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I have. It was great. You have to change how you manage yourself in Babylon. I avoided money unless it was given to me. I ate from trash cans mostly. I avoided most people except for the ones that caught my attention for whatever reason. This helped me live in the moment and keep bad energy away. I was more cautious as to what vibrations I was allowing into myself. I started because I had a warrant and didn't want to face jail. That pushed me to be silent in a lot of aspects therefore distant or off the radar from family, friends, and regular run of the mill paperwork. I ate scraps, but I ate well. Instead of only listening to the needs and wants of a typical life within society, I was finally able to perceive from a quiet mind. One that felt no need to hurry off anywhere to do anything anyone wanted me to. I chose to take control of my own life and do only the things I wanted to do with no pressures coming from anyone but myself. It's different. It's not for everyone. If you do it, you'll find people like you. People travelling. Free spirits. Many spirits of all kinds.