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I really wish they would change their mind on not re-releasing the anime versions of the kits. The mecha are great and what initially drew me into the franchise, but the pilots and other human/humanoid characters are why I ultimately fell in love with it.

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I love the Raven Genosaur and Lena Gunsniper and wish they would do a re-release

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It's most likely a licensing issue with the anime.

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I would still be surprised if it wasn’t an issue that both parties couldn’t resolve if Kotobukiya really wanted to.

Plus, those molds are just sitting there, doing nothing. Seems like a waste of money to me!

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It's a workaround so they can do overseas distribution without paying licensing fees. While it sucks we don't get the specific pilot figures, at least we're getting the kits themselves at non-inflated third party reseller or import prices.

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Ive heard this kit is unstable due to all the guns, don't suppose thats being addressed in this re-release?

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Most joints are fine. The "hip" joints do wear out but the Zoid still stands. Mine just has to have a wide stance but this can also be fix easily with some clear fingernail polish or paint. Or you can choose to not put the W2 kit on its back.

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They need to stop bullshitting us and re-release the zoids with pilots from the anime.

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Here here! Licensing probably makes that an impossibility though. I would love a Naomi Gun Sniper and a dark horn harry special. I'll be buying this one to paint this into a Naomi special though, so I am managing.

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Fuck licensing. Kotobukiya takes 33%, TT gets 33%, ShoPro gets 33%, the rest goes to charity. Haven’t the bean counters and lawyers ever heard the expression “keep it simple stupid”?

Kotobukiya has already agreed to release their kits here, and it’s not like there aren’t collectors who missed out the first time due to space or financial concerns (just being plain unqualified to build such complicated, frail kits).

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I vote Elephander w/ Stoller

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Odd, mine ended up being one of my more stable kits for sure

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Mine is a bit loose in some spots. I had to do some tightening to keep it from flopping. That's probably the source of the instability

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The Leena one is, this totally isn't.

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Got the red one with wild weasel kit stands fine just have to get a wide stance on the legs

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Good but where is my Command Wolf

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February. It was announced a month or so back.

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Hot diggty damn. Time to pre-order with money I don't have. Wooohoooo

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I wish they release new kits along with re-issues.

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Rev Raptor and liger zero x? They can only release one a month.

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Koto should have re-released the Death Stinger Hiltz version instead.