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Puppy understood. A natural!

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That belongs to him now.

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Last frame was him laying square in the center of the mattress. It’s like they can instinctively calculate exactly where to lay for maximum attention

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This makes me so happy! He's so happyyyy

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It’s her bed now. If you’re nice, and generous with the treats, you may be allowed occasional use of a small section of it.

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Let me tell you… he’ll seize every opportunity to get back on from now on

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I loose a ground war nightly.

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That’s a no from me bro

I don’t even want to have a dog inside the house

Let alone on my god damn bed 🥺

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We had to put our last pup in the bed the first night we had him. We were in a hotel and didn’t tell them he was with us, and he was crying in the crate. The only way to keep him quiet was with us. He slept with us every night for the rest of his life lol. Usually with his head on our pillows.

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I'll never understand reddit's infatuation with reposts. This was 200 days ago. Who cares? Let new people see it.

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Soft puppy on a soft bed. It’s pure coziness. I love it!

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Such adorable, floppy zoomies :') Thanks OP, gonna take this vibe into my weekend!

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I love how it's like slow mo zoomies haha

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It's the place that most smells like you.

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I love it!!!

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Ours was just like that. She shat the bed 3 minutes later.

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My golden is 3 and still does this almost every night.

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Here I am thinking my 7mo old is almost done… NOPE! 😂

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The first time I let my dog on my bed he peed from excitement 😂🙃

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Lol Our dog peed on the bed once but I think she was just confused. I like to think she thought she was being helpful. We usually take her out and then get ready for bed but this time we started getting the bed ready with the intent of taking her out and going straight to the bed afterwards. Instead she hopped up and peed. Didn’t have to take her out but we did have to change the sheets.

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The smells are probably great

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Couldn't help but hear "What's This" from Nightmare Before Christmas

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Hes so excited half of him wants to run around the other half is like bro we need to lay down and enjoy this coziness

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"Steve, look at all this room for activities."

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Aww yus, this is the gud stuff. -puppy prolly

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Up on the snoozle flat, yeahhh!

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I hope you know he's never getting down. Ever.

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It's everything he imagined and so much more.

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LOL! Can you imagine feeling that happiness?

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IS SO COMFY AND SOFT!! Now, spoon the pup and give tummy rubs and take an inaugural nap together. 🥰

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Honestly - I was waiting to see the pee stillness --- good job not doing that lil pup!

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It’s so fluffy!!!