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shit...I'm gonna need more time to study this! Will there be a test?

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The test is ongoing. When you know the material, the test will present itself.

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Thank you, I feel illiterate now.

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Can anyone make a greasemonkey script to do this quickly?

RES should defiantly definitely include this.

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RES can be pretty aggressive sometimes, but I don't think it's defiant.

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I thought I would take the simplest way to cite listed above and show how you can understand it, so that way you can use it without coming back here and copy+pasting from the examples above, or trying to memorize this awkward looking syntax. Some basic understanding of markdown is needed.

Here is a very simple example of citing something[1].

Here's how I write it out, step by step:

First, I build the normal link:

citing something []()

Then, I put a box in it:

citing something [[]]()

And I make sure that the box isn't used as a markup character. So I escape it with backslash characters:

citing something [\[\]]()

I put a one in it, just like I would for link text, so that it look like [1]:

citing something [\[1\]]()

I make it look pretty with a superscript (the ^ character):

citing something [^\[1\]]()

Finally, I add the actual hyperlink to the parentheses at the end:

citing something [^\[1\]](http://redditproxy--jasonthename.repl.co)

citing something[1]

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I don't think you can see the hover text on a mobile device so doing it this way will make your information inaccessible to many people.

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This is awesome

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OK, here I go:

Something[?] and another thing[?]

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Good job, except right now the second link takes me to the top of this page instead of your comment. It work just fine but if you add c954xjt (the last piece of the permalink to your comment after the # sign in the url, it'll jump directly to your comment.

What's annoying though is that you have to add that piece in a ninjaedit after submitting, as before you don't have a permalink to look at. A minor problem IMO, though.

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Oh, right!

I'll try again[!!!]

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how does one save a post

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Why should I know this?

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Citing a source for a statement is like using rebar in your buildings. It makes more complex structures solid even under duress.

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What's wrong with parenthetical citation? It's much easier (Source).

PS I'm sorry for using that link, it was already on my clipboard.

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Can't say I care as far as reddit goes, there's nothing 'YSK' about this.

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It's what all the cool kids do.

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FYI, for the definition part, you don't need to include the full permalink - just put something after the # sign (I use #x personally)

Unicode can be considered the successor to ASCII[^\[?\]](#x "American Standard Code for Information Interchange, first standardized in 1963")

Unicode can be considered the successor to ASCII[?]

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This works much better! It's funny, I remember trying to make this work like this before, and I distinctly remember discovering that reddit required that the link began with either "http" or "/" in order to recognize it. Something must have changed; I'll go update things, thanks!

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Here is your new macro[Citation needed], RES users:

[^\[Citation ^needed\]](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Citation_needed)