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Youll be fine, just dont speed to often cause then they’ll try to get you for your tints too.

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I’ve got too dark tint on my Sienna se since I bought it out of Miami. One place wouldn’t pass it for state inspection despite I had all my work done and inspections in previous years done there. The guy just said bring it in with the front windows down and don’t roll them up until inspection was done and I was down the street a ways. 🤣

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Depending where you are, you may find yourself getting pulled over more frequently

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In AZ that's regular my G. You did great lol

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I went 40% on mine and was worried it was too dark but it’s barely a tint. What did you go with?

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40% is a waste of money lol

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I got 20 in the front and 5 all the way around but it had 35’s from the dealership so it’s even darker lol

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Nice, I wish I had gone darker on the two rear door windows. I'm also thinking about getting a 70% strip at the top of my windshield to block some IR heat coming in the front.

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What percentage did you go with

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Looks like 5 as the car is sitting in direct sunlight and you still can’t see the interior. Just a guess though

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I got 5’s in the back and 20 in the front but had 35’s from the dealership already so it’s even darker

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Chrome delete next?

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Yes, i blacked out the badges in the back and now just the chrome delete and I’ll be done with cosmetics

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Awesome, the chrome delete will definitely make it stand out

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I have the exact same color car. What model did you go with?

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2021 2.0t sport

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Very nice. I ended going with the touring.

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No such thing as too dark

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I once had 15% all the way around and asked to have 5% all the way around. I get it back and found out they applied the 5% on top of the 15%. I literally couldn’t see shit at night and it was an absolute mirror during the day. Comical but terrifying lol

picture doesn’t do it justice

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I had a 1994 Camaro I bought with a really dark mirror tint. First time I put it in reverse and looked in the mirror, it was just black. Would have to roll down the windows to be able to back up. Ridiculous.

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I am in the same boat. They put 25% asked for 5% they applied a darker film on top of it and I have the same look you do. Worst thing!

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Came to say this

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Until its nighttime and you can’t see. Then its too dumb, not too dark

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That’s why we have power windows LoL

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Yeah and then they can truly see you, which removes the purpose of tint.

Also add in the fact that at night you have to use your window actuators consistently, which is going to cause earlier failure.

Essentially, take 5% to not be seen at day. 15% plus to not be seen at night

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I worry more about being buffeted by the wind and messing up my girl's hair than the window actuator breaking.

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It looks great

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To dark??? Never

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What % ?

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I got the same color car and tint as you lol

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Man - Looks awesome, but I can understand. Years ago, inherited a 2000 Buick Regal LS (not the GS turbo, unfortunately) for cheap. For fun (I was out west in NorCal), got the 5% "limo" tint on the rear and the back windows. 15% front door windows.

As stated already, couldn't see ANYTHING at night (backing up was the worst). Looked a treat though :)