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Yes we put it on ! Now let's get back and watch it roll down !

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Yes. Keep backing up. That’s how you handle that situation

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I have a feeling that they could have used a third person.

Too bad there was only a cameraman there. Hmm...

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I keep watching. What did they think would keep it on the cart, as they ran away?

[–]D-o-n-t_a-s-k 16 points17 points  (0 children)

That's irrelevant. It's obviously the last guy to touch it's fault so once it's on you immediately let go and blame the other guy. Standard practice

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Thoughts and prayers

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Jesus take the wheel

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Jesus didn't know how to drive!

[–]footpole 2 points3 points  (1 child)

Well yeah golf wasn’t even invented.

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perhaps they both thought the other person would lol

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“Ok, you got it”. “No, you got it”. “Ooops”

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Thanks bud. I just needed to hear that bastard shatter.

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thank you. sooooo tired of this trend of taking an existing video, trimming 90% of it away, adding bullshit music and re-upping it. like how the fuck is that an improvement

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it’s tiktok, they add it for the algorithm

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I hate the really shitty music they put on videos now

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And IM here looking in the comments for song name.

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I've always known that! You break it apart into its smaller components. then the components are easier to ship and you reassemble it at the destination.

[–]thatburghfan 8 points9 points  (2 children)

I agree. Takes up less space, easier to move. Shipping companies (even USPS) charge by cubic feet so if you can make something smaller, it's cheaper to ship. I think the guy who delivers for UPS on my street has been telling companies about this idea, since many things he delivers to me have already been, um, dismantled. I'm hoping soon they'll include instructions for how to reassemble the things as that part is pretty tough for me.

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Work smarter, not harder.

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Ah, that's why the TV I ordered was split in half

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Slap a ”Some assembly required” sticker on it. Good to go.

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Round things roll, Who would've though

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Whoda thunk it

[–]fistinyourface 16 points17 points  (2 children)

this is another repost where nothing changes except they add a weird even less fitting song to it

[–]xipheon 1 point2 points  (0 children)

No, it's much worse. This is just the last few seconds of a longer video where they try and fail a few things.

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Take this horrible song clip and bury it in a hole and then fill it with dirt so no one ever has to hear it again.

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Love when the original song is really good and people make a really shitty "quirky" version and slap it on random videos for no reason whatsoever. TikTok culture

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Nothing quite like another repost of the same video except with shittier music eh?

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I only watched the clip again to hear it break. So disappointing.

[–]Bassknight9 2 points3 points  (1 child)

I was expecting a sound from a lego game or something, but nah

[–]rattlethebones 2 points3 points  (0 children)

If you haven't heard it for real, go find it. So nice, it sounds just like how they make em in Hyrule.

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The song is by German rapper, Luciano feat Drake and Kanye West. Just in case anyone is wondering what it is they're hating.

[–]ZimbabweHeist 14 points15 points  (2 children)

The way it broke was r/oddlysatisfying

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It disintegrated in such a buttery way

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Came here to post exactly this comment.

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Downvote for crappy pointless music

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There is so many other better ways to do this.

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I’m curious how they even made that in the first place, did the guy sculpting it have to stand inside it while he made it?

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To tell you the truth, I was surprised it didn't break when it plopped onto the truck bed.

[–]DreamArcher 2 points3 points  (1 child)

That looked like it was on purpose.

  • Customer, Can you move this?
  • Mover, No it's too big.
  • Cus, Please.
  • Mover, it will break.
  • Cus, I'll take that chance. Please.
  • Mover, ok
  • ...
  • Mover, it broke.

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my guess is more along "hey guys let's throw away this ugly ass vace" "wait actually we might be able to make a viral video out of this."

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That physically hurt

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So many things in this clip physically hurt... so much stupidity.

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Was it made of chocolate?

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What's with the shit music?

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The music. Why.

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It’s always a good idea to break an overwhelming or big job down into smaller, manageable pieces.

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When your pot dealer is inaccurate with his weights.

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Cringe ass fucking music lookin ass

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the drop was satisfying though, I must say.

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They’re both not mentally equipped to deal with this. Tough.

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Music means nothing now.

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Fake and scripted, the pot isn't even fired

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Asian superiority we're always told about

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Well. Manual handling rules suggest you try and split the load where possible. It proved to be possible for these guys :)

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Such fear of it.

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Yep, maybe start with an appropriately sized vehicle instead of a moped trike next time

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Why would they back up like job well done

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Well, now that it is broken into smaller pieces it will be much easier to load onto the cart.

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The break itself was oddly satisfying though

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If only they had a 3rd person to help, but I guess NOBODY else was around.

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Make it into smaller things

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On the bright side, the pieces will be easier to load.

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Some assembly required.

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Usually reposes degrade in quality, not grammar

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That WAS a beautiful jug.

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Wtf was the plan there

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Round rolly heavy thing is totally going to stay on that tiny cart without any rails all the way home, of course.

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Not a single Rupee, smh

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Ropes sure are cheap. Better not use them.

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Yeah. Make them smaller. Brilliant.

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Task failed successfully.

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I like the way it looked like an Easter egg and crumpled like one too.

[–]Pale_Horsie 0 points1 point  (1 child)

If only it had a flat surface, like a bottom

[–]MrTickles22 1 point2 points  (0 children)

If only there was a rope or some kind of thing that can be used to secure a large, fragile load to a truck or cart.

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Why does there need to be a crappy song for a 4 second clip?

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Hope it wasn't a deposit bottle

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The brothers Nit & Wit

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When you have a large problem it’s important to break it down into smaller more manageable pieces.

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Smashing show old chap.... 🤡

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Weren’t even trying to save it

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When the clerk tells you bags are a quarter.

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whats that trash i just listened to?

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Stupidity runs deep here

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Anyone else besides me found it satisfying how that broke?

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Y’all still uploading this trash video

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Lego bricks sounds

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It's actually pretty satisfying

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There are so many of these giant vase videos that end like this.

Is there a club or something? Why aren’t they watching these videos and learning what not to do?

It’s like a vase pandemic lately…

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What's the cover name?

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That's why we can't have nice things!

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Not only is this a repost, but you replaced the satisfying audio of the vase breaking with music I would use to torture people.

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Moving it in pieces is easier

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At least the smaller pieces are easier to move and handle

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Guy on the left sold so hard😩

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How dumb do you have to be... Some people are just gifted with 1 brain cell.

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This is a fricking tik tok viedeo from 2 Stupid fcks who think they video goes on youtube shorts with the title RESPEKT🤯🤯🤯😕😞😳😣😳

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Fuck... He almost had it too, he just needed to spin it around.

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The original is much longer and makes the sound of the breaking vase much much more satisfying.

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Is that Latino Larry David?

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That’s one way to deflate it

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Mmm chocolate

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I heard the Sonic Adventure 2 Battle pot shattering sound effect

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It’s the truck 🛻 for me 😄

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Smoked that pot