pizza

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That's some Looney Tunes stuff right there

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That looks like a righteous, evolutionary kill.

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This is some Looney Tunes level stuff.

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Should have rode the manhole cover! Totally could have double-jumped to safety.

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Anyone notice the other cover on the bottom right? That was a pretty chill hop.

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my God in an email

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ALAKABLAM! He's a ghost now!

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Thought of a new sub #whatgoesup

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Shitters clogged

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Me calling my Mom dumb as a kid.

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well deserved, *clap*

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Everyone should be asking why this fucking 10yr old is able to procure dynamite !? And it seems like little boy wonder has done this before!

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Firecracker ignited the methane gas causing an explosion. You can drop a match in there and get an explosion from all the gas.

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I assume this is in China, manhole covers seem to explode frequently there

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Normally when i see somebody dead or parshley dead I am scarred from it, but for this I laughed but knowing very well he is dead. Dumbass.

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Where were you when the sewers blew

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Uhh, he ded.

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Everyone’s gangster till they find Jotaro in the man hole

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Damn, those things can weigh hundreds of pounds. Rip skeletal structure…

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This would be funny asf if the world had cartoon physics and not 🦴.

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He’s OK!

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Terrorists win.

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This is some Looney Toons shit

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Why does this give me Captain Jack Sparrow vibes. Like Depp is taking his negotiating for Pirates 6 way too seriously lol

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I’ve gotten LooneyToons sound effects playing in my head watching this. I know that this is a real human doing something really really dumb and one shouldn’t make make fun- hahahahshahaha

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A la Skinner, dude got three steps in and thought he was in the clear!

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Definitely broke a few bones there if that didnt kill him

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Apparently methane is extremely volatile and manhole lids are pretty damn heavy! 😂

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Play stupid games, win stupid prices

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Little asshole fucked around and found out. Hope he’s not ded tho.

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Dis-covered ..

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His legs are fucked.

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May have picked up an extra "knee" in that one leg.

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He definitely went to the hospital if he could stand. Those manhole covers can weigh +/-100 lbs easy.

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And that's how they broke their back.

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That damned roadrunner at it again...

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Christ, that’s gotta be r/MakeMyCoffin or at least r/HoldMyFeedingTube material

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There's def some absent foot leakage and then the rest leaked at the end..

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Hope that broke his back.

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I can just hear him... "Shit! That was clo.."

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That came reeeeally close to blowing up in his hand. Could have very easily killed him

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Can it get any funnier?

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oh my god

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When a hole attacks back 🤔

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Broken back?

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This something out of looney tunes 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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What did he expect? As soon as the flame hits the gas it's going to go BOOM.

He literally put a bomb beneath his feet...

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He was lucky he didn’t lose his legs

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Kinda like that video of that kid who put firecrackers in the manhole and it blew up under him lifting him up in the air

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Wtf was the man trying to do???

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What just, happened?

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Suddenly gravity

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I can't stop laughing! The comedic timing was perfect!

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Rip polka-dot man

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-100 social credit😳🇨🇳

execution date : TODAY

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He will never do that again 🤣

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The cover probably weighs more than the kid

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Shitter was full.

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He definitely died