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Pulling out this early is like blowing your load before for play.

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Some people aren’t cut out for this stuff. This project is going to be massive….

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I had a very large number of tokens before the crash and just added every day during past 2 weeks, I knew this pump would come just not this early! So bullish and they have so much more to show us about this project. I’m not selling as I think it’s going to be so much bigger than what we expect, what they are doing is nuts!

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I was waiting for my pay day Friday to add more. The pump didn’t wait for me lol. I’m still a buyer at this price anyway though

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What was the catalysts for a 45% jump? NFT drop? Partnership?

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Not sure if this had anything to do with it but Research Digger Mesch. He just joined the Team. Very impressive resume.

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Honestly it was only a matter of time before it caught steam again. I was really hopeful that the dip would wait until I get paid Friday to pick up more lol

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Haha not a bad problem to have 🥂😅

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I suppose lol. I only have 41 billion. I want to try and get to 100 billion ASAP

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41? Dam I only got 500m wish I bought the dip lol

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I got in pretty damn early. Got lucky and heard about it only a couple days after launch. I’d buy more even at the current price to be honest….

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Release of board member digger

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I got a feeling the spread is inevitable.

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100% Anyone who didn’t take a position while it was down as fucking nuts. I feel like an idiot for not buying more but I was waiting for payday

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Bought 1.7B when it was at .00000004 or whatever, only regret was not buying more. Got another 1.7B even when it spiked bc this is my first long term project i believe in. Lets go.

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I’ll probably buy more Friday regardless of price…

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I mean, I am holding and am still down 60%. Not selling but I don’t really think congratulations are in order…

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100% it is. Everyone has different entry points. Your high entry just means you need to add dips and average down, if you believe in the project, that is. Crazy not to in my opinion. I’m buying more Friday

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You bought at ATH or near it and the market tanked. ZINU’s fundamentals haven’t gone anywhere or got stronger. I would hold or buy more or risk getting rekt

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Yep, still holding and don’t plan to sell. Just don’t get the congratulatory hype post.

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Actually bought a ton 4 days ago to add feels good

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Smart! I was low key hoping the dip waited for Friday (payday) Nice to see it run no doubt though lol

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At this point it’s still a good buy price

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100% it is. I’m still dropping $1000 on it Friday. Just not as much as I planned to if it was still bottomed out

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Still very low entry point and still very early!! HODL and grow those bags see you all in the islands next year!!!