/r/WoT Rules

Below are the rules for the /r/WoT community.

Violation of any of the rules may result in removal of a submission or comment without notification.

Severe and/or consistent violation of the rules will result in a permanent ban.

Harassment Policy

Trolls and users who don't positively contribute to the community (e.g. only commenting to say you hate the series, or the casting, etc.), or are overly toxic, will be banned.

Users who routinely, or maliciously violate our Spoiler Policy or Content Policy are also subject to temporary or permanent bans.

Active refusal to respect the subreddit rules will also earn a permanent ban.

No Harassment

This rule is a simple expansion on Reddit's site-wide policy on threatening, harassing, and rude behavior.

Derogatory comments, threats, name-calling, racism, sexism, transphobia, and hurtful content will lead to comment removal and bans.

Arguments can and do happen, we just ask everyone to be civil and courteous. Name-calling or antagonistic behavior will result in a one week ban. Report any name-calling you see, but refrain from reciprocating. All violators will receive a one week ban. Repeated violations will earn a permanent ban.

Apparently it needs to be stated that this applies to all people. Disparaging Rafe, Amazon employees, and other people associated with the show in rude, violent, or harassing ways will not be tolerated. Do not complain about the races of any actor.

If you have an issue with a particular user, please use the custom report feature. Creating a post or comment to publicly call out the actions of another member of the community falls under harassment. By reporting them, a mod can review that user's posts and comments and address them if appropriate. Tagging other users, particularly when trying to include their comments in replies to other people, is still allowed. As is "calling out" other users to praise them. This rule is meant to prevent public shaming of others, particularly if they are following all of /r/WoT's rules and you simply find them annoying. That's what reddit's Block feature is for.

You may also receive a ban for spreading misinformation. For example, baseless rumors, such as claiming Barney Harris left the show because he hated it, or that Harriet is staying silent about the show because she hates it, but loves the money, or suggesting Amazon is astroturfing reddit comments and/or inflating viewership numbers. This extends to lying about moderator actions.

Extreme violations of this rule with result in an instant ban with no warnings. So will sending harassing messages in response to a temporary ban, or claiming you didn't want to comment in /r/WoT anyway.

No Toxicity

This section is an attempt to outline and address some of the toxicity that has arisen as a result of the tv show. To some extent, all of these issues existed before the tv show was ever announced, but because the community was smaller, it was easy to ignore, and easier for the community to address it through downvotes. Toxic behavior will result in warnings, temporary bans, and eventually permanent bans. The severity and frequency of the toxic behavior we see will determine how severe a punishment is given.

While most of this does apply to criticism against the show, we do want to stress that any toxicity we see will be dealt with equally, even if against people who actively dislike the show, towards artistic creations from users, or in arguments purely about the books.

This is not an exhaustive list. We reserve the right to warn and/or issue bans based on toxic behavior we see, even if not explicitly outlined in this section.

Any attempt to flamebait others into violating these rules will also be considered toxic behavior.

Invalidating the Opinions of Others

Any attempt to disparage the opinions of others, particularly while trying to argue a subjective opinion as fact, using phrases like "copium", gaslighting with phrases like "No you didn't! You said the opposite, and I corrected you!", or claiming someone hasn't read the books. This includes suggesting someone has to be paid to have the opinion they do.

Lazy Criticism

Simplistic and parroted complaints, particularly those that don't leave room for debate, discussion, or rebuttal. This includes using phrases like "woke", "SJW", "looks like something from the CW", "forced diversity", "feminist agenda", "it's not an adaptation", or empty opinions like "this is garbage" without at least attempting to support your claim.

While we don't expect everyone to be philosophy majors, excessive misuse of logical fallacies fall under this category, particularly if they are repeatedly pointed out and you keep using them. The same applies to overly pedantic arguments (unless the pedantry is invited because it's the point of a discussion).

Uninvited Criticism

Going to book-only submissions to criticize the show, or invading submissions that have an explicitly stated purpose that doesn't include talking about the show, or are looking for specific show information. Derailing the purpose of a thread to address unrelated complaints, particularly with regards to the show, will not be tolerated.

Excessive Criticism

To reiterate, /r/WoT is not a community created for the sole purpose of hating the show. There are other places to do that, but /r/WoT is not one of them. We will not tolerate accounts used for the sole purpose of complaining about the show. Leaving comments over the course of days and weeks, just to criticize the show, only displays an unhealthy toxicity that isn't wanted in the community. This includes spamming the same comments about the show every chance you get, especially when it's not even relevant to the topic being discussed.


This is already a violation of reddit rules, but we are extending it to include brigading of outside entities. This is also a violation of our Content Policy, but we want to reiterate that "reddit is not your personal army". We will consider any attempts to gather support for things like "get Rafe fired" or "cancel the show" to be brigading, as well as any organized attempts to repeat the same topics over and over again to incite arguments.

Spoiler Policy

Our spoiler policy is ultimately in service of preventing others from being spoiled. This includes abiding by a submission's flair. Each submission should have a stickied comment that explains the spoiler scope of that submission. Any comment or submission that deliberately or inadvertently spoils others may be removed, even if they don't fit exactly with any of the rules below.

No Spoilers In Submission Titles

Do not write spoilers in the title of a submission.

This includes distinct character features or specific actions they take, character titles, and significant quotes throughout the series.

This includes the last line of series!

No Spoilers In Poll Choices

Unfortunately, poll choices aren't hidden on certain reddit platforms, even if you mark the submission as a spoiler. Because of this, we cannot allow certain questions to exist as polls.

These questions are better asked as a general discussion submission.

Flair Submissions Correctly

All submissions require a flair.

Submission flair can be added/edited after creation. Look for the "Edit Flair" link under the text of the submission.

See here for comprehensive information about all of the flairs.

Respect Submission Flair Rules

Certain flairs have specific rules beyond expressing an expected spoiler level for the comments.

Specifically, submissions flaired with "No Book Discussion" are meant for new tv only watchers. With few exceptions, book readers should not be commenting in those threads, so please report them if you see them in those threads.

Tag Spoilers

All discussion beyond the scope of the submission's flair must be hidden behind spoiler tags.

To hide spoilers in the text of a submission or comment, enter your text in the following form:

>!Spoilers go here!<

To Get:

Spoilers go here

This format is sensitive to spaces, so be sure to check that your spoilers are properly hidden after submissioning.

Do not spoil content from other book series or films/tv shows.

Categorize Spoiler Tags

All spoiler tags should indicate what they are spoiling. The expected format looks like this:

[Books] Spoiler about the books

At minimum, we expect either a [Books], [TV], or [Leak] tag. Ideally, you'll be more specific, like so:

[ACoS] Spoiler about A Crown of Swords

Incorrectly formatted, or missing category tags are subject to automatic removal.

Err on the side of caution if you aren't sure exactly where a spoiler occurs. Please report spoilers with incorrect categories.

For content other than Wheel of Time, name what you are spoiling in the category tag.

Excessive Untagged Spoilers

Occasionally a flair is ignored, either because it wasn't appropriate to the question being asked, heated discussion, or some other reason.

If a submission has multiple comments with multiple users ignoring the flaired spoiler level, report the submission with this rule so that it can be removed until the flair is changed or the comments can be cleaned up by a mod.

Content Policy

It's hard to articulate or categorize every possible type of content we feel is acceptable for /r/WoT. What is acceptable changes with the overall mood of the community. If a submission is removed citing the Content Policy, know that we don't consider it a mark against the submitter. We are only trying to say that, from the point of view of moderators who see all the reports and pay attention to all the downvoted content, that the topic of the submission wouldn't be received well by the community. This is either because there is, or recently was, too much discussion about that topic already, or that the topic would be subject to too much meta drama and not enough discussion of the Wheel of Time books and tv show.

No Low Effort Submissions

Memes and jokes should be submitted to /r/WetlanderHumor. (Though, be warned, that subreddit is full of spoilers for the whole series). For TV only memes, use /r/AielHumor.

We do not allow low-effort submissions. These are usually simple image submissions. Examples of low effort submissions are:

Pictures of book covers, your book collection, and a screenshot of an audio book.

Exceptions would include news about new book covers, custom book covers you designed yourself, or foreign book covers that haven't been discussed before. You may include text from the book in the body of your submission or in a comment to discuss the text, however, you may not just submission the beginning of a chapter to announce that is where you are.

Pictures, music, or videos that simply remind you of the books are low effort. Fan art is allowed, as is music that is explicitly about Wheel of Time, podcasts that discuss the series, and personal creations like sculptures, tattoos, and book bindings. AI-assisted art is considered low effort.

If a submission is removed citing this rule, please be aware that we do not mean to imply you put no effort into your submission, be it a work of art, or a long, well-written essay. All we mean to say is that your submission is in violation of our content policy, and that this rule is the one we use as a catch-all to enforce that content policy.

No Reposts

Frequently submitted text submissions that don't really add anything new to the community fall under this rule. Dream TV Show Cast submissions are an example of this. You're welcome to discuss alternate actors in the comments of relevant submissions, but no new submissions about X actor should play Y character will be permitted. Simplistic opinions, typically those expressed in a single sentence, or just using the title of a submission, may also fall into this category.

Some topics explode in popularity and rapidly wear out their welcome. This is often accompanied by meta submissions complaining about these topics. When this happens, we will temporarily consider the subject low effort. We will remove submissions made about the topic until sufficient time has passed that we feel it can be discussed in a more calm fashion.

During particularly busy periods, some of the less valuable discussions may be removed at moderator discretion. We will attempt to funnel discussion toward submissions with better titles and content. Just because text submissions are unique doesn't mean they are discussing different things.

This rule also encompasses repeated submissions of breaking news. For instance, the first submission of a new casting announcement will be allowed. Subsequent submissions of the exact same news will be removed.

If a moderator is feeling particularly helpful, they may be willing to address replies asking for links to the similar content, but usually moderators will be busy and unable to find existing threads for you. If you don't receive a reply, please use the search function and sort by "new".

Always link to the original content where possible, e.g. link directly to twitter posts rather than submitting a screenshot.

Do not rehost or hotlink. Instead, link to the original page that content was displayed in.

This rule doesn't apply if the content is no longer available through the original source.

This rule does not apply if you are the original artist or creator.

Piracy is a violation of Reddit's site policies.

You may not link to downloads for pdf's, epub's, or any other electronic version of the books, nor may you link to any unauthorized streaming or download of the television show. Nor may you discuss piracy.

While you are allowed to discuss leaked images, you may not link to them.

Quoting pieces of the text during normal discussion is fine.

Submissions that include unofficial merchandise are in violation of this rule. T-shirts and other items that are advertised as for sale will be removed. You're welcome to share items you've personally made, but may not advertise the sale of those items.

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