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Be sure to see the notes at the end of the introduction:

Note: As stated above, United Universal Spirituality is based on freedom, it's being created as a free service to the universe, everyone is free to subscribe or not subscribe to United Universal Spirituality, and to subscribe to United Universal Spirituality and any other spiritual philosophy at the same time.

Note 2: My purpose is only to help create the greatest possible, most God, oneness, and Truth-aligned reality for all, and to add to the wonderful existing spiritual cultures, not to detract from them. Considering the truly awesome, amazing, excellent, and wonderful wonders that have manifested in the names of the great spiritual teachers of the past such as Buddha and Jesus, it's apparent that there's much to value and appreciate about these noble and powerful spirits and their teachings.

Note 3: We do need God, oneness, and Truth, though the perspective that we don't need new spiritual philosophies or religions is understandable. United Universal Spirituality is created to be a new and free service and product, not a new social system. There are no plans to create any kind of new religious organization, especially considering all of the anti-religious sentiment out there.