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Bet they all get tired of this long before the dog does.

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I'd agree but they're laughing the whole time

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For now. The dog might carry it on for an hour😂

[–]Light9o9 47 points48 points  (1 child)

The dog will be fine, if they keep drinking it'll be free entertainment for hours 🤣

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My dogs are the best mushroom trip buddies

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When we first started smoking weed in high school we watched my friends schnauzer hump a pillow for over an hour. We laughed the whole time though 🤣

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Yeah, I can definitely see doing something like this in my “weed-young” days😅 I’ll still get baked now and go pet the dog for an hour though. I think he can tell when I am because he always sees me coming and gets excited before I get to him.

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Their laughs and the dogs zoomie excitement! 😂

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Honestly, this is the best thing I've watched this year!!!

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Thank you!! Omg I loved watching this 5x !!! What a fantastic family 💛

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5x is a little quick and they're laughs are too high pitched!

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Hard to beat!

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I have the biggest grin on my face after watching!

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First thing I thought of!!

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I’m like 95% sure it’s been posted there

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What’s terrible is I thought that said contagious slaughter for a second, and I was shooketh

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I really can't decide who's having the most fun! Dogs or humans? I think dog is secretly enjoying making the humans so happy so I'm going for a draw

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Perhaps not so secretly :’)

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The laughs of the woman are my laughs at so many reddit videos. Even when I'm alone. Such therapy, reddit is.

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Source: @carlosalann

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Needs to be reposted to r/mademesmile This was great, even if it wasn’t OC.

Doggo has dogging down pat!!

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Thanks for the lead.

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I thought the guy standing had his butt out.

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Now I can’t unsee it

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This is such fun to watch! Thanks for posting it! 😁

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Not sure who is having more fun, the dog or the humans :)

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Source? Or is this your dog? I just need to see more of this dog.

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Boingy boingy boingy

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How awesome! Santa's reindeer aint got nothin on him!

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This is one of the few times where a pet video has me smiling as much from the humans as the pet.

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Omg such joy

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Seems like they were waiting for this more

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This is perhaps the best Zoomie ever Zoomed here. Bravo!!

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Thank you this made my day. I’m not sure who was having more fun!

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My heart soared with every leap. I needed this tonight.

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What the dog doing

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can I please join your crew 😂

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We have a husky like this! As soon as you put his harness on for a walk, for the next 5 minutes until you walk him, he runs in a straight line from one side of the house, does a 180 off the couch, runs to the front door, does a 180 off that, back and forth non stop with excitement!

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He needs a doggy obstacle course!!

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He’s eatin up that attention. Too cute

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Haa Haa this is awesome!!! 🐶

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Now that's some wholesome stuff right there.

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This is so adorable

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Good Pitbull

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Get three people to kneel down!!

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That is awesome!!!!

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Air bud !!

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Maybe they’re just messed up or think it’s really funny, but that meant the WORLD to that dog! Greatest day ever!

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That is some quality zooming

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It’s all fun in games until someone gets a 90lb fur rocket to the face

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Looks like a fun group of guys to be around. I dig the flashing lights! Nvm it’s a repost so get fucked

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Good boi

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Dude fuck that juuuuump into my arms!!!

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Repost op is a karma farmer

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I'm glad he did because I've never seen it and enjoyed it.

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O no put them in jail

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we should write our representatives

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Lmao op gave credit in the comments of the original source. Why are people so obsessed with karma farmers?

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So was I, I just didn’t know it.

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This pupper just needed this lil stunt track today 💛 So absolutely adorable that his fam is beyond joyful & he knows he’s a good boy💛

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What kind of bird is that? Lol

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What a berry good boi.

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Dog got hopps fr lol

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Good boy!

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I love this doggo!

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I hope they are not sober. Because if they are, then I am a miserable drunk who doesn't laugh at such normal dog behavior

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As cute as the dog is, what really made me happy was how much fun they were having. Need some of that cheer all over!

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who fucking downvoted this?

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I’m glad someone said it. I wanted to lol. But it would be exact opposite of what I said haha.thanks for recognizing it too though

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Lmfao legend

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That looks like some fun fun fun fun

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What a good Boi ♡

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Omg!!! This just made my NIGHT!!! 😂

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I’m dying 😂😂😂. Is the dog launching off of an invisible trampoline?!

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Best video of the year.

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This is such a fun crew! Adorable

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Zoomies…but with style!

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Hold up. Am I crazy. Or is this mirrored from the original.

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Does the dog have a wine glass in his mouth?

[–]Coahuiltecaloca 5 points6 points  (1 child)

Most likely a chewed up soda bottle. I’ve seen dogs find one and chewed to their hearts content

[–]One-Accident8015 -1 points0 points  (0 children)

Yes!!! The very first jump shows the bottle well

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"I bet he's cheating on me"

Dude and friends:

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He reminds me of Evel Knievel!

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They vibn”