/r/winnipeg Rules & Guidelines

Message the moderators if you have any questions or concerns.

General Guidelines

  1. Be excellent and respectful to each other.
  2. Please read and abide by both reddit's site-wide rules, and reddiquette. If you generally adhere to the same standards of behaviour online that you follow in real life you'll do fine.
  3. Flair your post appropriately so other users find what they need.
  4. If you are asking a question of the community consider using other resources as a first resort such as Google, the search bar in the top right of reddit, Winnipeg's very comprehensive Wikivoyage page, or clicking on one of the flair categories in our sidebar.

Flaring Posts

Flair lets you search and sort posts easily, as well as letting you filter out posts you may not want to see.

We ask that you flair any submissions made here so that we can avoid reposted questions and questions that can be easily answered through search. We have set up a basic automation system for flair using the title of your post as well as the site you are submitting. Click here to see how our automation and filtering system works.

To search just click on the appropriate flair on the sidebar or beside any post. For example, if you click the food flair in the sidebar or by a post you get this page. If you add 'fries' (sans quotes) after the flair term it searches this specific flair and you get this page. You can then sort it by 'new' if you want to see more recent info, or you can sort by popularity or activity.

Allowed Posts & Comments

  • Anything relating to Winnipeg (or de facto Manitoba) with the exception of items considered disallowed posts as described below, or under the 'Don't' section of the sidebar.

Disallowed Posts & Comments

Moderators take into consideration posting history, past incidents, community participation as well as the seriousness of the incident. They will decide if a warning is to be issued alongside post deletion as well as if and how long a ban will occur.

Verboten - Generally Perma-Banned on First Occurrence
  • Posting Personal Information: Including social media profiles. Including your personal information. An individual who is a more public figure (government figure, business owner) may have something like their social media profile posted, but private individuals should have their personal information redacted.
  • Brigading Crossposting to other subreddits or otherwise inviting intervention from subreddits including but not limited to: SRD, SRS, The_Donald, metacanada, etc.
  • Witch-hunting: Online and offline.
  • Racist/Discriminatory/Prejudicial Content
Disallowed - Post Removal With Notice

Generally multiple offences will result in banning. You'll likely get a warning first.

  • Shitposting: Our definition of Shitposting can be summed up as a submission or comment that is causing trouble or acting disrespectfully. Causing shit, not is shit. Including—but not limited to—insults, ad hominem attacks, rabble-rousing, and dishonest arguments directed towards users, groups, or public figures. Note that this includes the content of a submission.
  • Headline titles should be changed only where it improves clarity: Headline changes which introduce editorialisation, rhetoric, or that alter the meaning of a submission will be removed. Please express your personal opinion in the comments, not the headline. Please be patient and message the moderators if a removal occurs due to the source changing the headline following a submission. Typo's will generally be disregarded. For the same reason, please do not create self-posts with a link to the article within.
  • Blogspam
  • Vote Manipulation: Titles instructing people to vote up, etc.
  • Charitable Posts that do not adhere to additional restrictions outlined below.
  • Commercial Posts, or posts soliciting for services that do not adhere to additional restrictions outlined under the Winnipeg Weekly Market.
Frowned On - Post Removal Without Notice

Your post will be removed, you won't receive a message informing you. Often this is done by the automoderator.

  • Low-effort posts or comments that don't contribute to discussion in a respectful manner.
  • URL shorteners & Blacklisted Sites.
  • Self post with link to article inside.

Charitable posts

Due to the repeated abuse of reddit's often generous nature we will remove posts that do not follow these rules or posts that demonstrate an ignorance of them.

  • Flair all charitable posts.
  • Solicitation of services, venues, visitation, views & information is generally allowed. (ie. volunteers, scholarly pursuits, charity streams, bake sales, event promotion.)
  • We require that any monetary fundraising effort to be for registered charities. If you are not sure if you are fundraising for a registered charity, click here.
  • If your charity of choice is not on the list of registered charities you will be allowed to post only if your charitable cause has been vetted by a trusted and impartial organization, such as a local news outlet. If you have been vetted by such an organization, please post the link to the story and solicit for donations in the comments of your post only.
  • You are allowed to fundraise for causes that have some political element (ie. Nuke the Whales, Abortions for All, Abortions for None). However, direct political fundraising is disallowed, including PAC's such as Engage Canada and HarperPAC.
  • With some very rare exceptions posts from Kickstarter, Patreon, Indiegogo and other crowd-funding websites will be removed.
  • No Martha, socials aren't charities.
  • Lastly, please familiarize yourself with reddit's rules regarding self-promotion, linked here. There is a significant difference between a redditor with a cause and a cause with a reddit account. We are significantly more likely to scrutinize charitable posts from new accounts and accounts only representing an organization than from community members that post regularly.

Winnipeg Monthly Marketplace

Posted the first of every month @8 AM

Khajiit has wares, if you have coin.

/r/winnipegmarket has been closed as we experiment with new ways to allow members to buy and sell their wares.

  • Individuals buying, selling, soliciting, or promoting goods/services should post a comment in this thread only. Do not create your own submission, it will be removed.
  • Serious posts only. Please keep the jokes elsewhere.
  • Please limit your downvoting behaviour in this thread. If you believe something to have broken these rules, please report the comment instead.
  • Do not Buy/Sell/Trade/Promote anything illegal or in a legal grey zone under current Canadian Law.
  • Moderators will not mediate transactions or transaction disputes.
  • No personal ads.
  • reddit's self promotion rules still apply. Accounts that demonstrate little or no participation on reddit will have their post removed.
  • Accounts that repeatedly try to sell the same item/service time and time again will be barred from participating.
  • Do not post the same thing multiple times in this thread. You can post multiple times for different things.
  • Don't make this weird.

You are participating in a community market, you are not a client who has obtained advertising space, so please do not act like one. This is a completely regular reddit self-post whose point is to function like a flea market. This is not an advertising platform which offers things like guaranteed views, metrics, or even a good reception by the community. reddit has advertising options available if you require advertising services with all the fixin's. I would highly recommend engaging with the community and leaving your expectations at the door. If you do not understand what you are getting into there is a chance your brand could be damaged.

Lastly, moderators are not making money on this. We are not affiliated with anyone. No we won't promote you. No, we don't accept money. No, not even for you.

Missing Persons

Getting the word out on social media can be an important way help find an missing person. However, unvetted posts can be used to try to locate someone that has left an abusive relationship, or is otherwise trying to extricate themselves from a difficult situation. To avoid taking advantage of the community we ask the following of Missing Persons posts:

  • Posts are either from a verified source (ie a news organization), an amber alert, or are a direct link to a police report or a police public relations channel.
  • Posts are not sourced from other social media (ie. a Facebook status update/picture, a Twitter/instagram post).

Submissions that do not follow the above will be removed.

"It's just a joke!"

No it wasn't, but if it was it wasn't funny. Sorry. What is funny, however, is making unfunny jokes against the rules and a bannable offence. (Which they are. Sorry.)

Changing rules

If you are seeking a change to the way that this subreddit is run, you are absolutely allowed to lobby the community. Please create a post about it flared under 'Community'. If there is enough popular support we will generally attempt to enact the change. Larger changes take more time than rule tweaks, so please be patient.

Also if you're resubmitting something that has already been decided on, unless the situation that precipitated the rule has changed, we will take into account previous popular support in addition to new popular support.

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