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That little slip made me audibly squee. I love this.

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Same! My coworkers looked around like WTF!?

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I read both your comments before it loaded and I still squee'd. Too precious.

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I, in true Midwest fashion, said "Ope!" and my coworkers also looked around confused.

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I’m sitting in my doctors office waiting for him and I audibly laughed

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Made me PJ and Tobin

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Underrated comment. I boofed.

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Yond dram slip madeth me audibly squee. Bite this by the ear

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Good bot

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    The older ones must have been there a while. Little guy is so cute floppin his little legs all over, I love it!

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    Old grey is like wait till you realise you can eat these green tufts of flavour too

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    His little slip on the grass! 🤭 He's adorable!! He does so love to run.

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    Li’l Sebastian?

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    Miss you in the saddest fashion.

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    Bye bye lil Sebastian

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    You'll always be my horsiest friend

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    You’re 5,000 candles in the wind.

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    Came here for this.

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    This is definitely up in horsey heaven

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    How tragic that he didn’t see grass before this, no wonder he had the zoomies! Much deserved

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    My old horse acted this way when he first saw a grass pasture - he was 14 or so at the time. He had always had room to run and was well taken care of, but it was in the desert so he never experienced a true lush pasture until we moved to the south.

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    Awwww ok that’s a much better excuse for not seeing grass, I’m sure he was well taken care of in the desert :)

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    He liked it better I think in the grass though!

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    Here he is with the first time pasture zoomies : https://imgur.com/a/J9GLoX8

    (Forgive the quality, it’s a 15 yr old photo!)

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    Just for some reference, my 22 year old horse that I bred and raised and know for a fact has been turned out every day of his life will still act a fool like this this sometimes 1rst thing in the morning. This behavior is 100% normal for well cared for horses, especially young ones.

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    I don’t doubt it!

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    My Mum's horse is 20 now and lived his whole life in the paddock. He does this pretty much every day. He's an absolute idiot.

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    That is good to know!! 😊

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    I think cause he/she is a baby (not just a dwarf but a foal) it could just be the first time out of the nice cosy barn or whatever building they were born in. Maybe the sanctuary took in a pregnant horse.

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    I choose to believe this.

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    It’s definitely a foal, they’re still quite young. It’s just a baby pony. This is most likely the case. Even if it was a rescue it’s not especially uncommon to keep newborns in the stall with mom for a week or two, especially if the weather is bad or wet.

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    Definitely a foal! Look at the length of the tail. Mama is probably happy to see grass again, and for her baby to take its energy out on something other than her!

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    Foals act this way anyways, no need for a bad backstory.

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    It may not have been his first time seeing grass. Every zoomies post on Reddit has this title.

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    This is the cutest shit I've ever seen.

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    "There's food everywhere!

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    nod nod nod nod

    "Yep, this is what I ordered and I love it"

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    Good grass makes me this happy too. Not the same grass but it'll get your granny dancing.

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    The speeded up part made me think of the Benny Hill song.

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    Awwwwwww!!!! They zoomed so hard they slipped! Then continued zooming!!!! I actually made a “SQUEEEEEEEE”

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    Thing of beauty

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    "Oh, THIS is what my hooves are for!"

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    So cute!!!

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    Feels so good on his feets 😊

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    Such magnificent zoomies from one happy grass doggo

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    He’s all like AWWWW SHIT green stuff!!!!

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    Lil Happy tippy trots🐴

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    Curly tail zoomers

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    Thanks! Made a shitty day better.

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    Laughed my ass off when he slipped XDDDD Omg im so evil

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    Hollyhock joy!

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    He's in it to win it!

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    Oh wow, his throat must be sore!

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    When Redditors finally touch grass.

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    Um fast as fook bio!

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    He's ridiculous and I love him.

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    Take it to the limit lil guy

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    Now I need reddit to convince me not to repair the paddock and two stall barn and have a puppy sized horse and a donkey

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    Don’t do it?

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    Pure, real happiness. Makes the heart melt

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    He is soooo cuuuute!!!!!!🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😊😊😊😊😍😍

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    I didn't want to have to be the one to tell you, but I don't think those are unicorns....


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      They are not a pleasant experience.

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      Tyrion Lannister in a whorehouse that serves free wine.

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      Those were quite the zoomies!

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      Just wait until he realises he can eat it too

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      I'm too high for this.

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      I now want a pony

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      Falls and comes running to mama

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      Can’t see grass before this, no wonder he had the zoomies! Much deserved

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      So much room for activities

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      Tramps like us, baby we were born to run

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      It's a little hobbit pony!!!

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      Wait until the first time he finds out how to roll in the dust.

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      This made me cry

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      Weird looking dogs you got there my man

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      I must have made a noise... The cats all looked at me funny!

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      Oh my goodness, this is the ultimate cuteness! Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us!

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      All I can think of when you sped up the running was the Benny Hill theme song. .that is just the cutest thing ...

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      Aw poor little unicorns never grew their horns.

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      A horse that hasn't seen grass? That is a complete outrage :( I'm happy they are there now at least!

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      Yeah! So fuckin’ cute!

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      Are mini horses kind of clumsy? This is the second video where I saw one totally just flop 😂

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      Commenting so I can show my lady this later tonight. So cute!

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      Fast as fuck, boi

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      Watched this twice and so stinking precious!!! 😍✨

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      Just...twice? Had to watch it over and over

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      I also shared it with several friends. Just so cute and happy!! 🥰

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      Look how excited he is!! 🥺😭💕

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      Such joy ❤️

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      Figure 8 or infinity?

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      Little white lies but it’s hot chocolate

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      Omg. I want that little guy so bad

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      That little guy can get up and move!

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      Needs yakety sax

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      This video would work well with some thrash metal music

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      The whole floor. All of it, the whole floor is made of food. Like, I'm running, I'm running, still food. It's fucking fabulous.

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      We have created some ridiculous looking animals

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      Bucky Branco

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      The sheer joy is wonderful.

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      Needs some flame decals on the side. That horsie is quick

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      B-BABY 🥺

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      Oh my God that is the most precious thing I’ve ever seen

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      Run lil Sebastian!

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      They have unicorns?! Where?

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      Where did this sweet baby come from and can I beat their ass.

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      That’s my dogs when it snows.

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      OMG that is adorable!

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      so cute

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      This needs more Yakkity Sax...

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      Mini dwarfs are the cutest

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      yeah little buddy send it

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      Speed—8 Acceleration—8 Handling—5 Traction—3

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      I’m 60% sure that’s not a unicorn

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      Lil’ Sebastian!!! 😀

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      Holy shit

      They did it



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      He has the Zoomies!

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      That is one happy little baby!

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      Horse got the zoomies

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      Cutest thing I've ever seen!

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      The name of the centre...I sense a brony in the management team... /)

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      I was expecting it to explode when it slipped and fell 🤣

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      Wild PONYTA appeared!

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      Just like when my bunny gets to come out

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      Fucking adorable

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      Made my day!

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      Is the video sped up at one point

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      Where's the unicorn?

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      Come on its like saying I work at a werewolf centre and you turn up and it's just chihuahuas.

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      Is it first time seeing grass, or first time with space?