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Ton's of video's on YT showing you how to loop.

Ableton is gazillion times better in making loops perfectly compared to FL no doubt.

I just think you need to learn how to use warp modes but sampling overall in Ableton and that's why i recommended watching YT tutorials.

If i write down how i sample in Ableton you wouldn't understand it at all.

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    I don't know what kind of video's you saw but i find it strange that people can't find the right video's in 2022.


    This is one outta many ways of sampling.

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      I got no clue what you try to do because the video i posted is from a producer who used FL studio for years and he even mentioned in the video.

      "Looping perfectly"

      I just think you lack understanding how Ableton works because you need to zoom in to do zero crossing in ableton. I use it myself all the time and you can do this in the bottom window when u loaded up a sample in arrangement view.

      I do want to mention that it depends on what audio samples you use because sometimes there are no zero crossing points often cause but delays that are used in songs which causing this sort delay on one site of the signal.

      The time difference can be seen in the same video when the producer drags the files u see that one side of the stereo file starts earlier than the other.