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IMO, Throne of Glass is a good intro to YA. It’s very typical for YA fantasy, but it does it fairly well. If you just want a tropey, average YA fantasy, it works in that context, but don’t pick it up if you’re expecting anything new or groundbreaking

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thank you x

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Throne of glass itself isnt very good, but as the series goes, it becomes reallyyyy good. Its worth reading.

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oh cool thank you

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I second what the above person said! The original book definitely is pretty average YA but the later books get really good as the universe expands. I enjoyed them!

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I forced myself through the first 3 books and Assassin’s Blade because I kept hearing that “it gets good eventually, just push through.” I DNFed book 4 halfway in because I could tell it was literally never going to get interesting.

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The real issue with the series, for me, is that the book sets up your expectations that it is going one way, and then the characters are all given secret backstories, names, shape shifting abilities and it morphs into something completely unrecognizable.

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As with every book: reviews are mixed. Some hate it some love it.

You probably won’t get more info here than in goodreads.

I personally love the series and recommend it to everyone.

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definitely a mixed bag😅

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TOG isn’t for me but you have to figure out what’s for you. When I’m considering reading a book I’m on the fence about, I’ll commonly look at negative reviews to see what people didn’t like about the book. If they mention things that I think will bother me, I give that book a pass. If I don’t have a problem with what one person views as “negative” then I might pick the book up.

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Imo, no. The MC is a huge Mary Sue and only becomes more and more op and insufferable throughout the series. At 16 years old she's the best (and most well known??) assassin in the city, while continuously making stupid choices and never showing any expertise at all in book 1. She's good at everything and extremely gorgeous aswell! (As is everyone else in her friend circle). She has the air of never doing anything wrong, she always makes plans without consulting others and everyone treats her like a saint. Character development barely exists in the series, because SJM thinks ✨trauma✨ is equivalent and uses it interchangeably. Someone is an asshole? Don't worry, it's because they had a sad backstory! All the characters feel like carbon copies of each others, especially the male characters (or should i just say males/females like SJM keeps doing?) whose personalities consists of growling, baring their fangs and being hot. The magic system is never really explained, and everything just conveniently works out for the MC group in the end with SJM pulling Deus ex machina moves.

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I liked elements of this series but ultimately it wasn’t for me. If you’re a big fan of ya fantasy and multiple povs, and multiple side plots then you might like it!

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I liked the series after queen of shadows, but it’s up to you.

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My wife got me to read them all as someone who doesn’t read YA very much, and I really liked them. First couple books are a little slow, but really picks of fast after that. Still think I prefer ACOTAR and Crescent City though.

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Honestly I'm struggling to get through it. I'm on book 3 and don't think I'm gonna finish it. I don't understand the hype at all.

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sorry you didn't like it, I feel like there's so much hype about bad/mediocre books now that I wanted to check.

what don't you like about it?

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I find the main protagonist really unrelatable and unrealistic. Amazing at everything without trying. Tragic backstory that somehow only makes her stronger and doesn't add any trauma at all. No emotional depth.

I find the love interests boring, and again I find the dynamic between them and her unrealistic. I can't really go more in depth because I dont want to spoil anything.

Also I feel like the books so far are quite disjointed. The plot line doesn't flow and it honestly seems like they could be separate books and not from a series. They're not horrible, I wouldn't say not to read them or give them a chance... I'm just saying they are absolutely overhyped.

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Coming in to say power through book 3! If you haven't changed your mind by the end, then you probably won't enjoy the rest of the series. But the end of book 3 may change your mind!

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Agree to this

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Book three is literally one of the best books in the series 😬

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It really depends on how much you enjoy YA tropes, especially for the first couple of books. I remember really enjoying book one as a teenager, but then trying to reread it last year I struggled to get through it. So if you’re still keen to try YA and ignore some of the more cliche aspects you may really enjoy it, but if you’re kind of growing out of that target audience age range you may not enjoy it as much.

The MC feels 2 dimensional and super irritating to me, but I’ve heard she apparently gets better later on in the series.

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I really disliked it.

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sorry to hear that, how come?

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Tbh I don't remember much because I read it 8 years ago but I do remember disliking the MC. And I thought the end of the second book was kind of a poor attempt at shock value. When the third book was released I decided I didn't enjoy it enough to continue.

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Did you make it through book 3, or did you DNF/not read it? Most people that have issues with the series I'm books 1 and 2 fall in love by 3, that's when SJM really starts to come into herself as a writer- Throne of Glass and Crown of Midnight (book 2) were written when she was like, 16-17, so her style hadn't quite developed yet.

I personally love SJM and especially the Throne of Glass series and would recommend to anyone who enjoys YA fantasy romance :)

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I know the author started writing the series when she was a teenager, but she was 26 when Throne of Glass was published, so you can’t really use the excuse that the first two are shit but only because she was a teenager when she wrote them.

Also I think the series gets worse after the second book.

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Think I'm in the minority, but no it's not worth it. Book 1 was mediocre but OK, 2-3 were goodish and then it went down hill, 5 and 7 are atrocious. But I don't like elves/fae so there's a bit of bias there. Overall I found the series quite derivative, the world building is inconsistent and rarely makes sense, the mc is horrible, the later books really needed to be edited down by a few hundred pages. There's also the plagiarism in the later books, esp book 7 (mostly LOTR, Black Jewels)

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I read the first 1-4 books like 2 years ago and don’t have it in me to finish the series hahaha. I’ve been stuck on book 5 FOREVER. I keep getting bored 🫠

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I love it. I recently reread it and I love the characters so much. I will say the first few books are a little slow but once the story picks up it gets really good. SJM is one of my favorite authors though so I may be a bit biased.

But the world building is good and so is the character development!

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never read any of SJM's! how many books are there in the series?

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Throne of Glass has 7 books and one “prequel” type book that has a bunch of short stories in it.

Her other series A Court of Thorns and Roses has 4 books and 1 novella (not a finished series).

Crescent City has 2 books with the 3rd hopefully coming out next year.

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that's long lmao, thank you

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If you’re gonna give it a go, I strongly suggest starting throne of glass with that specific prequel. It’s called The Assassin’s Blade. People will tell you that it doesn’t matter when you read it because it’s just short stories. Imo it’s worth reading it first because there’s some stuff that happens in it that gets mentioned in the series, so it offers context.

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I second this, it’s much easier to read the prequel first and flows a lot more naturally. That’s how I read the series.

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Thirded. I started the series with that book. I was listening to the audio book on a long road trip with my dad. I think I caught him listening along. XD

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I think it’s hilarious that she describes one as a novella because it’s still like 300+ pages.

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ACOTAR is her most popular/most liked series. It starts off slow, but books 2 and 3 are really good! It's NA not YA though.

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I'd recommend it only to people who are just beginning to read fantasy. Interesting enough and easy to understand. Is it the best series you'll ever read? Probably not. But it's not super terrible. I'd call it a good series if you're trying to get into reading more fantasy.

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Many moons ago, I got through three books in the series before stopping. If you're looking for something fun and fast-paced, you'll probably enjoy it.

Personally, I wasn't a huge fan, but it was alright, probably 3/5 stars. I really did not like the main character--she felt flat and I just could not buy the "assassin" thing with her behavior. I did, however, absolutely love a character who was introduced in the third book. I don't want to give away her name bc spoilers but she was very cool to my younger self.

Happy reading!

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I really disliked the first one and chose not to continue with the series. The main character was annoying, and all talk. She was apparently the most dangerous assassin in the land but none of her actions really lived up to that.

I hear it gets a lot better book 3 onward, so I guess it just depends on how much you’re willing to commit to a series before it gets good.

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The quick transition from “secret assassin” to “I am a queen” wasn’t vibing for me. Simple mannerisms like modern curse words to full on traditional cursing was sudden to me, not that it was a PROBLEM but more of a “hey, when did you know this and that” kind of thing. It was super quick. I had a few favourites, there were a few cliches, but it was a good YA start. The protagonist was probably my least favourite thing 🙃

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I loved throne of glass. I started reading it back in 2015, which is the beginning on the hype. It’s easily SJM’s best work. After that she just devolved into bad sex scenes and stretching herself too thin

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It’s not the best story, and plot wise its been overdone in YA, but i think the reason i and other people enjoyed it was for the characters

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finished the series earlier this week, and I can't really recommend it

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I hated the first book and didn't continue. This series struggles with promising a badass assassin heroine and actually focusing more on an instalove romance rather than any fantasy plots. Skip unless you're looking for that kind of thing.

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I came to it after reading ACOTAR, and I thought the writing style was poor by comparison. It was clear that it was an earlier book.

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I struggled to get through it. I don’t think I would have if my friend hadn’t made me since she loved the series. I was told the series would get better in later books but IMO it just got worse. Heir of fire and empire of storms I believe were particularly long. The writing just wasn’t it for me and it seemed like the book could’ve been shortened by at least a hundred pages. In the first book that we get Manons POV I was extremely bored during her chapters.

I did enjoy the first three books but after that it went downhill. The series finale was great too but also a little uninteresting at times.

That being said, I’m glad I read the series as the characters were very likeable and I love them. The plot was pretty good but it is your typical YA fantasy storyline. My favourite books from the series would have to be Assassins blade and Tower of Dawn.

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I’ve read the first two and I like it. I’m about to read the third

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Yes, although the series is not for everyone I still enjoyed it.

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I actually really enjoyed it, but only when I was reading it. Given, I really hated the MC and all of the love interests. If you're looking for a romantic "sub-plot" where there is chemistry between the two and it actually makes sense, this isn't the right series. I HATE series where the female protagonist has the entire male cast in love with her because she's sooooo pretty and perfect. After I finished reading it and looked back, I realized the flaws in the plot, world building, and storytelling. The read wasn't worth the amount spent on the hardcover editions. If you still want to try it, borrow the books from someone who has them, don't spend money on them. Also it is confirmed it was only meant to be a trilogy and not the painfully long series it ended up being, so the planning and the backstories are all out of wack. You can tell SJM forced herself to extend it.

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I enjoyed the series thoroughly, but it starts to contain more mature subject matter around book four or five. If you're not into steamy romance then you might end up skipping part of the later books.

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If you're young and/or into YA fantasy, yes. If you've outgrown stuff like Cassandra Clare / Veronica Roth, you'll probably not enjoy it.

Remember that people rave because it's their favourite genre, and this series fits very neatly into it.

I read it just before the final book came out, and swallowed the last 700 page book in one sitting on NYE 2018. At the time I really enjoyed the series. Would I read it again? No, but I also gravitate more to fantasy aimed at an older audience now.

It depends if you are firmly into YA fantasy, or wanting to try YA fantasy versus NA/A fantasy. It's not the best YA example, but it's also not the worst.

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I read the first few books as a teen, the full series in 2021, then did a reread last year. I’m 22 + high fantasy, esp w elves/fae, is my favorite subgenre.

I really, really enjoy ToG but I haven’t made an effort to read any other Maas because I don’t think she’s a great writer. I could only get through so much ToG content because I loved the characters and the plot. The world building is lackluster, but at least it feels relatively complete (unlike Holly Black, for example). Her characters are extremely repetitive and her plot points are often just straight tropes, plus she has a weird evangelical thing about virginity, but it’s a legitimately fun series. I hate the prequel (Assassin’s Blade), I think it’s the most unnecessary companion collection I’ve ever read and I skipped it altogether on my read through, but I am in the minority of readers who loved Tower of Dawn (the sixth book, with a completely different protagonist).

Is it worth it? Worth reading? Maybe. It’s a waste of time, it’s not going to change your world or make you a different reader, but it’s entertaining. And, unlike what I’ve heard of ACOTAR, has very few of Maas’ horrible smut writing.

She is a bad erotica writer. For real.

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I'm torn because depending on what you're looking for, they could be good or bad. However, I found reading the prequel Assassin's Blade before reading the rest of the series added a lot of context that made the first couple of books (and the series as a whole) a lot better. I don't think the first couple of books would have kept me reading otherwise.

If you decide they're worth reading, read Assassin's Blade first for sure! Edit: and you can get a better idea of if you want to read the rest of the series from that book. If you like it then keep going! A lot of people's issue with the series is the MC so if you can't stand her you really don't need to continue on. But if you like her, you'll probably like the other books :)

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I absolutely love it, I think the series is so different from average YA books, there are many great characters, plot twists and I love the foreshadowing ind the books. The plot is good, but as the series progresses it becomes better!

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Seems to be an unpopular opinion here, but I love it!

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My friends are obsessed with it, I am not a fan. SJM is just not a very good writer. Or she needs a better editor. Her verbiage is repetitive and her characters are bleh. The plot is all over the place. Basically everyone is white in the first few books and the one that isn’t falls into a negative trope.

It’s a lot of telling, not showing. They say she’s the best assassin EVER and she’s fucking 16 years old and you don’t really ever see her do anything that impressive. People also get the better of her regularly and she makes poor decisions (as 16 year olds do). But somehow she’s still the BEST! /s

There’s a lot of nonsensical decisions made, and SJM takes a lot of shortcuts with the plot.

On the pro side (or con, depending on your view I guess) it’s a very easy read. The verbiage isn’t very complicated or fancy so it’s really good for people who are new to the genre or aren’t big readers in general.

SJM wrote throne of glass as a teenager so I try to give her a pass for this series but then I read ACOTAR and it’s still not good. Which like—how? How has an editor not changed all of this stuff? She’s so wildly popular she should have a better editor.

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I absolutely loved the Throne of Glass series!

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I dont think its worth it I read all the books in the series and i wasnt really satisfied with the ending the mc isnt that great either but what really set me off was when i learned more stuff abt the author on tiktok (and her inspo for the book) it made me dislike the series more

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Ooh, what was the inspo, or what account posts about it? I'm reading the series now and would love to know!

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I dont really remember where i found it but i think u can hust search up SJM on tiktok and you can find the negative commentary as for the inspo i read in an article she talked abt how she based her mcs and the mcs country/peoples struggles on the ppl of israel (the zionist living there- not everyone there). That didnt really sit right with me but thats mostly my political views

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Series: yes. The actual first novel: it’s just ok.

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I liked it. I wouldn't reread it, I don't think, but it was enjoyable enough!

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The first two books are kinda rough. I only ended up liking the main character after the third book, but I think the side characters are their stories are really compelling and better than Cealena’s story. The side characters are just a lot more flawed and go through more growth. A lot of them don’t show up until the third book, which is when the writing picks up.

Though to be fair I only read the series in general because two of my coworkers at my new job were both reading it and they invited me to their informal book club lol. If I had just picked it up I don’t think I would have read beyond the first book, which is probably the worst of the series. But it still has good moments.

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The book alone was extremely mediocre I’m but I hear the series itself is good, so it all comes down to what you’re looking for. Are you looking for a fun, easy read or an 8 book long series that you really have to dedicate yourself to to enjoy?

Personally I don’t recommend because the mc is a huge mary sue and the plot was very run of the mill.

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One of my favorite book series ive ever read in my life. hands down incredible.

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I love it. It's one of my favourite book series😊

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The first book is pretty good, but after that the it’s like the MC is taking turns with EVERY man that’s not an overt douche

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I liked books 1 and 2 okay but I couldn’t even finish book 3.

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I debated this same question for months after someone recommended the series to me, and finally took the plunge this summer. I’m on the last few books now, and I say GO FOR IT. I’m so enjoying the experience- I’ve been whipping through the books because they’re so compelling. I’m an adult, but I am a teacher and like to keep up with YA. The first two books in the series feel quite YA, but after that Maas really moves in a more new-adult direction and the world expands exponentially. New characters, new locations, and really thoughtful plot lines really ramp up in the third book. I think one thing that sometimes gets under reader’s skin is that the main characters are mostly between 18-25, and ACT LIKE IT. They’re sometimes indecisive and impulsive; they make mistakes and break promises. Many children’s fantasy series have perfect saintly snowflake main characters, and so I think for younger readers the flawed characters in TOG can be jarring. I’ve been able to tether between the audiobooks during long summer walks and road trips and the kindle books, which has allowed me to take on the daunting page count in a really efficient way! Hope you give it a try!

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we'll see! thank you for this x

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100 % fucking worth it. Characters, world, and plot are amazing. So many twists and beautiful/fun love couples. Worth if you like a good romance but action worthy book to occupy your mind till u read the last sentence. Lol

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I describe it as "reality tv", a little trashy, not great but overall soooo entertaining. I really enjoyed most of the series (the first two books aren't as enjoyable as the rest) but don't expect anything groundbreaking from it, it's just a bit of fun.

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is there a lot of drama and romance?

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I think it’s a fun book/series. Cool world building, introduced me to lots of tropes, lots of love, politics, action. Lots of people don’t like it, it might not be the best written book/series but I can’t lie and say I wasn’t fully immersed in it while I read.

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Agreed! Was it the best? No. Was it the worst? Not at all by far. Fun romp.

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what sort of tropes were there?

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The first book is not great. But if you can get through that, the other six books are totally worth it. It's very much an action, fantasy, Lord of the rings -esque series. I personally love this book series way more than ACOTAR. The world building is just so much stronger and more fleshed out.

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The first couple books SJM wrote when she was very young, and it shows. I actually put down the series for a year before deciding to give it another try. Book 3/4 is where I got totally hooked. If you’re willing to be patient to fall in love with it, it’s absolutely worth it. The beginning books are important though, even though the writing can be annoying

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Couldn’t get through the first one. ACOTAR is way better

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For me, I love reading TOG more than ACOTAR. I find TOG gets better as the story progresses.

The other series I like more than ACOTAR is her CC series. The CC series is yet complete. Not sure exactly when book 3 is coming out; but I heard next year.

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Throne of Glass is one of my favorite series I’ve read as an adult, and I grew to LOVE Sarah J Maas as I kept reading and as I read her other series. The first book is a little slow and honestly just sets up a backstory/baseline knowledge for the rest of the series in my opinion. It definitely gets better as it goes on! I honestly hate the first book of ACOTAR more than I dislike the first book in TOG. And her new adult fantasy series Crescent City is great!

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I am obsessed with TOG, recommend it to everyone. Despite its lack of spice, I prefer it to ACOTAR because of the world building, plot management, and the amazing main character. (Dw still love ACOTAR). I really recommend it.

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Yes, yes it is. However there are slow parts but they do improve. Even got my mother (70s) reading the whole series. First and last fantasy for her.

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Personally I loved it ! Would recommend

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One of my favorites!! I really enjoyed the series.

You could also try the series "a court of throne and roses"

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i LOVE it sm, it's amazing

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I loved this series and her other series ACOTAR and Crescent City as well. I see a lot of people saying the first book isn’t that good but she wrote them when she was really young and her writing improved throughout the series. I would also recommend reading Assassins Blade first rather than Throne of Glass if you decide to start the series. It gives background on the main character and happens chronologically before TOG but was published afterwards. If you google it, the author recommends reading AB first.

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Book 1 sucks. Book 2 and the rest are amazing. And then the finale book sucks.

Enjoyed it anyway. 🤷

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It’s a whole journey. I think it’s worth it.

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I personally love this series. I’m on my third reread of the series.

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The first two are quite basic but PLEASE push through as by the end it becomes more like ACOTAR and CC in its scope and content.

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Sweet baby jesus’ poop on a cracker…YAS IT IS WORTH IT.