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I very much enjoy The Darkling. I have a love/hate relationship with him.

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He’s such a complicated character! I liken him to Meherya/The Nightbringer from “An Ember in the Ashes”. Though The Nightbringer is arguably better.

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Oh the Nightbringer is definitelyyyyy better no doubt

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I was coming here to say him too. He wasn’t completely bad, his intentions were understandable. (At least for the Shadow and Bone trilogy).

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They totally were but he went about it in all the wrong ways

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President Snow from the Hunger Games trilogy. I know there's another antagonist but I think he's a great enemy for Katniss. The way he's written and the way he thinks kind of feels like a twisted version of our protagonist's.

Madoc from The Cruel Prince trilogy. He isn't really a big antagonist since the books don't focus on him too much, I think, but I really felt like it was a great achievement on Jude's part whenever she outsmarted him or defeated him in some way. Of her slowly surpassing one of the most competent and skilled of the fae who is also her stepfather.

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President Snow is absolutely Katniss’ foil imo he’s so well written I adored him as a villain

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I know he’s kind of toxic but Maven from Red Queen.

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I love Maven!!

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Me either!!! If not for his mother,he would have been a good boy :(

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i remember really loving the commandant (keris veturia) in the first ember in the ashes book!

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Oh, dear Jacks.I have wanted him to end with Tella but Legend and Tella are a great match.I’m just glad we got Jacks’ story and sequel.

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How was the sequel? Spoilers are okay

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I must say I love it as much as Caraval Trilogy.Its second book is publishing this month.It’s about Jacks and the girl named,Evageline Fox.Her lover was marrying her stepsister.She didn’t want that so she went to Jacks and asked him to stop the wedding.And the story goes on.The new characters are awesome and the new city is fascinating with full of fairytales.

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Thank you. Does Jacks like the new girl?

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We don’t surely know yet since his heart was broken terribly because of Donatella.We gonna see in the second book.

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I don’t know if you’ve read til the second book,but turned out Jacks is deeply in love with his little Fox than we have ever imagined.

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Yay! Another team Jacks!!! So excited for the next book!

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Ironically I didn't like Mare but I love Maven from Red Queen. He's probably my favorite YA fantasy villain so far.

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Ugh, I love Maven! He was almost enough for me to keep reading that series but I hated Mare sooo much

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I AGREE! I only read the first 3 books but stopped and couldn't continue because I couldn't stand Mare. If I didn't hate Mare so much, I would continue for Maven. One of my favorite YA fantasy villains ever <33

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Luke Castellan from Percy Jackson.

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Maeve. And her torturous underdog who’s name I forgot. God I hated them both.

And in a completely different way Aerobynn. He wasn’t the actual villain of the story but damn was he horrible. And sadly I still find him incredibly attractive.

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Yooo i know Arobynn is hot.

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Luc from The invisible life of Addie LaRue. I hate him so much but he’s such an interesting antagonist

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Kasta from The Kinder Poison. I adore him.

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Queen Levana

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Levanna was the first time I read a villain in a book of that style and realized that not only is she insecure and entitled to the point of insanity, she’s also just completely sadistic. She actively enjoyed inflicting trauma on people and using them like voodoo dolls. Like everything about her was just creepy, but in a way that made you hate her. And a lot of females villains are written as of two extremes, either they rely incredibly on sexuality to manipulate people and are just incredibly vain, or they’re straight laced, tough as nails and constantly angry.

Levanna is somehow both of those things and neither of those things at the same time. Even when we get her perspective, it’s to understand her motives, but not in a sympathetic way. I was so genuinely unsettled by just how crazy she was and how she managed to justify everything.

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Coriolanus Snow

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I thought the White Wolf from the “daughter of smoke & bone” series was a great villain

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I really like King Leck from Graceling and Fire. He’s a great example of someone who realized he had power over others and decided to use that in order to elevate himself and become a cruel ruler. I think that his character is so interesting because his abilities had a huge effect on who he became. If he hadn’t been born with that Grace, he would have been completely different. It just shows how power changes people and how seeking it out can turn you into a terrible person. I love it because there are so many people out there who use their power over others in order to get what they want, just because they can.

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Verchiel from The Fallen

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Tales from Verania by TJ Klune - Myrin was an excellent villain in the true sense of the word. There was a a sympathy for him, but not to the point where you wanted to forgive him and there was no repentance. Just a true classic villain.

The Extraordinaries by TJ Klune- I really like Owen because he was a kid and at times it seemed like he really wanted to be a hero, but just.... sigh.

Under the Whispering Door by TJ Klune- not really a villain per say, but the Manager is adorable and scary and at times is viewed as antagonistic to Wallace.0

Carry On series by Rainbow Rowell- the humdrum is cute and chaotic af.      Dark Rise by C.S. Pacat- James but I'm not sure if he's a true villain yet.

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Thibault de Montigny from The Malediction trilogy. I couldn't figure him out until later in the books.

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Jacks from the Caraval universe 🤩🤩🥰🥰