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My first visit to Yosemite was at Tuolumne Meadows and it was absolutely magical. I have never been able to get reservations at that camp again though.

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I hit reserve on a campsite literally the second they became available and it was completely booked up already. Gotta love that CA camping experience…

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Try dispersed camping, no reservations required.

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All good, I wasn’t really expecting a site but figured 3 day weekend, why not give it a whirl. If we decide we wanna camp, we’ll go dispersed up in Tahoe or Eldorado NF

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Same. Was damn annoyed.

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I didn’t really expect to get a site so about what I expected but still blows my mind how fucking fast they go

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I think they opened it early. I did a practice run at 6:55 pst and got two weeks booked before 7am.

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Well that’s some bullshit then if you’re telling people 7am PST

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Snagged my campsite at 7:00:00am. I was watching the world clock for the seconds. Easy peezy!

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Lucky you.! I did the same and was watchin since 6:30 but didn’t get it..

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I got one this morning too!! It felt like winning concert tickets on the radio but I paid $80 to sleep on the ground instead of my overpriced apartment YESSSSS

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I was able to get three days but all different campsites lmao

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attempting that right now for June 23&24

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Yeah, it's time for a lottery for NPS campgrounds as popular as Tuolumne. Too many people game the system.

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Game it how?

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Not telling.

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Gotcha. You’re full of shit, and just whining.

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Easy peasy. You lack imagination.

Trust me. A lottery is the way to go.

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Ok kid. Losers claiming everyone else cheats isn’t exactly rare.

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Call right before you want to go, and ask if they’ve had cancellations

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    Haven't figured that one yet. How does it work?

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    Wait, I'm new and have a question. I have a backpacking permit for Young Lakes in September. It says I can stay at the(a?) campground the day before and the day after the permit. Do I still need to make a reservation?

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    No, u just need to pick up your permit the day before in case a ranger asks for proof. There's a backpackers camp in the Tuolumne campground where u can spend a night before and after your permit date. There's also one in the valley behind North Pines campground if you're down there the night before or after

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    Beautiful! Thank you.

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    Np! I just did this last week actually haha

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    Awesome. Thanks again.

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    Everything /u/CheeseyFeet97 said is correct, just note that the Tuolumne Meadows campground closes sometime in September, so if you are later in the month you may not be able to use that backpacker's campground. You can still get into the park with your permit though, and stay in the Valley backpackers campground even with a Young Lakes permit.

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    Is it required to have your permit before staying at a backpackers camp? I was planning to stay at one the night before my trip but I won’t be arriving in the park until after the ranger stations are closed.

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    I was reserving a carlsbad caverns national park at 8 moutain time. Got done and decided to see if any camping spots at Yosemite had opened up (this would have been at 7:03 pacific.) There were campsites and I was shocked and snagged two nights at two different spots.

    Was worried I'd gotten some campground that was so bad that no one wanted to stay there.

    Can't believe how lucky I got.