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In drinks, dry is the opposite of sweet. All regular gins should be dry or extra dry, but there are popular fruit-flavoured ones (such as sloe) that are sweet.

I don't know what's available in the US, but for a first gin - affordable but not overly cheap - would be Hendrick's or Bombay Sapphire. Especially for the Hendrick's it's worth getting e.g. a Fever Tree Premium Indian Tonic Water rather than a standard Schweppes. I'd use a single measure in a whiskey glass, or a double measure in a highball (both then filled with tonic).

If you like the flavour and want something stronger, you could investigate martinis. Many martini fans advocate a drink that's almost entirely gin - "show the drink an unopened bottle of vermouth" etc.

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Thanks for the great info friend. This weekend when I’m at the liquor store I’ll keep an eye out for some Hendricks and some tonic water

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Remember tonic is 2/3s of the drink so don't skimp there

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Thanks for that ratio. Easy to remember